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Ballice Hair is premium virgin hair factory based China. Supply quality virgin hair to wholesale hair distributors, hair vendors & clients at real factory prices!


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Why Choose Ballice Hair ?

🌺 Professional Hair Factory
🌺 Only Supply Natural Human Hair
🌺 Fast Shipping 3-5 Days Delivery
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1. They save cost

Good hair vendors should be able to deliver their goods at the lowest possible price for hair extension retailers so that when you do re-sell either to a passing customer to someone in a salon, you’ll be able to pocket a good profit. Some vendors sell at a high price to make more profit, but this is the characteristic of a wrong hair vendor.

2. Quality and Assurance

This is another feature of a good hair vendor (supplier). The business or company should be able to assure you and guarantee you of nothing less than quality products. But much more than talk, there should be a physical or online contract to support a breach of contract or failure to meet the set demands.

3. Large deliveries are possible

A vendor isn’t qualified as a good vendor if the business or the company cannot provide many products during an order. Sometimes, you can have a huge demand, and in this case, you would need a supplier that can meet those demands on time.

4. Fast delivery

A good vendor should be able to deliver goods quickly no matter when. They should be easily contactable and reachable for placing an order, making inquiries, or placing a complaint. They should also be prompt with goods delivery.

5. Direct delivery

Also, the best air vendors should be able to take your mind off the delivery process entirely to focus on other things. Any vendor that can provide you with direct delivery services (straightforward to your assigned location at affordable prices) is the best hair vendor for your business.

6. It’s more than business.

Finally, when it comes to the best hair supply vendors, it is always best to choose a supplier that is not only interested in how many hair extensions you want to buy but the state of your business and how they can help you reach your goals.

Who are hair vendors?

Hair vendors are those people that sell hair extensions to other hair retailers at wholesale prices. Some people would refer to them as suppliers because they supply hair extensions in wigs, weaves, clip-ins, closure, frontals, bundles, and so much more. 

They are also the sets of people that have direct or linked contact with hair extension manufacturers. These vendors are businesses too, but because of their reputation in the hair business, they can get access to manufacturers, buy hair extensions in large quantities, and supply to other smaller businesses. 

Difference between good and bad hair vendors.

The difference between good and hair vendors is quite simple. Bad hair vendors will offer you fake hair at a high price, then scam you by not providing you with the hair you have purchased. In some cases, they can do the first alone, and in other cases, they might deliver the fake hair to you. 

Being entangled with bad hair vendors can be very bad for business because they’ll rip you off money, waste your time, and waste resources. A good hair vendor should deliver only quality hair extensions at a reasonable price. They should also be able to refund your money if the product differs from what you have ordered. 

Where to find good hair vendors?

Some hair retailers go on to the official online shop of the hair extension manufacturer or directly to the hair factory in the light of finding the hair at the factory price with little to no possibility of scam. But this can be stressful, especially if you plan to buy only a tiny amount of hair extensions too regularly. 

Buying from hair vendors is the best option for hair extension retailers. And though some of them put up their businesses on e-commerce stores like Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Google. The best place to find hair vendors is through the hair vendors list. Here, you’ll have access to only the best hair vendors that can get you the kind of hair extensions your customers are looking for. 

Starting a hair business is easy and can be very profitable. But everyone thinks it is competitive. Would you like to venture into the world of hair extensions? This is an attractive industry. Once you find a space, you fit in, hitting a six-figure is possible. Many people might be selling hair extensions, and that might discourage you. That is also a good sign from a positive angle because it shows that the actual product is in great demand. 

Think of how many people in your circle wear hair extensions at least once. It doesn't matter whether they glued the wig or sewed it. What matters is that you have target customers of the product you want to bring into the market. All you need to do is show up, deliver the product, and ensure high quality. So, are you ready to start your own hair business? Below we'll take you through a little deep on what you should do.

Know your target customers

Most of your business decisions will depend on whom your product is targeting. So, know where your customers are hanging out because they are vital to business success. Understand what kind of hair extensions they wear, whether they like long or short weaves. You might want to develop the most effective way to make the product available to them. 

Also, the information you'll get about them is crucial. It will need you to know more than your customers' names, ages, and what they do for a living. As an entrepreneur, you need to know your customer's tastes, hobbies, and interests. Build genuine friend relationships with your customers. Don't make fake ones where you use them to make money. Remember, people can tell when you're being nice only to use them. Since you don't want that, invest your focus on knowing what your customers need. 

Break your sales goal into small portions 

If your target is to make six figures in a year, you probably wonder how you will make it. Well, having big goals tend to be daunting and frustrating. To avoid that, set manageable smaller goals to achieve a better result. Rather than setting a goal of 42 sales per month, you can target ten sales per week. That means making 1-2 sales in a day, which is doable. 

