transparent lace wig

Transparent Lace Wig

A transparent lace wig usually includes a transparent lace front wig and transparent lace closure wig, the benefits of using a transparent lace wig are three major points: easy installation, natural hairline, and versatile hairstyles. Ballice provides top-quality transparent lace wigs at factory prices.

Everything about the Transparent Lace Wig You Should Know

A transparent lace wig is made up of 3 to 4 bundles, and is sewn onto a wig cap with a transparent lace frontal. The strands of the weave are sewn individually on an unnoticeable lace that is so transparent it appears invisible. Typical wig units are made up of brown or tan lace materials. This feature makes it harder for wigs to match every skin tone and usually causes most women to use make-up to blend the lace to their scalp. What makes transparent wigs such a popular unit, is its ability to give you a blended scalp like finish, which leaves you with an appearance of a seamlessly natural hairline.

The two most common transparent lace front sizes are a 13x6 or a 13x4. Depending on how you want to part your wig will let you know which one is best for you. If you are someone who typically doesn’t experiment with multiple parting styles, then a 13x4 wig unit is what you should choose. But if you want the versatility and option to part your hair in multiple ways you should purchase a 13x6 transparent lace wig. One last great feature is that these wigs also come in multiple styles so, whether you love bobs, straight, or curly hair transparent lace wigs will work perfect for your lifestyle.

Yes, what makes transparent lace wigs better than brown lace wigs are their ability to blend perfectly to your natural scalp. Brown lace wigs require a lot of maintenance. Some women will use, tanning spray, makeup, or an in extreme cases bleach the knots of the wig just to ensure it matches the tone of their skin. Bleaching the knots of your wig can be dangerous and if not done properly can mess the unit up further. These downfalls are where the benefits of transparent lace wigs come in handy. With the lace being almost invisible it makes it easier to conform naturally to your scalp and hairline.

On top of all of these great benefits, since the lace is thinner it makes it more breathable, which helps keeps your hair from excessive sweat and dirt build up. The thin lace has also been said to be a lot more comfortable than other lace front wigs. No matter what your preference is on which wig you prefer, they will both need minor customizations to ensure that the wigs lay flawless on scalp.

With the right adhesive you can keep a lace front wig on your head for up to two months. On the contrary there are some wig adhesives that can last longer, in some cases up to 8 months. Most women use safe non-permanent hair glue to attach the lace to their wig cap and then to their forehead. You want to ensure that you are using the safest option possible, in hopes to not damage your edges. Many women talk about the struggles of their natural edges being pulled back from applying lace front wigs improperly. We suggest going to a professional or someone that is familiar with applying lace front units before doing it yourself.

If you want your lace wig to last as long as possible, we suggest that you take great care of it during the day and most importantly at night. There are certain bonnets and head wraps made specifically for lace front units. Wrapping a scarf around the circumference of your lace front at night will ensure that it does not slip back or pull on your natural hairline. When it comes down to the time where you are ready to remove the lace front unit make sur you use a proper technique. There are glue remover products that are perfect to help aid the process of taking off your transparent lace front wig.

Transparent lace wig-Ballice Virgin Hair

What makes Ballice transparent wigs so special, is the time taken to individual hand sew each strand of weave onto the undetectable lace. Most of our wigs need little to no customizations due to the flawless finish of each hairline.

Customers can purchase Ballice transparent lace wigs with ease knowing that it will blend perfectly to any hair texture or scalp. We place care in each of our units, providing you comfortable breathable lace, and adjustable drawstrings or combs for extra security of your lace front wig. Each of our wig units will leave you feeling sexy, confident, and full of life. Ballice transparent lace wigs come in different sizes, lengths, and textures to choose from, make sure you check out our transparent lace wigs today.

Yes, Ballice transparent lace wigs can be colored. Our wigs are made with highest quality human hair which allows anyone to bleach, dye, or color these wig units. You always want to ensure you refrain from dying too close to the lace, to prevent color bleeding from the weave on to the transparent lace. Ballice transparent wigs come in different hair density's that can all be colored with ease. Applying heat protectant products, and washing/conditioning before the coloring process is very important. Since, our wigs are made with the best quality human hair you do not have to worry about split ends or excessive damage after bleaching. After coloring our transparent lace wigs, they can last up to 8 weeks before having to be touched up and washed again. We have multiple wig units that come in a 613 blonde color which is the easiest unit to color/dye. 

Transparent Lace Wig-Ballice Virgin Hair