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When wearing a wig, no one wants their wig to look “wiggy”. One of the major things to do when customizing your wig is plucking it. If you aren’t sure what plucking is, it is the process of using a pair of tweezers to gently get rid of hair around the hairline and parting of your wig. Your goal when plucking your wig is to have a seamless natural-looking part and hairline. This means specifically tailoring your hairline and parts to your natural hair. If you’re unsure of how to do so, keep reading Expert Tips on How to Pluck a Wig.  


Why should You Pluck Your Wig?  


With how common plucking wigs are now, pre-plucked wigs are now being offered and sweeping the hair industry. However, some wigs do not come pre-plucked and you may be wondering why should you pluck them. If you love the look of realistic-looking wigs then you should pluck your wig. By doing so you are creating the same impression of a real hairline and parting.  

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Should I Bleach My Knots?


If you notice that your knots aren’t bleached, we do suggest that you bleach your knots for a more natural look. This can seem like a daunting task, but we are here to give you a few tips on successfully bleaching your knots. Whether you’re bleaching a wig, lace front, or a lace closure these tips will be useful.  

  • Turn your wig inside out and pin your wig down to your foam head/mannequin head.
  • Clip away your baby hairs
  • Apply your bleach, do not pour it all out on your wig, and make sure the mixture isn’t runny
  • Use a developer between 20 and 30
  • Using a mixing brush, gently dab your mixture. With too much pressure, your mixture can leak through which will cause your hair to get bleached.  
  • Make sure there is enough bleach covering all of the knots.
  • Cover your lace with aluminum foil or saran wrap.  
  • Once the knots are no longer noticeable and the knots are a honey blonde color remove the aluminum or saran-wrap.
  • Rinse the bleach off and wash your wig with a neutralizing shampoo for the bleaching process to end, leaving it on for five to ten minutes, and rinse. Condition your wig so it won't become dry and brittle.  
  • Dry the hair, blotting with a towel, and allow to air dry. If you choose to use a blow-dryer, use a -heat protectant and dry on the lowest heat.  

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How To Pluck a Wig Hairline?


Items Needed:

  • Rattail combs
  • Tweezers
  • Styrofoam head/or mannequin head
  • Pins to keep the wig in place
  • Clips to clip hair back  


If you have chosen to save a few bucks and purchased a wig that isn’t pre-plucked here are some simple steps to customize your wig for your desired look.  


Step One: Place Your Wig on a Head  


When placing your wig on ahead be sure to secure it using your pins. This will ensure your wig doesn’t slip or slide around when you begin tweaking the hair.  


Step Two: Use Your Comb Through the Front of The Wig  


Using your comb, remove any tangles or knots you may have. Using your opposite hand, pull the hair back.  


Step Three: Begin the Plucking Process  


With your less dominant hand still holding the hair back, grab your tweezers with your dominant hand and begin plucking strands away from the face using quick strokes. Trying to plucking every two hair strands to ensure ample spacing. Double plucking in an area will cause a bald spot. We do suggest you begin plucking above the ear area and work your way up to the middle of the wig. This process may take a while, especially on your first couple of tries. It is best to go slow and lightly pluck versus over-plucking your hair and creating bald spots.  


Step Four: in Different Layers of The Hairline


Remember, you are not just plucking the first portion of the hairline on your wig by the forehead area. Your end goal is to make your wig look not as dense and less “wiggy”. To achieve this look, you will have to pluck various layers of hair, using the method of every other hair or so. Once you are done with step three from ear-to-ear in the first section, flip it forward and begin on the next section. Repeat this until you are satisfied with your look, generally about four rows will do, but it is up to your preference. Comb out the hairs, and you are done!  


How To Pluck Your Part?


Begin by parting the hair where you’d like your part to be. There is something about parts looking too “perfect” and it makes the hair look like a wig. Once the hair is parted, begin plucking every other hair. You must also pluck the hair on both sides skipping one hair at a time. Make sure you do not over pluck, this will cause the part to be too wide and may cause bald spots. Comb away the access hair.  


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Can I Pluck Without Tweezers?  


Plucking the hairline or the part of your wig without tweezers are pretty much the same steps as if you were using tweezers. You must begin by taking a small section of your first row of hair and begin plucking with your hand. With this step, make sure you are plucking away small portions of your wig hair. When plucking the hair with your hand, the most important thing to do is making sure you pluck your hair away from the root of the wig. When pulling out the hair, grab a few pieces of hair and wrap them once around your finger and pull. Continue to do this one section at a time until you get your desired look.  


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What If I Don’t Have a Styrofoam Head or Mannequin Head?


We understand that purchasing ahead for some isn’t possible, and we are happy to say there is another alternative. When a Styrofoam head or mannequin head isn’t available, you can pluck your wig when on your head. When doing so, you will have to hold the lace tightly, so there isn’t any over-plucking. For some, this is their preferred method of plucking, so they know exactly how it will look while plucking.  


By using the steps mentioned above, anyone can achieve an effortlessly flawless look. Wig plucking, alleviates your wig look almost immediately. When plucking your wig, it looks less fake, and you can wear your wig with confidence. Just remember these tips when plucking your wig so you can achieve a stylishly natural-looking wig.



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