9 Tips Virgin Hair Marketing- Grow Up Your Hair Business

virgin hair business

Virgin hair business is just like any other business today. There are many new and different marketing strategies that should be used by people who are in the virgin hair business to grow their businesses. It is important to ensure you keep up with the current trends as a business person in the hair business. This ensures that you remain competitive and even gives you a chance to further grow your hair business. Here are some of the tips to help you further grow your virgin hair business;

1. Create your own website

Many people usually prefer to advertise and market their products on other people’s websites and pages even though it is a little dangerous. It is important that you establish your own website through which you will be able to market your virgin products easily. When you are creating your website, you can hire the services of website developers in order to create an attractive website for your products. Ensure that the website you create is straightforward and clean without any flashy colors. This ensures that there are no distractions from your products.

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You can choose the one you like, we do recommend Shopify, because it is very easy and friendly for beginners.

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2. Use Facebook

Facebook is the leading social media platform. This is because it has been there for a longer period than all other platforms. You can either use your personal Facebook page, create an independent page for marketing or use the Facebook marketplace. You can post few promos on your personal page, because you already have friends and followers. On the business page, you can post long promos all through the day, videos and even tips that are related to your virgin hair. The Facebook marketplace is a site where you can post your virgin hair and hair products. After posting, you are able to easily communicate with potential buyers that may be in your area.


3. Instagram

This is also one of the best places to post and advertise your virgin hair and hair products. This is because it is mainly used by young people that are the largest group of virgin hair consumers. Virgin hair marketing also requires a lot of visual aids to the clients. On the page you create on Instagram, you can share promos and post pictures of the virgin hair and hair products you sell. You can also post the pictures of the clients you have sold the hair to and how it looks on them. This helps in attracting potential clients. However, ensure that you diversify the pictures and videos you post on the Instagram page to prevent boredom.


4. YouTube

After posting your products on your social media pages, you can also include YouTube links for your viewers to watch tutorials, tips, and even hair events you attend. If you do not have a good quality camera or a microphone, you can start by using your smartphone. As you advance you can get a better quality recording system. You can create tutorials on how to fix the hair, care, and maintenance. You can also post videos of the hair events you attend to further endorse your own brand to your viewers. There may already be existing videos on virgin hair tips, but this should not hold you back. Ensure that the videos you upload are interesting, engaging, and educative.


5. Create a contest

Contests on social media are becoming very popular and they attract a lot of attention. You can be able to make use of this attention to market your virgin hair and virgin hair products. You can post a picture or a video on whichever social media platform you are into and attach some contest rules. You can tell your audience to post a picture of themselves in virgin hair, tag their friends and even share the picture to stand a chance to win. This way, you will not only be giving giveaways but getting a lot of publicity from the attention and contest. However, it is important to ensure you are conversant with the regulations in place concerning the contests before you start them. This way, you are not at risk of being blocked from using your account. Also, ensure that you post the contest on one social media platform at a time.

6. Collaborate with bloggers

There are many bloggers out there today and you can use them to help market and grow your virgin hair and hair products. You can do this by writing a guest blog or post on your own website and even get their links on your website This way, you are also able to get access to the audience the blogger has and broaden your market margin. On the blog, you can include things like tips for taking care of virgin hair among other things. This ensures that your post is both interesting and educative to the audience so that they are not bored.


7. Email marketing

In addition to building your social media platforms, you should also invest in email marketing. This is because email marketing is set to outrun the use of social media for marketing. Many of the companies that have a strong email marketing system get 30% of their total sales due to the email marketing. You can also get more customers by linking your website with the email service provider. This way, you can create newsletters and send them to all the visitors who visit your site. It is important to note that the newsletters would contain generally more information on the products than promotion and sales. This way, they are more relevant and informative to the potential customers.

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8. Make contributions to hair forums

There are very many forums about virgin hair today. It is important that you share your knowledge on these forums to gain publicity. You can do this by answering questions asked and engage in the conversation on the forums. However, do not try to market your products in these forums because the older participating members may not take it kindly. Unless you are offered the opportunity to post your link or any other information about your products on the forum, refrain completely from the urge.

9. Sponsor a hair event

There are so many events that are held every now and then to showcase hair and hair products. You may be starting and therefore not have enough money to hold one yourself. However, you can contribute to one and become a sponsor. This is one of the most effective methods of marketing. This is because your name and products may be mentioned in the event helping you gain publicity among the people in the event. However, ensure the deal is beneficial in exposing you to the audience in an effective way.


You may be intending to venture into the virgin hair business or you may be an already participating player in the industry. The above tips are important to help you in further marketing your virgin hair and hair products to ensure you are competitive in the market.

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