What Is an HD Lace Wig

Hd lace wig

When looking for wigs, you will see many different types of lace and may not know which to choose. Each lace has its pros and cons. The most common being HD lace and Swiss lace, to choose which lace is best for you would be up to your style, budget, and preference. The HD in HD Lace Wigs stands for “high definition”. HD lace is the top-quality lace that was once called Swiss lace. HD is best known for its ability to “melt” into the scalp. This offers wig-wearers the chance to wear lace wigs with an undetectable hairline and scalp. Unique with top-grade quality, HD Lace Wigs are here to stay and we are here to tell you why!

What Is an HD Lace Wig?

HD lace wig means the wig frontal is made from an HD Lace that is invisible and undetectable. The HD lace is known best for its ability to melt effortlessly creating a flawless look. Ballice supplies HD wigs in various lengths, shades, and textures. Contrary to popular belief HD Lace is both finer and thinner than Swiss lace. With that being said, HD lace is more delicate and can rip easily.

HD lace wig vs transparent lace wig

What is a Transparent Lace Wig ?

Transparent lace is regular lace in transparent color, A transparent lace wig is made up of 3 to 4 bundles, and is sewn onto a wig cap with a transparent lace frontal. The strands of the weave are sewn individually on an unnoticeable lace that is so transparent it appears invisible. Typical wig units are made up of brown or tan lace materials. This feature makes it harder for wigs to match every skin tone and usually causes most women to use make-up to blend the lace to their scalp. What makes transparent wigs such a popular unit, is its ability to give you a blended scalp like finish, which leaves you with an appearance of a seamlessly natural hairline.

What is the Difference Between HD Lace and Transparent Lace ?

hd lace vs transparent lace

Is HD Lace Better Than Swiss Lace?

HD lace and Swiss lace both have pros and cons, with most things, deciding on which is better is up to preference. Both HD lace and Swiss lace are perfect for natural, undetectable-looking wigs. HD Lace is more transparent than Swiss lace, meaning it blends with every skin type. Swiss lace offers transparent lace and brown lace, this offers a wide range of different skin complexions. However, it is possible to purchase the incorrect color when purchasing offline. However, HD Lace is fragile and can be torn easily. Swiss lace is less delicate and offers better durability, making it ideal for beginners to use.

How Long Does A HD Lace Wig Last?

Many people ask how long does an HD Lace Wig Last, and there is no exact time line. Various things dictate the lifespan of your HD lace wig. One main factor that will dictate the lifespan of your wig is the quality of your HD Lace Wig. The better the quality, the longer it will last, the lower the quality, the shorter the lifespan of the wig. With a high-quality wig and proper care, HD Lace wigs last between eight months to three years. Taking care of your wig and lace will prolong the lifespan of your wig and make your investment worth it in the long run.

Why Is HD Lace So Expensive?

The simple answer, it is a special lace material. Most people know that HD lace is a transparent colored lace, but they don’t understand the significance of why it is transparent. When compared to Swiss Lace, HD Lace is lighter, thinning, and less visible. In better words, HD lace is smaller and softer. Human hair wigs are hand-tied on the lace portion of the wig to avoid tangle and shedding issues. When compared to hand-tie and Swiss lace frontal, making an HD lace frontal is much more complex due to the size of the holes and the material of the lace being softer. Creating a Swiss lace frontal may take two to three days and creating an HD Lace frontal will need between four to five days.

hd lace vs transparent lace 

Can HD Lace Wigs Be Worn Every day?

HD Lace wigs are known to be worn daily by many women. To wear your wig daily you must take care of your hair underneath the wig by avoiding dirt build-up and matting. It is very common to wear lace wigs daily. This is one of the main reasons for the hair industry boom in recent years. With so many options to choose from you can find a wig suitable for any occasion and ensure you look your best at all times.
If you do decide to wear your wigs daily, here are a few steps for making your wig look stylish and remain comfortable.

Tip One: Wash Before You Wear
If you choose to wear your wig straight from the box, the wig is more susceptible to retain the shape of the box or packaging it was sent in. When you wash it, you can style it yourself and give the wig a more natural look suited for your taste and style.

Tip Two: No Odd Colors or Styles
If you are aiming to wear your wig daily, be sure to purchase something versatile. Try choosing an HD Lace Wig that can be worn for several occasions. However, if you own a few traditional wigs, try spicing it up with an eccentric wig for those special occasions.

Tip Three: Use A Cap
When wearing a wig daily, you will experience friction from movement daily as well. Your wig cap keeps your wig secure, in place, and protects your wig from oil coming from your scalp.

Tip Four: Wash Your Wig on a Regular Basis
You must always keep your wig clean. How often you wash your wig is based on how often you wear your wig, the number of products used, how active you are, and the environment.

How To Clean Your HD Lace?

Before washing your HD Lace, be sure to remove all the glue and product residue using an adhesive remover.

Step One: Detangle any knots or tangles in the wig. Use a wide-tooth comb or hairbrush. Remember to gently brush from the ends to the top of the wig.

Step Two: Fill your sink with room temperature water and add a drop of shampoo. Pinching from the middle of your HD Lace Wig, gently dip your wig in the water in an up and down motion. BE sure that your hair is constantly going in the same direction, if not, your hair can become tangled. Add suds and water without soaking the inside of the wig.

Step Three: Rinse your wig, going in the direction of your hair shaft.

Step Four: Apply a small amount of hair conditioner, do not add anything to the root of your wig. Allow it to sit for five minutes.

Step Five: Rinse thoroughly, pat dry, and allow to air dry.

Expert Advice to Maintain Your HD Lace Wig

Tip One: Avoid Extreme Amounts of Heat
Like normal hair, continued heat exposure will damage and dry the hair cuticles. If you do choose to use heat, use the lowest setting possible and use a heat Protestant.

Tip Two: Always Be Gentle
To avoid shedding and breakage from the lace base, be cautious when brushing your HD Lace Wig. Always start from your ends and work up the mid-shaft.

Tip Three: Store Your Wig Properly
When you aren’t wearing your wig, keep your wig put away. Try using a Styrofoam head, mannequin head, wig bracket, or the original package. Remember to store your wig when it is completely dry.


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