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Ballice Virgin Hair Dropshipping Hair Business Project:

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. Instead, when a store sells a product, it purchases the item from a third party and has it shipped directly to the customer. As a result, the merchant never sees or handles the product.

Ballice Dropshipping Hair Most of our dropshipping customers are online hair seller, hair salon, hair store owner. At beginning, those online hair seller would buy samples hair kit from Ballice hair, after several times, they have test the hair quality and start to do drop shipping from us. Ballice hair will put your hair logo, or tags and package; send the hair products to your customer directly. There is no necessary for the merchant to keep stock.

Ballice virgin hair factory offer the dropshipping services to our client worldwide.

Dropshipping is our Special service for our client. There is no extra fee for our drop shipping service, and no up-front inventory cost or shipping logistics. Ballice hair factory will ship the hair order to your client directly without any our info on the package.

Here is Step by Step for the Hair Dropshipping Services

Step 1

Your client places an order from you. (No matter you have a hair store, hair website or social medium sale channel…)

Step 2

You send order to us or order from our website directly. Please leave your client receiving address while placing the order.

Step 3

We prepare your customer ‘order without labels or using your warp labels/ bags

Step 4

We ship the order directly to your customer directly, then we will send you a tracking number.

dropshipping hair

Dropshipping Hair FAQ:

1.Ask: Do I Have to anything additional to start the drop shipping project?

Answer: No. We do not charge extra fee for drop shipping services

2.Ask: How Would I Profit from Drop Shipping?

Answer: Normally, Your profit will be $20-$30 per bundle. For Example: Ballice Hair price is $30 a bundle, You can sell $50 to your client.

3.Ask: Do you guys offer Customized Labels?

Answer: Yes we do.we offer customized labels (with your logo). We charge $40 for 1000pieces label. We can keep your label in our office, Any time we get the order from you, We will put your labels for hair bundles before shipping.

4.Ask: How do I pay when I want to do drop shipping?

Answer: We accept the PayPal. Western Union, Money Gram,Bank wire transfer.

5.Ask: How Much is the Shipping fee?

Answer: For US customer, we charge $17 if the order less than 10 pieces. shipping fee will be free when the order over 10 piece or Amount over $400.

6.Ask: How do I order my client order for drop shipping on your website?

Answer: please leave your client address when you place an order on our website. then we will ship to your client directly.

7.Ask: How many days for shipping?

Answer: After payment, Order will take 3-4 days to US.

8.Ask: How will I get Wholesale price when I order on your website?

Answer: The price on our website is wholesale price, Even you buy one bundle, you will be always enjoy wholesale price. You can place an order directly on our website.

9.Ask: How long will it take for you to respond  to your email?

Answer: Normally we will reply your email less than 12 hours

10.Ask: What is your processing time before shipping

Answer: Less than 24 hours(expect Sunday)

11.Ask: Do you send to PO Box?

Answer: no way. Because the international shipping express do not accept PO Box.

12.Ask: How do I know you have shipped the hair?

Answer: You will get a email notice or text message about tracking number. Then you can show this tracking number to your client. We will never contact your client directly

13.Ask: Will the customer know the original cost of the hair?

Answer: your client will never know the original cost of the hair. because we used to put very low value on the commercial invoice. means your client will see the price is $5  or $6 a bundle, so everyone know that is not ture 

14.Ask: What should I remark when I Place drop shipping order.

Answer: please see the following picture.


drop shipping services-Ballice Virgin Hair


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