What Is Mink Hair?

what is mink hair

Nowadays mink hair has been a buzz and gained customers green eyes. Then what is mink hair? Let me explain.

Technically, mink hair does not boil down to any specific kind of hair; it tends to refer to a general description of higher quality hair extension.

When it comes to mink hair, hair company will say their mink hair is “thicker,” “remy hair,” or anything else to qualify the higher price increases.

Marketing strategy is essential for selling hair extensions. If the market favors a hair, you must say you can provide the hair to grasp the market and promote sales.

If you hold an extremely high expectation for a hair with features of easy coloring, free tangling, shedding free, full and natural, cuticles facing towards in the same way, then the hair is a mink hair, may it be Brazilian hair or Malaysian hair or Peruvian hair or others.

There is no precise classification for “Mink Hair” so at this point it really can be anything you want it to be.

Common Mink Hair Questions

Where can I find mink hair reviews?

Mink hair is just a nickname of hair with higher quality, which exists in all kinds of hair categories. Just look for regular hair reviews; you’ll get what you want.

Who are the best Brazilian mink hair vendors?

Ballice Mink Hair Vendor of course. We are professional in offering wholesale weaves in different colors, grades, styles that you could name as “Mink Hair”.

Do you sell mink Brazilian curly hair?

I recommend our jerry curly hair for you, which looks similar to Brazilian curly hair; you can attach a new tag on it and name it Brazilian jerry curly hair.

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