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Mink Hair Weave

Ballice Mink Hair Weave Vendor Provide Mink Brazilian Human Hair Weave, Bundles with Closure, Lace Front Wigs at Affordable Price! Mink hair weave is a Soft, Silky, Luxurious, and Durable Wave that Meet Your Desire.

Untold Truth of Mink Hair Weave

Although quite similar, there are a few key differences between Mink hair and Brazilian hair. Mink hair and Brazilian hair offer the same thickness and weight, however, Brazilian hair comes from one donor. Mink hair is soft and luxurious featuring a high-grade quality of hair. Both hairs offer huge benefits including quality, long-lasting durability, tangle-free, fullness, natural sheen to the hair, and cuticles facing in the same direction.

A rising question many people have. Mink Hair Weave is the description of the highest-quality virgin hair weave. Mink hair features thick, silky soft hair, long-lasting durability, fullness, and a realistic sheen. Mink hair only uses donors who do not use any chemicals to alter their hair. By doing so Mink Hair is smoother and the cuticles face the same direction, is extra soft to touch, and is less of a hassle to wash, style, and brush through.

Mink hair can be marketed using different types and textures of hair. Many vendors and sellers will call various textures “Mink Hair” although it does not offer the specific characteristics that make it obvious that the hair is mink hair. The two main characteristics are the quality of the hair and the durability of hair. Mink hair’s quality has an unmatched standard in the weaving community. When purchasing true Mink Hair you are sure to receive luxurious, silky smooth, full hair when compared to regular hair weave. You are also sure to experience amazing long-lasting durability when purchasing mink hair. Most weaves last roughly up to 18 months when taken care of properly, however, Mink's hair lasts far longer.

Mink Hair and Raw Hair are similar to one another. Raw hair comes from one person (single hair donor). Raw hair is often stronger than mink hair due to the hair coming from a single hair donor. Mink hair and raw hair offer the same thickness and fullness; however, mink hair comes from more than one donor. Mink hair is durable, soft, silky smooth, and offers a higher-grade quality. Your styling, daily task, and desire still will help you decide which hair is better for you and your needs. Both mink hair and raw hair offer great characteristics, deciding on which one is the best is based solely on preference.

Proper care is important when thinking of the lifespan of your hair extensions and keeping them in their best possible condition. Here are a few basic hair care instructions to follow to keep your hair looking fabulous longer. Be gentle with your hair, this includes brushing and styling. Bristle brushes are ideal and are sure to brush your hair from bottom to top. Wash your extensions once weekly this will allow for the hair to be clean without overly drying out the hair. Opt for moisturizing shampoos and hair care products. However, make sure the products are not heavy, this will make the hair flat. When styling your hair with hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant. Deep condition your hair using lukewarm water weekly. Lastly, keep the ends trimmed like you would your hair.

Colored hair has been a popular trend the last few years and we do not see that changing. Dyeing the hair is the perfect way to try out a new color without having to alter your natural hair. You can dye your extensions darker, go blonde, or try out multiple colors. The only thing you will need to worry about is what color you’d like and start dyeing!