How To Detangle a Wig

how to detangle a wig

When wearing your wig daily, you will experience some tangling. From natural elements to sweating, many factors go into your wig tangling. With the proper products and detangling techniques, you won’t have to worry about detangling that will lead to matting and shedding. Below we will be giving your tips and tricks to detangle your wigs like a pro with minimal shedding and frustration. Keep reading to learn how to detangle a wig.

Why Are Your Wigs Tangling?

Unfortunately, wigs tend to tangle more than your real hair and there are several reasons why. Your real hair produces natural oils from your scalp, this keeps your hair from becoming dry and brittle. With wigs you aren’t receiving those natural oils from your scalp, therefore you experience tangling, dryness, and matting when you aren’t properly moisturizing your wig. Here are a few other reasons why you may be experiencing tangling.

Reason Number One: You aren’t using the proper shampoo and conditioner for your wig.

Using products that are designed for your wig will ensure that it remains cleaned and moisturized properly. Since wigs are lacking in moisture that our hair has, your shampoo should contain moisturizing ingredients so it can remain hydrated, tangle-free, and silky smooth.

Reason Number Two: Friction and sweating

Tangling is most prone at the nape area of your neck. You will experience more tangling and matting together due to sweating, and your wig constantly rubbing against your neck and the fabric of your clothes. Certain materials are more prone to snagging such as wool and thick fabrics. If you are working out or more prone to sweating, we do suggest trying ponytails and updos. Also, when wearing clothes that are prone to snagging avoid your hair being down.

Reason Number Three: Your Wig is Damaged

With improper wig care, your wig can be damaged over time. Once your hair is damaged there is no way for it to be restored, continued use will only cause more tangling.

Reason Number Four: The Lifespan of Your Wig

Even with the proper care and the best products, no wig can last forever. Like all good things, it must come to an end, and there will be a day where your wig will do the same.

How To Properly Detangle a Wig?

Items Needed:
1. Mannequin head, wig stand, or Styrofoam head
2. Wide-tooth comb
3. Wig brush, do not use a brush that isn’t made for wigs
4. Use a wig detangling spray, if you aren’t able to purchase a spray, you should mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle
5. Wig hair conditioner
6. Flat iron – if you want a bone straight hairstyle

Steps To Detangling Your Wig

Step One: Use Your Stand
Place your wig on your preferred headstand. This will help you manage your sections when you begin detangling your wig. When you have a very long wig it is also easier when combing from root to tip. If you do not have a wig head, you can Kay your wig on a flat surface to detangle.

Step Two: Prep for Detangling
Soak your wig for a bit in a bowl or sink of water, conditioner, and shampoo. After about ten minutes, remove the wig, rinse and rid the excess water by blot drying your wig. Doing this step will ensure that your wig is clean.

Step Three: Detangle, detangle, detangle
Now, spray your hair with a detangle or conditioner mixture. First, detangle with your fingers using small sections. Begin from the front of your wig, move to the sides, and move to the back. Doing so will allow you to go from the easiest section to the hardest section. Once you’ve done all you could with your fingers move on to your wide-tooth comb. With your comb begin to detangle from the tip of your wig and move up the hair shaft. Repeat as necessary, spraying as needed. Once done with the section, use your brush to brush and smooth then the detangled section.

Step Four: Rinse Remaining Residue
When you are done detangling your wig, be sure to rinse out all of the products used to detangle the hair. Be sure to rinse until the water is clear.

Step Five: Air Dry Your Wig
You should allow your wig to air dry until fully dry. Place your wig on top of your mannequin head and allow it to dry. Make sure your wig is not dripping wet, this will make the process much longer. Periodically you should do a light comb through enduring there are no snags or tangles. If you do not have enough time to allow your wig to dry naturally, you can use a blow dryer on the low setting. Make sure you are using heat Protestant spray to avoid heat damage. When using high temperatures, you are running the risk of causing heat damage to your wig.

how to detangle a wig

Tips For Detangling Your Curly Wig

Tip One: Wet and Moisturize

Always, always, always, begin your detangling process with wet and conditioned hair. When doing this your hair is lubricated and allows you to detangle easily.

Tip Two: Sections are Your Best Friend

With curly hair, there is a lot of it, so it is not easy to just comb through the hair. Try taking between six to eight sections when detangling your wig. This will allow a more manageable process, where you are sure all of the snags and tangles are removed and the product has reached all of your strands.

Tip Three: Start from the Bottom


Always begin from the bottom, this avoids tension on the rest of your hair shaft. Starting from the tip and moving down will cause more tangles and shedding from your wig.

detangle a curly wig

Experts Tips To Avoid Wig Tangling


We understand tangling will happen, but some things can be done to prevent constant tangling. Here are a few tips to help prevent constant tangling to your wig.

1. No sleeping in your wig. Sleeping in your wig will cause friction from the constant tossing and turning of your pillowcase, cover, and sheets.
2. Store your wig properly when you aren't wearing it, this will help with tangling, dust particles, and other elements.
3. Moisturize your wig when it is feeling dry.
4. Do not use heat tools constantly
5. Do not sleep in a wet wig, this is a recipe for a matted wig
7. Do not purchase cheap hair, make sure your hair is one hundred percent human hair
8. Trim your dry ends, it may seem risky to chop a few inches off but your wig will thank you later! Chopping off a few dry inches will bring your wig back to life and prevent more tangling. Remember split ends travel up the shaft of your hair.

detangle a wig


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