Frontal VS Closure


Frontals and closures are very similar but also have distinctive differences in the way they are made and the way they are placed on your head. Lace frontals are best known for their coverage, undetectable hairline, and scalp-like look. While closures are best known for their natural-looking part.

Both frontals and closures are perfect finishing pieces for any install or wig. With the benefits of both, it may be difficult to select between the two. If you are on the market for a new closure or frontal and cannot decide we have you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you will need to know about frontals and closures.

Is a Frontal or Closure Better?

If you are a newcomer with zero experience, we do suggest you start with closure since frontals take a bit of work to compromise. However, if you are getting your wig or extensions installed by a professional, you should base your decision on your price point, desired hairstyles, and how long you plan on keeping the style.

Remember frontals require work even after having it installed.

However, if you are someone who loves versatile styling and the natural hairline with high ponytails frontals are definitely for you.

How To Properly Care for Your Frontal or Closure?

Frontals and closures are both made of human hair if you are sure to purchase a human hair one. If this is the case, you must tread them as if they were your own hair. Use better tools to comb when detangling the hair. Be sure to deep condition when washing the hair to maintain moisture and use a heat protectant when using hot tools.

Also, when removing the glue from your lace of the lace frontal, it is your best option to use 99% isopropyl alcohol on a clean hand towel. Rub gently where the glue is until removed completely. Once all the adhesive has been removed, wash and deep condition your frontal and allow to air dry.

Lastly, remember to tie up your hair at night, this will help avoid tangles, a shifting hairline, frizz, and undesired flyaways.

What Is a Frontal?

13x4 Frontal and 13x6 Frontal

A frontal is a hairpiece that runs from ear to ear, stretching 13 inches across and 4-6 inches back. Normally, there are 13x4 and 13x6 frontal in the market, They are used on wigs and can be sewn down with bundles for a sew-in. Lace frontals use lace material to allow the perfect blend with your skin offering an undetectable hairline. Lace and silk are the most common materials used to create a frontal hairpiece. Both materials show up differently on the skin so choosing between the two is based on preference, the look you desire, and price point. Also, a transparent lace frontal is more and more welcomed by African-American because of the thin and invisible lace.
A major selling point with frontals is the size and the flexibility it gives you when parting and styling your hair. Due to the size and construction of the hairpiece, you can part and style it as if it was your scalp and hairline. Keep in mind that frontals are pricier due to their versatility when compared to closures.

Pros of a Frontal

1.Less Installation Time

Frontals offer an easy less time-consuming install. On average it takes one hour lesser than your average wig or sew-in install. Due to the amount of coverage the lace front covers it takes lesser hair to cover the remainder of your hair. Lace frontals are the perfect option for anyone looking for a protective style that does not require much time while looking natural.

2.Versatile Styles

The best-selling point of lace frontals is the hairstyling versatility. Lace frontals allow personal styling with your wig or sew-in extensions whichever way you want, from high ponytails to deep side parts. Lace frontals also offer an undetectable hairline, so you have free range.

Cons Of a Frontal

1.Damaged Hairline

When untaken care of lace frontals can cause major damage to your hairline. Lace frontals when installed with tape or glue last from 2-4 weeks. If you go longer without you are more susceptible to skin irritation and damage. Also, removing your frontal improperly will cause damage.

2.Tweaking Your Frontal Can Take a While

When you first install your frontal or frontal wig, getting the desired look may take a while to achieve. You have to bleach the knots or your frontal or wig frontal, tweeze the hairline to achieve the natural undetectable hairline, trim baby hairs, properly cut the lace, and make sure the actual install of your frontal looks natural on you.

3.The Price Point

Due to the realistic look and feel of lace frontals, they cost more when compared to purchasing a closure. While fewer bundles are needed, the desired look of a natural scalp and hairline explains the price pint of a lace frontal.


What Is a Closure?

4x4 Closure and 5x5 Closure

Lace closures are smaller in size, typically 4x4 in size, and used to close off a sew-in or wig. Closures are also made with lace or silk material and mimic your scalp. Closures also offer various partings including free part, middle part, and three parts. The free part allows you to part whenever you would like and is the most popular due to its versatility. Middle part closures offer a middle part and three-part closures allow you to part your closure in three different pre-made parts.

Of course, with a smaller square, there is only so much room for parting space within the 4x4 square. Unlike with a frontal, you cannot style the hair in updos or half ponytail styles. If you are someone who loves a simple sleek look and do not venture off from that one style, closures are ideal for you. Closures are also having a lower price point when compared to frontals.

Pros of a Closure

1.The Maintenance

Unlike lace frontal installs, a lace closure hairpiece does not require much to maintain. The most you may have to do with a closure is wash, condition, dry, and style your closure to your liking.

2.Longer Lifespan

With both wigs or lace closure, closures generally have a longer lifespan when compared to a frontal when taken care of properly. Closures do not require much gluing or customization when compared to frontals. After 2- or 3-weeks lace fronts need to be redone and you will not have to worry about this when installing a hair closure.

3.Offers Ultimate Protection

When using a closure, you alleviate the issues that come with having a leave out. You do not have to worry about heat damage or coloring your hair to match your weave. Wear a closure that allows you to try various colors, lengths, and textures without having to alter your hair.

Cons of A Closure

1.Limited Styling Options

Lace closures do not offer as much versatility as a lace frontal when it comes to parting and the hairline. Also, there are not many stylings' options. You only have three options, middle part, free part, and three parts, these are premade parts in your closure.

2.Inconsistent Fit

Frontals usually fit perfectly when wearing them, unlike some closures.

3.Measuring your head and having knowledge of the closure will ensure your closure wig or weave fits properly.


It Is Up to You

When deciding between a frontal or a closure, what you purchase is up to your personal preference. Frontals do offer versatility with your styling options, but the upkeep is often. Closures are not as expensive as a frontal but are not ideal for anyone who wants to switch up their style often. If maintained properly, we believe both are perfect options for protecting your hair.

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