Mink Brazilian Hair-Ballice-Virgin-Hair

Mink Brazilian Hair

Mink Brazilian Hair is the Higher Quality Virgin Human Hair. Mink Brazilian Hair Bundles are Full and Health, Which Have Full Hair Cuticles. So, It Is Very Durable Hair. Ballice Hair is Professional Mink Brazilian Hair Manufacture, We Focus on Provide Best Quality Mink Brazilian Hair in the Market.

The Truth of Mink Brazilian Hair

Mink Brazilian hair is the highest quality of Brazilian Hair. Mink Brazilian Hair offers full, thick, hair that hasn’t gone through chemical processing or dyeing. Mink Brazilian Hair must be pure. Mink Brazilian hair does not have a specific standard, one person's definition is not the same as another company so one vendor's standard may not be the same as the other.

When cared for properly mink Brazilian hair can last up to three years. In addition to its durability, mink hair keeps its color well, and readily accepts color when you require change. If you are on the market for long-lasting hair Brazilian mink hair is the best choice for you. Remember for your hair to last long, proper hair care is essential and plays a huge factor.

Mink Brazilian hair is the most sought-after hair extension worldwide. Due to the diversity, durability, softness, and longevity. Mink Brazilian hair is thicker than regular Brazilian hair weave. When choosing this hair you are sure you receive hair that is intact and goes in one direction. This hair also is soft, offering a lot of bounce and natural sheen. It offers a medium luster and is resistant to frizz due to its density and holds a curl well.

Proper care is important when thinking of the lifespan of your hair extensions and keeping them in their best possible condition. Here are a few basic hair care instructions to follow to keep your hair looking fabulous longer. 

Be gentle with your hair, this includes brushing and styling. Bristle brushes are ideal and are sure to brush your hair from bottom to top. 

Wash your extensions once weekly this will allow for the hair to be clean without overly drying out the hair. 

Opt for moisturizing shampoos and hair care products. However, make sure the products are not heavy, this will make the hair flat. 

When styling your hair with hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant. Deep condition your hair using lukewarm water weekly. 

Lastly, keep the ends trimmed like you would your hair.