Are T-Part Wigs Worth the Hype? Everything You Need to Know.

what is a T-part wig

Living in the age of fashion and innovation, beauty standards are also rising over time. Moreover, women are more concerned about trending styles and beauty tips. Hair extensions are common nowadays after hair perms, keratin treatments, and other hair treatments. T-part wigs are everything these days, especially for women deeply concerned about their hair.

Brief History and Fashion Trend Era

Wigs have been famous for an extended period. Back in the 18th century, they gained popularity. Since then, it has been getting famous, especially among the people who suffer premature hair loss due to any chronic disease or other reason.

Over time, the purpose of wearing a wig changed, and lawyers, actors, and models also wore them later. In addition, wigs contribute to physical appearance. So, why not highlight your beauty in the right way with the T-part wigs?

For the women who like to add change to their personalities now and then but don't want to go short hair or like hair extensions, wigs are the right solution. The T lace wig is the latest wig introduced in the market recently.

Let's discuss the features of a quality wig and style it according to your personality.

What is a T-part Wig?

A T-part wig is one designed in a "T" shape. The wig is placed on the head at the portion where the hair parts and the front part of the hair goes along the face, forming the letter T, hence named T-part.

Here are four different wig lengths:

  •      Short
  •      Medium
  •      long
  •      Extra-long

In T lace wig 13x4, 13 inches of the lace cover from one ear to the other on the edges while 4 inches lace in the middle of the parting area. It comes in various sizes, including 13x4x1 inch, 16x4x1 inch, and others. The parting length ranges from 4 inches to 6 inches.

Except for the T part, the whole wig contains hair bundles that are 100% natural human hair, soft, bouncy, accessible, and tangle. Hair strands with hand-tied natural hair sew the middle part and edges. T part lace front wig is similar to other lace wigs, but this type of wig can be divided into middle parts only. On the other hand, other wigs can be easily styled middle part, sideways, three parts, and more for various hairstyles.

Features of a T-part Lace Wig

Quality wig consists of natural human hair as the wigs made from human hair suffer from high temperature for curling, hair straightening, and even coloring. Besides the fact that the wigs make dressing up a breeze, there are versatile hairstyle choices by opting for the right hair wig.

How do you know which type of wig is most realistic and better for your personality?

Further, hair color, texture, length, brand, and design all these features help you while choosing a wig. Choose a wig according to your style and convenience.
So, what should you look for when buying a trendy wig? Look deeply into the features of a wig while making a purchase.


Size is one of the features of a wig that can't be neglected. Even though you are aware of the technicalities and structures of the wig, you must be familiar with the correct size.

T-part lace wigs with the frontal wig come in different measurements like a


and whole a lot.

Following the correct measurement according to your head size is overwhelming, but it has a lot more to do with the capability of a wig.


The texture of a wig counts. Amazingly, the T lace wig contains a natural hairline in front of the T section. Moreover, the T-part lace wigs are Remy or virgin human hair, so they are easy to style.

You can also manage the wig like your own hair by washing, drying, and coloring it.


Light in weight on pocket and head as well. The wigs containing native hair are soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear for long. Moreover, these are easy to use. All you need is to get your hands on a quality wig, cut off the extra lace edge, and comb naturally.

The whole process only takes a few minutes, and it is pretty easy for beginners.


Full lace wigs are comparatively expensive compared to the T-part lace wigs, and it is a great alternative to beat the price of a full lace wig. Not because it is cheap means that the wig isn't good in quality. It is ideal if you get it from the right store and believe it will look gorgeous and last long.

How To Choose the Right T-part wig

When choosing a wig, it is essential to check for all the characteristics you are looking for. For instance, pay attention to the size of the hair wig. Already have naturally short hair? Rock an impressive look with a lengthy hair wig. Likewise, look deeply into the hair texture, shade, and other factors before making the final decision.

Check the hair texture you want:

It is essential to check the hair wig quality before making the final decision. Although wigs contain natural human hair, their quality may vary depending on their proportion. Research thoroughly in the texture you want because that can last for years. Moreover, a quality wig will serve you on various occasions. So, it is better to go for natural human hair wigs than synthetic wigs as they can't be used many times.

Choose the right size:

Generally, the wigs come in standard sizes, but you can also find other sizes. Now, the wigs are also available with adjustable bands. Regardless of the head size, you can easily adjust the size that fits the best. Furthermore, manufacturers now offer custom services even with some special sizes. Personal custom wigs are also getting popularity with time.

The density of the wig:

The standard hair density of a regular wig is 120%. It is known as a natural or medium-density wig ideal for hair styling. Moreover, this density is equivalent to the natural human hair density that ranges from 100% to 120%. Explore specific hair densities of the wigs to pull out a change in your hair. Many women with thin hair may like pulling out dense hair with slightly higher average human hair density.

How to Style A T-part Wig

Hair fashion comes with new and trendy hairstyles. T part lace wigs provide a better option to style your hair if you are impatient about the growth of your hair or don't want to get short.

Moreover, high flexibility and versatility apply to any hairstyle. Use scissors to cut the T-part lace and apply the perimeter wig glue.

Create unique hairstyles from loose hair buns to braids with straight, crimp, and curls. Make new hairstyles with the wig that you imagine.

Go sleek with all-black, or pin the hair in a bun. Apart from this, tie the wig in a low ponytail to get the perfect look for your office. Styling with this type of wig is easy because it contains three combs (left, right, and back) with a flexible strap, just like the other wigs. 13x6 offers incredible styling choices as you are free to style the wig with deep side parting.

In addition, there are other T-part wig styles such as straight wig, curly T part wig, body T part wig, highlight T lace wig, T-part bob wig, balayage T part wig, and many more.

All about the Cost of T-Part Wigs

The costs of artificial hair extensions vary according to the length, texture, and size. A high-quality human hair wig ranges anywhere between $400 and $5000 depending upon what material, structure, and texture of hair you want. T-part wigs cost less than a 5x5 closure wig and are higher than all machine-made ones.

Pros & Cons:

With every type of hair extension, there come a few pros and cons. Here are a few:


  • It is cheaper than other lace frontal wigs—a quality product within your budget.
  • Easy to style as there is no need to add any other part of the wigs for fixing a T-part wig.
  • The wig is readily available to wear just right out of the box. Convenient to use.
  • Good quality at an affordable price. Lasts longer than any other wig available in the market.


  • The T-part line Sis is fixed, so you can't change where the lace and T section is parted.
  • Some skin tones may require makeup on the front face to blend with the skin tone.
  • Front lace can trigger sensitive skin.


Can you do a side part with a T-part wig?

Yes. Just like the other hair wigs, parting style is familiar with this type of wig. Style the wig as straight down or to either side with the help of a T lace design.
What is the significant difference between a T-part and closure wig?
A closure wig is not a real wig. It only gives you a natural hairline only for the hairline space. They have limited styling options. On the other hand, a T-part closure wig is a natural wig that is easy to carry.

How long does a T-part wig last?

A T-part wig made with natural human hair lasts from six months to a year—a perfect styling choice for the ladies who love to carry their hair with great care.


Can you dye a T-part wig?

In such wigs, the part line is fixed. Despite this, you can style the wig in a variety of options. There is no harm in dying the wig according to your skin tone, style, and personality.


What's inside a T-part wig?

The T-part wig inside contains natural hair strands with hair combs that fit easily. It gives a natural appearance just like other expensive wigs, which are machine-made.

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