One of the reasons we insist on breaking your sales goal is to help you build self-confidence. It is much easier to work with a measurable outcome, which is more motivating and exciting. Also, achieving a goal makes you feel more powerful. So, set goals that you can win as a way of building self-confidence. 

Another primary reason is that you'll have a greater focus. What do we mean by this? When you plan to achieve your goals daily and weekly, you'll be able to filter out all other things. You can decide to show up on Instagram and find someone who knows you are offering hair extensions. You're likely to make one sale in a single day, and that's enormous progress. 

Find a reliable supplier. 

Starting a hair business is pretty straightforward. But, finding a trustworthy supplier is the most challenging part. That's because many companies and people label themselves as hair factories. It is also tedious, and we're not saying that to discourage you. It is the truth. 

If you want to become the best in the game, you need to do something extraordinary. There are many places to find your suppliers. Some of them include YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Pinterest. But finding a good vendor is where the problem comes in. 

It is up to you to choose the supplier. However, we would tell you not to go for local vendors based in Countries like the United States. They are usually wholesale hair distributors and not actual hair manufacturers. 

Instead, go out there to buy from countries like India, South Korea, China, and other hair origins. When you decide to buy your products directly from a China hair factory, you can be sure to get the best price. So, you might want to consider flying to China rather than sit down and wonder what's not out there. People are always willing to pay for your product as long as it is unique and of high quality.

Find a way to stand out.

You need to figure out your Unique Industry Add (UIA) to stand out from the crowd. This way, your product can distinguish itself from other products in the market. When your product is unique, it has a better advantage over others.

So, what can help you stand out in the hair industry? You can decide to lead with something unique by targeting a specific group. For instance, focus on selling six-figure wigs for only entrepreneurs. Also, you can sell wigs for women who go to church. Mothers are a great target as well. Sell wigs that come with an already-attached band because they don't have the whole time. Wig coloring is also another unique angle that would make you stand out. 

By doing this, you will get more consistent and loyal customers. They will always return in the future. Some might even refer your product to other people, generating referral sales. Also, you'll have more direct selling because you can genuinely convey the value of your product. 

Be aware of vendor struggles.

At some point in your hair business, you'll experience some challenges. So, if you don't want to be disappointed, you need to be fully prepared. While it is easy to get a vendor, there are struggles that you might encounter. Some include excellent relations, high-quality products, exceptional communication, and vendor consistency. 

Usually, things go perfectly well in the first few weeks until you run out of 16-inch wigs. Since this happens when you least expect it, you might decide to fly to China to meet the actual factories. After all, it's the only thing you can do. However, even after making all that effort, sometimes vendors lie to your face. It can even happen when you're physically there.

Also, it becomes a little challenging to inquire about your supplier about delivery failure. Keep in mind. Even after establishing a relationship with your vendor, they can sometimes fail. They don't understand that what you need the most is transparency and knowing what is happening. 

Another common struggle is the shortage of raw materials. You might call your vendor, and they tell you that anything over 18 inches will cost you more. The quality might be less, and the supply cost of the product is still the same. 

Also, there is a raw shortage in months like October and December if you order from China. Something could be happening during this period. For that reason, some factories reduce their services. China also closes for weeks in February. During this period, no businesses are going since it's a forced holiday. That means no flights in and out of the country. That can disrupt many things, especially if you run your business in the US, where you work until Christmas Eve. 

Do business audit 

It is crucial to conduct an audit to ensure that your business is healthy. You can track communication, emails, and everything that affects your hair business. By doing this, you will win the confidence of your customers and vendors, which is the key business goal. Also, an audit will ensure that everything is running perfectly well. 

Think of Shopify 

While there are many eCommerce sales platforms to think of, Shopify is the best. The tool is more like an inventory management system. It allows you to sell items on a website via channels like Facebook and Pinterest. Also, you can easily manage large inventory with Shopify. It is a platform that you can grow into. 

One of the things that you'll love about this tool is its attractive design options. Shopify also gives you the ability to add more features. In short, the platform takes care of everything you need to set up your hair business. Also, since it is robust, you can sell your hair products both online and in person. 

To sum up

Starting a hair extension business can be super easy and exciting if you find a space to fit in. You need to develop something unique that identifies you from the competitive marketplace. You can decide to offer classy wigs for entrepreneur women or only focus on wig coloring. Apart from that, it would be best if you break your goals into small manageable portions. That way, you'll feel more motivated. 

When it comes to hair suppliers, you should be very selective. It would be best if you did that because they determine the quality and flow of your products. Find a reliable supplier, particularly hair manufacturers and not distributors. Most importantly, be aware of the vendor struggles you're likely to encounter as an entrepreneur. Are you now ready to venture into the hair industry? We wish you the very best!

