HD Lace Closure & Frontal

HD Lace Closure & Frontal

HD lace is a kind of Top Quality Swiss Lace, the newest thinnest lace on the market. Its lace is very transparent and durable. These HD closures can also come in frontals and they are perfect for any woman who wants a natural finish when installing their wigs or Sew-Ins.

What they DON'T TELL YOU about HD Lace!

An HD lace closure is short for a high-definition lace closure. The reason why this closure has gotten its name of (HD) is due to how thin, transparent, and the scalp like resemblance of the lace. These HD closures can also come in frontals and they are perfect for any women who wants a natural finish when installing their wigs or sew-ins. The construction of the HD lace closure is similar to that of a transparent lace. Each strand of hair is hand sewn on to the lace to give you the perfect natural hairline outcome. 

The HD Lace closure is so thin that it appears invisible, some even come frayed due to the thinness of the material. We highly suggest that you handle your HD lace closure or frontal with care and gentle hands. Since the closure is extremely light weight there have been a few instances where the HD lace will tear if not taken care of properly. In most cases HD lace closures require little to no plucking due to how strategic the hair has been sewn in and how delicate the lace is on the hair. 

If you do plan on making customizations and plucking the closure, we suggest you take your time plucking one hair at a time. If you over pluck or go to fast this can also result in creating holes throughout the HD lace closure or frontal.

hd lace vs transparent lace

No, HD Lace does not last longer than the typical brown or transparent lace. The reason for this lack of life expectancy is that the structure of the lace is simply too thin. Now, HD Lace is by far the best when it comes down to its quality and how well it looks when you install it on your hair. But, since most other transparent lace come in a thicker material, they can endure a lot more conditions than HD Lace. 

There are a few exceptions to this rule, when you purchase an already constructed HD lace wig, they do have the ability to last just as long as other wigs with the proper care. To ensure that your HD lace lasts as long as possible to make very few customizations as possible. This HD lace is a perfect choice for those of you who do not want to dye, bleach, or pluck the hair on the lace excessively. 

The less enhancements you make with this lace unit the longer it will last you.

invisible lace front wig

HD lace closures look almost see-through. The lightness of the color makes it very easy for women of all skin tones to wear the closure. Some of the HD closures will come a little frayed on the ends due to how light and thin the lace is made. 

The best way to compare the color is to the transparent lace closures. Transparent lace closure usually come in a white color, whereas the HD lace closure will have a more natural tint. You really will begin to see a difference once you have the HD lace closure installed on your head. The lace melts seamlessly into your hairline creating the perfect natural finish. Also, the material is so thin you can almost see that it looks soft to the touch. When placed in your hands it can feel silky and not as rough as other transparent lace closures. The biggest test to know if you have purchased great quality HD lace is to put it up against your skin, if you see the lace disappeared softly into your skin tone you know that you have bought a great quality HD lace closure.

When it comes down to which closure is best hands down it would be the HD lace closure, but that does not mean that transparent closures are of bad quality. They both have a lot of the same similarities; they both give you an undetectable hairline they give the appearance of natural growing hair, and they also provide you with great comfort while wearing it on your head. HD lace is made of a lighter more breathable material so you are less likely to sweat or accumulate dirt build-up while wearing a HD lace closure. Since the color of the transparent lace is white, it calls for you to do a lot more customizations. Whereas when you purchase a HD lace closure the color and the texture of the lace is so undetectable that it can blend to any skin color. 

Lastly, the reason HD lace is much better than transparent lace closures is that it will give you a more scalp like finish than any other lace. The thinness of the material is its bestselling point, and that is what keeps customers coming back.

The main differences between HD lace and regular lace are the material and color of how it is made up. HD lace comes in a natural tone almost invisible like color. This feature is what makes HD lace so desirable, it has the power to blend to each and every skin tone with little to no detection. Regular lace comes in brown or tan colors that will cause you to take extra steps to ensure a flawless finish. Most women bleach the knots or tint regular lace to give it a more scalp like look. Regular lace is also very thick; it does not come in a breathable material like the HD lace. You will hear most women say that the HD lace is very comfortable to wear throughout the day, and that they experience less dirt buildup around the scalp. 

One of the big differences is that HD lace is meant for short term usage. You’ll see that HD lace is very common among celebrities due to its flawless hairline finish, but you can believe that after a few weeks of this lace you'll want to take it out and renew it for a newer HD lace.

HD lace vs transparent lace

If there is not too much wear and tear you can definitely reuse your HD lace closure. Depending on how you take care of it will really up the longevity of the closure. 

We would suggest that you purchase a new HD lace closure the moment holes, rips, or excessive dirt and oil accumulate on to the lace. You’ll notice most HD lace closures do not have the strength to last multiple uses. The lace is soft, delicate, and thin so we suggest wearing the lace closure for certain events or even if you want an extravagant look, but we would not cross your fingers that it will last you for multiple uses.

HD closures unfortunately HD closures only last for about 2 to 4 months. So, with proper care yes, they can be reused but we always suggest purchasing a new HD lace closure once it becomes too old and worn out. HD lace wigs do have a longer life expectancy of about 8 months so that is another option for those of you who are looking for a longer style. Making sure that you purchase the best quality HD lace closure will ensure that you it will last for a long time. 

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