A Beginners Guide To Starting Your Own Virgin Hair Business

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Have you been tossing around the idea of starting your own hair business for a while and haven’t had the guts to pull the trigger? It’s time to take control!

The hair care industry is a 50 billion dollar industry and is projected to grow into over 100 billion dollar industry by 2024. If there’s one thing economists are predicting it is that the global market is dramatically changing.

Now is the perfect time to step out and make a name for yourself. Luckily, we are here to help you do it.

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 tips for getting your hair business off the ground.

Products and Clients

Know Your Niche

You’ve finally made the decision to become a female entrepreneur! Before you quit your day job and throw caution to the wind, we need to figure out what exactly your product will be.

The virgin hair business is a massive umbrella filled with all different hair types and textures. Eventually you may have hundreds of different options to offer clients, but for now, pick a few textures and styles you would like to jumpstart your business.

Some of the most popular types are currently Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian. You can always start with these types and gradually diversify your products based on your clientele’s demands.

Become an Expert on Your Clientele

In order for you to really begin to generate and sustain your profits you will need to become an expert on your client base. Of course, learning what your clients love will take some time, but there a few ways to have a strong start.

Instead of purchasing a massive order with a few hair types, get smaller samples of various types and prices.

Keep a list of all your clients and their purchases. In the beginning, you will want to follow up with them after purchases. This will not only tell you which hair types you need to purchase more or of, it will also encourage you to build relationships with clients which will also promote customer loyalty.

Finding Vendors

Hair Vendor List

There are many virgin hair companies that rely on Hair Vendor Lists in order to find new reliable vendors. They are basically collections of hair vendors that will sell you products wholesale.

It’s important to note that Hair Vendor Lists aren’t free, so it will require you to make an investment in your company. Also, there is no guarantee that the vendors on your list produce better quality product than a vendor you might find doing a quick google search.

In short, do your research and choose wisely.

Local Factory

Currently, China is the number one location in the world for hair extensions! Which makes it a perfect place to start.

Before you buy a ticket make sure you do some research. Narrow your visit to a few cities that have various factories so you can best maximize your time there. Reach out to owners, let them know your story, and figure out the best time to tour the factory and talk with the distributors in person.

Be sure to bring tons of questions, business cards, and any potential investors.

Social Media and You

Find Vendors Through Social Media Platforms

Instead of listlessly scrolling and liking start using social media to grow your business.

Your first top apps should be YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Virgin Hair Care Vendors will create accounts on these platforms to showcase their products. Top-tier vendors will even include tutorials with popular influencers you can even share with your clients.

Be aware of the “Influencers”

Many of your potential clients heavily rely on social media influencers for everything concerning hair care. They are constantly producing content on everything from installation to daily maintenance.

However, you are trying to graduate from client to business owner; which requires you to think differently about influencers. Remember, that companies often pay influencers for product reviews, which could greatly influence the reviewer’s honesty.

While influencers will be a great tool for you to share information on your products to your clients, they are not always the most reliable source for finding out if a virgin hair vendors product is actually good quality.

Check the Comment Section

The comment section of any web page can be a little like the Wild Wild West, but it is the perfect place to find out the truth about a product.

Scroll through the comment section to get a more accurate picture of the quality of the hair. You can even take it one step further and privately message reviewers so you can learn more about the product before purchasing it wholesale.

Our favorite question to ask: How did you like the hair after a few washes?

Let’s be honest! We all know that hair can look and feel amazing out of the package and turn into a birds nest after a wash. These are the virgin hair extensions you want to avoid so you can keep your clients happy!

Vendor Credibility

Carefully Check Each Vendors Website

A virgin hair vendor’s website can tell you a lot about the quality of their product. Read through the website and pay close attention to the details. If you can pick out spelling and grammar mistakes, then you may want to think twice before working with them.

You want a professional company that will produce top-notch products. Spelling and grammar mistakes are sloppy and unprofessional. If they cannot take the time to edit their website, chances are that they are not taking the time to thoroughly check their hair for quality control.

Look for Longevity

The hair industry is booming and hair factories are popping up all over to grab a piece of the pie.

While regulations are still catching up to the exponentially growing industry you want to do your homework. The longer the company has been around, the greater possibility that they are a reputable supplier. Remember, just because you are just starting out, does not mean you need to work with inexperienced vendors.

If you can’t easily figure out how long they have been in business from their website, give them a call. You can even check the date they registered for their website or domain name online.

You get what you pay for

You are about to start your own business! One of the first lessons you need to know as an entrepreneur is, “You get what you pay for.”

While you are searching for a virgin hair vendor you will come across a wide range of wholesale prices. Pretty quickly, you will notice prices that are dirt cheap. While that may seem like a great bargain, there is definitely a correlation between cost and quality.

Not to mention, there’s a fine line between being frugal and being cheap. Do your research to figure out the average price range of the hair you are interested in and then approach vendors if they at least fall in the medium price range.

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