A vendor list complied with the best hair wholesale suppliers is almost essential for starting a hair extension business. Having a good supplier makes it easy for you to get quality hair extensions for your customers. And happy customers move a business forward. 

How much does it cost? 

Now the prices vary with manufacturers, and that depends on many things. First, the kinds of vendors or companies on the list. Then the number of vendors on the list is another determinant and the kinds of hair extensions they provide. Vendors that sell Indian hair won’t cost as much as vendors that sell Brazilian or Peruvian hair. 

A list with many quality and reputable vendors can cost as high as $997. But you can also get a list that doesn’t cost as high as $50. The choice of what list you want depends on you, and the cost of the list depends on the three factors mentioned earlier. 

Is it worth the cost? 

Some people might mention that the hair vendor list is not worth the hassle or cost because “how hard can it be to find good hair vendors?” Nonetheless, we would advise that if you do not want to go through the stress of finding suitable hair extension suppliers for your business that would deliver quality hair to you without scam, invest in a goof hair vendors list. 

Are you looking for a vendor list so that you can finally start your hair business? Lucky for you, we have answers. Let's go over what a vendor list is, who makes them, and how you can find the best wholesale suppliers. 

What do we mean by a hair vendor list?

So many hair vendors are in the hair extension industry, and because more people are getting in, the trend of selling a list gained popularity. 

A hair vendor list is simply a long (or short) list of great hair vendors that can sell hair extensions to you at wholesale prices. Some people call the suppliers because they supply hair extensions at low prices so that retailers can resell them. It would not be easy to get the products to sell without hair vendors. And without a list, it would be hard to find the best vendors. 

But one thing you should note is that though you might think one hair vendor has excellent hair extensions, your customers might think otherwise. So before sticking to one or more vendors, let your customers dictate who works and who doesn't. Your customers should be the dictator for which hair vendor has the best hair extension.

Finding the best wholesale supplier

Hair manufacturers are the list's creators, and hair companies make up the list. The hair extensions sold are made up of wigs, lashes, closures, bundles, frontals, etc. You can find them on their website, social media page, etc.

But you need to be careful when selecting a company or vendor. The manufacturers are not responsible for any dishonest acts or any bad sales by any companies on the list. So the truth behind wholesale suppliers on a vendor list is that one can be scammed if care is not taken. 

However, there is a solution. You can do research on the vendor before purchasing and check for online reviews. Using some popular search terms, you can also find your hair vendor without a vendor list. 

Some of those search terms include wholesale human hair distributors, wholesale hair vendors, best hair vendors (insert current year), human hair vendors, good hair vendors, etc. 

✔️Use the Sucre payment methods, like Paypal

Paypal would protect the buyer and seller. We do not suggest paying by western union or Money Gram with a new vendor

✔️Buy a few at the beginning instead of buying bulk

✔️More communication with the new hair vendors is essential

✔️Read the return and shipping policy!

If they are reliable hair vendors, they must have a clear return and shipping policy on their website. But if you do not find this information mentioned on their website, you move on to the next supplier.

✔️Test hair samples is essential before you choose a hair vendor

You guys can test the hair quality while you get the sample hair. You can wear, dye, and bleach the hair to know the hair quality, so it is important to test the sample hair quality.

1. what is the name of your company?
2. Is your hair cuticle aligned?
3. How long has your company been in business?
4. Are you a manufacturer or a dealer?
5. Could you tell me about your hair?
6. What makes your hair better than everyone else?
7. What does your company do to remove lice in hair?
8. How did you construct your weft?
9. How is the hair sourced and collected?
10. How is the tangling and shedding?
11. How long is your shipping time and order processing time?
12. May I have a price list for bundles, closures, and wigs?
13. Have you guys had a tester piece out that I can buy before buying in bulk?
14. Can you send videos or pictures of hair?
15. How much is the shipping to the US or Canada?
16. Is there a minimum to be considered bulk?
17. What are your payment options?
18. May I see more customer videos and pictures?
19. Do you guys offer drop shipping services?
20. Do you make bags, labels, and tags for customers?
21. What is your return and refund policy?
22. Is your hair single drawn or double drawn?
23. How do you remove your hair knots?
24. Are All Your Bundles 100 Gram Not Including Packaging?
25. Can I video-chat with your hair factory?

If you are ready to enter the hair business, the best way to find the right vendor is to do tons of hair research, talk with hair vendors, and test the hair samples. This process takes time and money .but this is what you have to go through. The vendors recommended by the influencers may not be 100% suitable for you. When you do a lot of hair research, you will learn a lot about hair. Now hair business is riskier than before due to the increasing cost of lace products (lace closure, lace frontal, lace wig )and also the increasing cost of hair bundles