Are Sew-ins Becoming Extinct? Top Reasons Everyone Is Making The Switch To Wigs

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One question that has been on every person’s mind is “Are Sew-ins becoming extinct?” With so many protective hairstyles that are out right now, it’s great pretty hard for Sew-ins to keep up. You have crochet braids, Bantu Knots, individuals, and less not forget everyone’s proud favorite.. Wigs! Don’t get me wrong we all love a good sew-in now and then; they help give us volume, length, and versatility. But we are living in a day in age where people want hairstyles that are quick, convenient, and not costly. And although are so many great things we love about sew-ins as well as, we are just seeing a huge fall in their use across the world. Which brings us back to that question? Is Sew-ins becoming extinct? What are some of the reasons for its sudden decline? Are human hair lace wigs taking over ? Well, check this blog post and find out all the tea before anyone else.

First, what is a sew-in?

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For some of our new friends joining us, we think it’s best to first break down what a Sew-in is in the first place. So, Sew-ins are a type of protective hairstyle where the client’s natural hair is usually in cornrows straight back or twisted down flat on top of their head. Then, weave which usually comes in the form of tracks are then sewed onto the braids to give the illusion of long, natural, beautiful tresses. It may sound painful be we assure you the process is not only quick but pain free. It takes anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour to braid the client’s natural hair, and about 2 to 3 hours to install the weave onto the hair. So now that we know the basics of what a sew-in has to offer we can get into some of the reasons they are on a recent decline.

Celebrity wig switch ups

As much as we hate to admit it, most of the time trends start and stop due to celebrity influence. Back in the day the main thing that was important was having a signature look. You have Marilyn Monroe who was known for her bombshell blonde hair, to Halle Berry’s sexy and edgy pixie cut. Now a day’s things have changed, what matters is how many hairstyles you try within one week, and unfortunately sew-ins do not give you that option. Every second when you turn on your television you will see another star with a different but daring hairstyle, and in a way we all would like to be able to do the same thing. Just because most celebrities have money doesn’t mean they are going to spend it on a sew-in that they will probably take out in the next few days. This problem is where Wigs come in handy. We now have the perfect opportunity to take our hairstyles on and off with a snap of a finger. I myself have an extensive wig collection that I am very proud of, and it’s a great feeling knowing that I can wake up one day and decide if I want to be a curly sue or straight hair goddess. In some ironic way, having the ability to switch your hairstyle up makes you feel like a star-studded celebrity.

Natural hair is on the rise

Another reason we are slowly saying goodbye to our sew-ins is due to the rise of women wearing their natural hair. One thing we are all noticing within the past few years is that African American women love embracing their natural curls. Now this trend wasn’t always that way, for a long time the standard of beauty was straight and controllable hair. And even though thousands of hairs care companies are going out of their way to create weaves that resemble the texture of African American hair it’s a whole different feeling of rocking the curls coming out of your own head. Another point is that as women we want to make sure our natural hair is the best condition, so even if we’re not wearing it out we want it to be protected. Unfortunately, Sew-ins can create tons of damage on natural hair. To right of tension can cause your edges to pull back, strands to fall out, or even worst bald spots can occur. Tight hairstyles can negate the whole purpose of protecting your beautiful tresses, and thus again this is where wigs come in and save the day. Since your natural curls are braided down it’s easy to place a wig over it without having to use a needle and thread to sew it down. When you’re ready to take off the wig your natural hair is readily accessible to oil down and keep well protected.

The advancement of wigs have skyrocketed

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10 years ago, the closest thing we could get to find a wig is the one your grandmother tells you to get out of her closet. Now, the advancement of Lace Frontal a is so amazing that you it’s looks identical to that of natural hair. You can find a wig with baby hairs, faux locks, braids, even 360 wigs that can be put into ponytails. The fact of the matter is with so many wigs that are out right now who really wants to be tied down with having a sew-in? It’s nice to see that wigs are becoming the next greatest protective hairstyle. Imagine how great the feeling of taking off your wig after a long day and headed to straight to shampoo and condition your natural hair. You have the option of really getting down in there and cleaning the scalp of any dirt, or debris that can sometimes be hard to reach when you have a sew-in installed on your hair. It’s safe to say that wigs are the future and the advancements can only get better from here.

The cost and labor of sew-ins are high compared to wigs

One of the Last reasons Sew-ins are in the run of becoming extinct is due to the cost of having them done. First, do you know how hard it is to find a great stylist that does sew-ins? I’ll answer that one for you. Extremely difficult. Most stylists have not gone to cosmetology school for sew-ins and must learn it themselves. The prices are simple but for someone who isn’t trained there are plenty of things that could go wrong. On the other hand, some stylists that are trained will charge you a pretty penny to have a sew-in installed. The price typically ranges anywhere from $100 to $500 and honestly if you’re paying that price you’ll want to have that hairstyle in for a very long time. It seems like you’ll either have two choices when it comes down to getting a sew-in, cheap cost but bad quality or great quality and expensive cost. To cut out both of those options purchasing a lace frontal wig may be very beneficial.

Will sew-ins be extinct in the near future?

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Well as you can see with the natural hair trend on the rise, advancements in Hair Wigs, and the ever evolution of celebrity wig switches I’m not sure if Sew-ins stand a chance. But to say that sew-ins will become extinct is a bit of an overstatement. The trend of this style is on a steady decline, but if there are people who know how to install weave in a sew-in method it will forever be around. With the correct care sew-ins are just as beautiful as any other hairstyle out there. And only time will show us for sure how long this protective hairstyle will be in store, but in the meantime we want to know your thoughts! Do you think sew-ins will last the end of time? Tell us what you think in the comment section down below.

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