How To Take Care Of Your Mink Brazilian Body Wave

take care of mink Brazilian body wave

Maintenance Tips on Brazilian Body Wave Hair Weave

To build up a confident fascinating bright-new shining look requires careful daily care of your hair extensions. Professional instructions are as follows, except for synthetic, glued-in hair or braided hair, which include washing, conditioning, brushing, styling, caring guides on maintaining a healthy, shiny and natural look of your mink Brazilian body wave hair.

How to Wash

First of all, remember to use a paddle brush to comb your hair from hair root to the hair bottom to make sure all the hair strands are flowing down naturally, which may unwind the waves anyway, however, with the help of a curling iron or bendy rollers, the original wave can be brought back. Make sure to do conditioning treatment before shampoo to obtain a hair with more moisture.

How to Condition

After the hair has been totally rinsed, apply abundant moisturizing conditioner on it, and then use a wide-toothed comb to distribute conditioner evenly. This can be used for co-washing. And also goes for deep conditioner hair every 2-3 weeks.

How to Brush

A wide tooth paddle brush is a must for your daily maintenance of your hair; just keep in mind to comb it from the middle of the hair to the end part, which can reduce the chances of tangling and shedding thus providing a natural and amazing shape.

How to Style

Apply a moisturizing leave-in conditioner and/or a nickel size amount of argan oil on wet hair. Here I recommend air drying, when it’s inaccessible, you can also use a hair dryer with a large wide-toothed comb attachment with a heat protectant and style to any pattern you like. For more moisture look, some argan oil can be quite helpful. Remember! Don’t apply too much conditioner or oil to your hair to prolong its lifespan.

How to Care at Night

If you don't want to wake up with a bombed hair in the next morning, make sure to tie your Mink Brazilian hair Body Wave into Bantu knots and cover it with a satin cap or wrapping it up, which will effectively avoid damage and breakage of your hair.

Treat Your Brazilian Hair Weaves as Your Own Hair

Just treat your hair weave like your own hair, you love it, so you brush and wash it with utmost care and use professional shampoo to prolong its service life. Your favored conditioner for extra softness and protection of your hair is also ok.

How to Maintain Your Body Wave Hair with Lace Closure

Don’t keep anxious and frustrated about your hair look and stop combing your hair from the top to the bottom all the time, just leave it alone like your own hair, it will look more natural. But remember, the virgin hair cuticles are not attached to your hair scalp in fact, so they can’t get the nutrients the latter gives to your real hair.

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