How To Install a Lace Front Wig

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If you are anything like the rest of us, you have watched many many hours of YouTube how-to’s and 60-second Tik-Tok's on “How to Install a Lace Front Wig”. There is something about watching another person create a flawless install in a short amount of time, that makes you think “I can do that”. There are many ways to complete a lace front wig install, you can use glue or got2b hairspray or choose not to use anything at all. With the ever-growing popularity of wigs right now due to their convenience, they are always a great option for protection and a way to switch it up. With that in mind, here are tips on How to Install a Lace Front Wigs, and it is beginner-friendly.


To make the installation easier make sure you prepare your wig and area with all the tools and products you will need.

If possible, purchase a wig that already has bleached knots. However, sometimes those are not an option and you will have to bleach the knots yourself. When “bleaching the knots” on your lace front, you are making the knots almost see-through so they can mimic your scalp. To accomplish this, you will need a bleaching powder and a 30-vol. Developer. Mix them according to the package directions and make sure it is a thick paste, so it will not seep through to the hair. Turn your wig inside out and apply your past over the lace. Leave it on according to the package directions and rinse it off. When thoroughly rinsed off, wash your lace front using a purple shampoo, this will tone your lace into a blonde color like your scalp.

The next step in your lace front wig preparation is washing your wig. Just like new clothes you should also wash your new lace front wig. Remember the hair is going on top of your scalp and touching your face, shoulders, and arms. To ensure there isn’t any reaction to anything used on the wig, wash it.

Tips For Washing Your Lace Front Wig

1. Brush and detangle your lace front wig to ensure there aren’t any tangles, knots, or snags. For curly textures, divide the hair into sections and finger comb to prevent excess shedding.
2. Fill your sink or basin with cool water and squeeze a good amount of wig-friendly shampoo. Stir the water around and place it in the water.
3. Gently finger comb is down, do not rub the wig while in the water, this will create tangles.
4. Rinse thoroughly.
5. Add a small amount of conditioner to add moisture back into the wig.
6. Clean out the conditioner using cool water until the water is clear.
7. Dry your wig by blotting with a towel and allow the rest to air dry.

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If you are in a rush and don’t have time to wait, blow-dry the wig using a heat protectant and hand dryer at the lowest temperature.
After washing and drying your lace front wig, customize your lace front to match your skin tone. Some people use makeup but eventually, it makes the lace look cakey and dirty. We suggest that you use a lace tint that is closed to your scalp color. Turn your wig inside out, and spray the lace tint unto the lace portion of your lace frontal and use a blow-dryer to seal in the color.

Lastly, pluck the hairline lace on your lace front wig. This step is essential for a natural-looking hairline, and can easily be done with tweezers. A lot of wigs come with dense hairline and parts that do not look natural. We do understand this step is time-consuming and tedious, but this step helps remove the density and volume to make it look more realistic. To pluck your wig, use your tweezers to pluck the strands away from your face using quick short movements. Make sure to do gentle movements so you won't rip or tear your lace.

Prepping Your Hair

Prepping your hair properly is as important as properly installing your lace front wig. Which method you decide to use depends on your hair texture and length of your hair. When choosing a method, remember the goal is to get your hair to lay as flat as possible.
Next, make sure your scalp and hair is moisturized and hydrated. There is nothing worse then dealing with a dry itchy scalp or dry brittle hair that is left under a wig.
If you accidentally get anything on your forehead, make sure to clean it off so your lace front will be able to lay down perfectly. Listed below are the best options for your preperation stage.


Braids are the perfect way to prepare your hair for installing a lace front wig.
1.If your hair feels dry, moisturize it.
2.Smooth down your edges and hairline using a cream or gel.
3.Separate your hair into sections, the amount of sections will depend on the amount of hair you have and if it will lay down flat.
4.Be mindful of your parting and where your braids are placed.
5.Braid each of your sections
6.Pull your braids towards the back of your head and secure them using bobby pins.


Cornrows always offer the flattest canvas, this allows for a sleek, clean, wig install. Also, when choosing your braid, remember if your hair is thick braids are not ideal.

Two Strand Twist

Twist takes less time out of the three, but they also come loose quicker than braids and cornrows.

How To Do a Glueless Lace Front Wig Install?

Glue-less lace front wigs are extremely popular due to the convenience and look of these wigs. Like the name says, glue-less wigs are full lace front wigs that do not require glue, adhesive, or hairspray. These lace front wigs come with adjustable bands in the back, combs near the temples and the top of the head, and sometimes clips to snap-in, this all depends on the manufacture. Most wigs will come with a combination of two of the three things listed above. For example, your
The glue-less lace front unit may consist of an elastic band in the back of your wig, allowing you to loosen or tighten the wig for your comfort and also consist of combs to add more security.


glueless lace front wig install-Ballice

Benefits of Wearing a Glueless Lace Front Wig

1.Glue-less lace front wigs protect the hairline.
2.Ability to take off a wig to take care of scalp and hair underneath the wig.
3.A great option for people that are allergic to glues and adhesives.
4.Easy install combs and adjustable straps for customization.
5.Baby hairs included and usually around the entire hair unit.

