How To Take Care Of My Lace Closure Or Frontal After Install

take care of lace frontal closure

Anyone can flip into a wig but not everyone can pull it off with a lace closure or lace frontal.

When it comes to buying and maintaining your closure, always do your research. It is true that most women have serious skills when buying the best hair weave, but not all know how to make them last for a long time.

In fact, maintenance starts right from the installation day. Use a satin or silk scarf to tie your hair down so it does not get tangled. Make sure you don’t scratch or rub intensely so as to protect your hairpiece. You’re definitely going to lose hair if you scratch your head frequently. Comb your frontals and closures gently as hard brushing leads to excessive shedding.

Not all hair care products are made equal. That’s why each individual weave may require different kind of maintenance. But there are some basic tips that you must follow, whether you have a lace closure or a frontal installed.

Wash your hair piece gently. Never wash or rinse your weave rigorously. Rub your fingers through your hair in a downward motion. It is imperative that you wash and condition your weave periodically. This will protect your lace base and keep it clean. Choose a good-quality shampoo and conditioner that is exclusively manufactured to wash and clean hair weaves.

Remove adhesive or glue from the lace. Remember to comb out any tangles before putting it in the water.

Add a cup of wig shampoo to a sink which is half full of water. Never use hot water on lace closures.

Soak your closure in the water and move it around in the water. Be very gentle and dip the closure up and down a few times before letting it soak for some time.

Rinse off all the shampoo with a light stream of water. Wash your sink so you can prepare it for conditioning your weave.

Add some conditioner to a sink half full of water.

Check the label of your conditioner to know how much time you should let your weave sit in the conditioner mixture. Wavy and curly closures need more time than straight weaves.

Move the closure in and out of the water. Then place it on a towel and fold part of it over the closure. Gently pat the weave dry.

Place it on a closure head to air dry your weave. You can also let it dry inside without a fan or outside with slight wind.

Use a high quality knot sealant to protect shedding.

Hair experts always suggest that you treat your lace closures and frontals like real scalp. The products are as delicate as your scalp and there should be no intense rubbing, scratching or combing.

Never use bad or low-quality products. Buying the best products is essential to prolong the life of your weave. Always buy hair care products that are free of any sulfate content. Hair care products that contain effective and safe ingredients keep your weave flawless and well hydrated.

Protect your hair from extreme temperatures. Intense heat can severely damage your lace closure or frontal. Avoid using hot irons or getting too close to a fireplace.

Make sure you don’t go to bed with a wet weave or else you will experience a musty and matting smell.

Bottom Line

Always make sure that a skilled and expert hair stylist who specializes in lace mounting installs your lace closure. A well installed hair closure gives you a good starting point. If you get a good installation job, maintaining your weave becomes much easier.

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