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What is Remy Hair ? Ballice Virgin Hair

Overview: Remy Hair

The term Remy Hair, Remi, or Remy human hair is very common today but commonly misunderstood in the hair and beauty industry. The most notable difference revolves around typical human hair wigs vs Remy human hair. The main differences revolve around how the hair is made, and its benefits over typical human hair wigs. Let's begin by defining Remy hair;

What is Remy Hair?

Remy or Remi Hair can be defined as a wig or hairpiece made from real human hair whose cuticles are still intact. The term Remy is an assurance that the hair isn't synthetic.

Typical human hair wigs aren't made from human hair that has been collected from hair donors as carefully as when making Remy human hair. The hair collection process purposes to preserve the cuticle resulting in cuticles with a unilateral direction. This, in turn, means that all hair strands remain in the same exact direction they were when growing naturally down to the scalp.

The human hair collection process is obviously complex and time-consuming, resulting in a higher price. However, while Remi hair is more expensive, it is undoubtedly the best quality human hair on sale today. Anyone who doesn't want to spare any cost when buying human hair can buy Remy hair and enjoy the ultimate quality and durability of luxurious human hair.

The Difference Between Remy and Non-Remy?

remy hair vs non remy. hair

Remy and Non-Remi hair differences can be explored in-depth by looking at the several factors discussed below;

I. Cuticle

As mentioned above, the main difference between Remy and non-Remy hair or other human hair revolves around the cuticle. Remy human hair is acquired without destroying the cuticle. This careful protection process ensures all hair maintains the same direction offering other benefits discussed below.

II. Tangling

The presence of natural cuticles in Remy hair ensures the hair doesn't tangle. While non-Remi hair can contain cuticles, they are artificial and made of silicon, making them less durable. Artificial cuticles in non-Remy hair wash out easily, making the hair start tangling in a short time.

III. Hair Appearance

Natural cuticles also make the hair maintain a moisturized, shiny and silky-smooth natural appearance. Non-Remy hair featuring artificial cuticles results in hair that looks dry.

IV. Hair Movement

Natural cuticles also give hair a more natural movement and flow. The same can't be said about non-Remi hair with artificial cuticles.

V. Durability

Remy hair is more durable than non-Remy hair or regular hair wigs made using human hair. The hair will look fresh and new months to a year later. While Remi hair may require more care than typical human hair, Remi outlasts non-Remi hair. However, you must follow the manufacturer's care guidelines to the letter to enjoy maximum durability.

VI: Dye

Can you dye Remy hair? Yes! The hair can be subjected to the same treatment as typical human hair. However, consult an expert and use high-quality professional dye to get the best result.

VII. Cost

As stated above, Remy human hair is more expensive than typical human hair. The added cost comes as a result of the tedious, meticulous, and time-consuming process of extracting human hair without damaging the cuticle.

Is Remy Hair is Human Hair?

Yes! The hair is 100% natural human hair that has been extracted without damaging the cuticle.

How Do I Tell If a Product is Really Remy Hair?

There are bound to be unscrupulous individuals trying to cash in on the Remi hair popularity. Given the high cost of Remi hair, it is understandable why some human hair brands may be marketed as Remi hair when they are actually non-Remy. Since both Remy and non-Remy hair is composed of real hair, how do you tell if you are buying Remi hair?

i. The "Fingers" Test

Run your fingers through the hair (up and down) while pinching the hair strands gently. If the hair feels smooth when running your fingers down and rough while going up, that's Remy hair. If the hair is smooth both ways when running your fingers up and down, the hair isn't Remy hair as smoothness both ways is an indication that the cuticles are missing.

ii. Root Color Test

All Remy hair goes in one direction. As a result, the color differences between the hair tips and roots will be more distinct. Non-Remy hair tends to have a similar root and hair tip color since the direction of the hair is mixed. This test is perfect when determining if hair extensions are Remy or non-Remy.

iii. Durability Test

If you have already bought the hair and suspect it's authenticity after wearing it for some months, you can confirm authenticity by assessing durability. Remy hair is more durable and will last for six months to a year while maintaining a fresh natural look. This is the case with proper maintenance. On the other hand, Non-Remy hair lasts a few months only and will show obvious signs of damage (damaged cuticles) and dullness after wearing it for a few times.

You can consider other factors like price. Cheap Remy hair should be a cause for caution. As mentioned above, the hair collection process requires a huge investment in capital, time, and care, which is reflected in the high cost of the hair.

Why People Love Remy Hair?

People love Remy hair for many reasons. Considering the hair cuticles follow the same direction, the hair remains undisturbed, making it more durable. The natural hair cuticles also give the hair an unmatched natural look, glow, and movement. This makes it extremely easy to style and maintain hairstyles. The hair also moves naturally, making it less obvious that you are wearing a wig.

The natural cuticles facing one direction also make the hair tangle-free. It's easier to style and maintain smoothness, even when the hair is wet. This isn't the case for non-Remi hair. People also love the superior, long-lasting silky and shiny look acquired through manufacturing. Most importantly, people love the cost-effective nature of the hair. While Remy human hair may be costly, it can last up to a year.

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