Installing Your Glue Less Lace Front Wig

1. Pluck Your Lace

If your wig isn’t plucked already take your tweezers and pluck your wig wigs hairline and part to your liking. Remember to pluck a little at a time, you can always take more off but you cannot add hair back to your lace.

2.Spray Your Lace Tint

Flip your wig inside out and spray your lace with your preferred tint and blow-dry to dry.

3.Place the wig on your head

Place your wig on your head ensuring the tint color is ideal and you’ve plucked enough. If not pluck around your trouble areas.

4.Razor/cut Off Your Excess Lace

Pin your hair back to ensure that the hair is not cut off accidentally when cutting off your excess lace. When cutting the excess lace of being sure to stay close to the hairline without cutting off the hair.

5.Get Your Baby Hair Together (Optional)

Using a rat tail comb, brush, gel, or hairspray, brush your baby hairs to your desired side.

How To Install a Lace Front Wig with Glue?


If you’ve purchased a lace front wig recently, you are probably wondering how to install your full lace wig and how to install a lace wig for beginners? What will you need? And if you can install your lace front at home? We are going to explain in detail how to install a lace front wig with glue, so keep reading!

Prep Your Hair

You must first wash your hair and scalp using a moisturizing shampoo and hair conditioner to ensure that your wig application is an oil-free one.
Short Hair
For people with short hair, there is not much preparation that is needed. Just take your wig cap and make sure all of your hairline is hidden underneath. Depending on how short, you can also opt for cornrows.
Medium to Long Hair
For medium to long hair, we suggest braiding your hair down. This allows for a flat surface to install your wig.

How To Braid Your Hair

1.Moisturize your hair if it is dry to the touch.
2.Smooth down your edges and hairline using a cream or gel.
3.Separate your hair into about four sections or more depending on the amount of hair you have. Be mindful of your parting and where your braids are placed.
4.Braid each of your sections
5.Pull your braids towards the back of your head and secure them using bobby pins.

Put Your Wig Cap On

Take your wig cap and place it on top of your head. Stretching the cap gently and hide your hairline. Depending on the wig cap, you may need to cut holes around the ears. If easier for you, use a small amount of adhesive to secure your cap on the top of the head. Your cap prevents falling when you are wearing your frontal lace front wig. If your cap does not blend into your skin, apply some makeup around your head's perimeter.

Trim The Excess Lace

Trim The Excess Lace

Place your wig on your head and adjust while looking in the mirror to your liking. Use hair clips to secure the wig on top of your head.
Now, use a razor or scissors to carefully trim off the lace. We suggest that you start by trimming the front portion of your lace. Cut small portions at a time so you don’t remove more than what is necessary. We suggest zig-zag patterns to make your hairline look realistic.
Next, trim off the lace around the neck and ear portion. Continue using your zig-zag motions as you did in the front portion of the head.

Style The Back Part of The Wig

Most people are not sure how to make the back portion of their wigs look natural. Flip your wig over and you will notice a half-inch layer of material that is doubled. Using sharp scissors cut the threads and take the layer out from the back of your wig. Apply lace tint to match your skin color. Lastly, spray with a freeze hairspray.

Apply Your Glue

Using your favorite glue, apply a thin layer going around your hairline. For a smooth cohesive line, use a makeup brush to apply the adhesive to your head. Remember not to wear makeup when applying your wig. Then give your adhesive a few minutes to dry.

Fasten Your Lace Front Wig

Place your wig on slowly paying attention to the placement of your wig. If combs are available, secure your wig into place using those. Your wig should feel secure but not tight, doing so will give you headaches.
Start by placing your wig in the middle part of your forehead. Using your fingers, press down your front edges against the glue. Move on doing the same thing from the middle to each ear. Once completely down use your blow-dryer on the cool setting to adhere the glue and wig. Allow to dry and tie-down using a scarf to ensure your lace is secure.

Styling The Wig

Styling The Wig-Ballice

Styling your wig is purely up to preference. You can use your hot tools to create your desired look. For flyaway make sure you have a wax stick-on hand.

Other Ways To Install A Lace Front Wig

Although the most popular, glue and adhesive is not the only way to install your lace front wig. There are other options!

Wig Grip

Wig grips is a velvet fabric that is wrapped around your head providing a place to secure your wig. It is best if you purchase a wig grip that is close to your skin tone. Place the wig group just behind your ears on your hairline. Adjust the sizing according to the size and shape of your head using the Velcro strap that is placed on the grip. Place your wig on top of the grip matching the edge of your lace with the edge of the wig grip. Pull your wig into place gently and adjust until it's to your desired look. Style as needed.

Sewing Down Your Lace Front Wig

This is the best option for anyone looking for long-term wig wear and protection for your hair and skin. Sewing your lace front wig down is more time-consuming then the other options but the long-time wear is worth it.

There are so many styles, textures, lengths, and ways to install your lace front wig, the options are endless. Ballice Hair is one of the leading companies for mink hair, lace frontal wigs, bundles, amongst your hair needs.

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