How Often And How To Wash My Human Hair Lace Wig?

wash lace wig

Whether you’re wearing your human hair lace front wig for a special occasion, keeping it clean is essential for longevity purposes. Rather you are new to the wig world, or just looking for a few solid tips on how to properly wash your human hair lace front wig, you came to the right place. This blog contains everything you need to know about how to properly wash and maintain your human hair lace wig.

Proper prep for washing your human hair lace wig

Be sure to use only care products that are designed specifically for lace frontal wigs. Using standard hair care products can ruin your wig.

Do not overuse your products

Do not wash or condition the hair in circular motion, this will cause tangles.

Create four sections.

Washing your lace wig

human hair lace front wig

Wash your human hair lace wig with cool to lukewarm water, we suggest the water be at room temperature or something a little warmer.

Apply dime sized drop or mild shampoo to your wet wig. Make sure you avoid the scalp area. Do not rub the hair or the scalp of your wig as if it were your natural hair.

Comb your shampoo throughout the hair from top to bottom, making sure to use downward strokes one section at a time.

Flip your wig over and gently apply a handful of soapy water. Do not scrub your cap either.

Again, rinse with cool to lukewarm water from top to bottom, and from the inside of the cap to remove any excess shampoo.

Gently squeeze excess water and blot hair with a towel. ( Do not rub your hair, this will cause friction and frizz ).

Conditioning your lace human hair wig

With the hair from your wig still damp, use a dime sized amount of conditioner and gradually work it evenly throughout the hair from tip to root.

Avoid applying your conditioner on the base of your wig, this loosens the knots on your wig cap, which will ultimately lead to shedding and hair loss.

Let the conditioner sit for five minutes. While sitting, take this time to gently detangle the hair.

Finger is best when it comes down to detangling your hair. However, you can opt for a wide tooth comb.

Rinse the conditioner with cool water thoroughly.

Dry your wig by gently squeezing the excess water, ensuring that all the conditioner has been removed. Grab your towel and lightly blot, do not run due to friction and breakage.

Drying your human hair wig

Gently blot your wig with a towel. Do not rub the hair, it will cause friction and frizzing.

Allow the wig to air dry naturally. Drying your wig wig with a blow dryer, this can dry it out and damage the hair.

When using hot tools to reuse a low heat setting and use heat protective spray.

How often should I wash my lace wig?

wash lace wig

A lot of women ask “ can I wash my lace wig with this”? Or “How often should my lace wig be washed”? So I am here to answer all the questions you may have when it comes down to washing your lace wig.

The easiest way to figure out how often you wash your hair, and what prompts you to wash it more frequently or less frequently.

How often you wash your lace wig really depends on a number of factors:

Are you using adhesive glue and what type of adhesive glue?

What activities are you undertaking?

How often are you wearing your lace wig?

How often do you use styling products on your lace wig?

Do you have a lot of hair? (Length, density, or even both)

If you wear your lace wig daily, then it should be washed at a minimum, every two weeks.

Your lace wig should also be washed at least every two weeks if you wear your wig everyday and you are experience hair growth underneath.

If you wear your wig daily and use styling products, then we suggest washing your lace wig once a week.

How often should I wash my lace wig if I play sports or workout daily?

If you participate in physical activities daily and your perspire heavily, we do suggest that you wash your LACE after each activity and workout. If a “ regular wash” is absolutely needed, we suggest a co wash or rinsing the hair with a dime size amount to shampoo.

Do I need to wash my lace wig after the beach or after swimming?

You should wash your lace wig immediately after going for a swim, whether in a chlorinated pool or salt water. When dealing with these types of chemicals it is best to choose a clarifying shampoo as these are designed to remove salts and chlorine.

More wig care tips

Use hot air sparingly when drying your wig, it is much safer to let them air dry.

Do not shower with your lace wig on. We know it seems like the ultimate time saver, but the heat from the water can be damaging to the netting and will break down the bonds of the hair to the cap.

Wig washing takes a little time, so set some time aside to make sure you are detangling, washing, and conditioning your wig properly.

Remember to take care of your natural hair underneath. Take a day or two off to provide relief for your scalp and hair.

Washing your lace wig is important

human hair lace wig

When you properly clean your lace wigs your restore the luster of your wig when you use the proper shampoos, conditioners, and techniques! These techniques extend the lifespan of your lace wig exceeding five months when properly taken care of. Who doesn’t want wig longevity, body and bounce? We know it may seem like a lot to take in, but the more you get used to your wig maintenance routine it will become second nature.

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