Quick Weave Guide: What It Is, Installation, And Advantage

quick weave guide

A weave adds extra body and length to your own hair, and it’s one of the best ways to style virgin hair. You can choose either to install a sew-in or do a quick weave. If you’re looking for the fastest and more affordable option, we recommend installing a quick weave. You can safely do this at home with the right materials, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about quick weaves and how to install them for best results.

What Is a Quick Weave?

A quick weave is a hairstyle mostly done on virgin hair that involves bonding hair extensions to a person’s own hair. This can be done with a protective cap and a liquid-gel formula. The liquid gel will flatten your hair allowing the weave hair to be glued in place on top of it.

It may sound terrifying at first, but it’s a safe process if you learn how to do it right. We’re going to discuss the installation steps in more depth below.

What Will I Need for a Quick Weave?

Make sure you have the following products at your disposal for a successful installation:

  • One pack of weft extensions. It would be best to purchase real human virgin hair.

  • Hair scissors.

  • Hair ties.

  • Flat iron.

  • Blow dryer.

  • Towel.

  • Bonding Glue.

  • Comb or brush.

  • Weave cap.

How to Install a Quick Weave

Now that you have all the materials you need at hand, let’s get started with the actual process.

  1. Prepare Your Hair. First off, you should know that for best results it’s recommended to use hair extensions close to the texture of your natural hair. Your hair also needs to be clean and dry.

  2. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s start by creating a part in the hair to form a rectangle. You’ll be installing the wefts below this part.

  3. Applying the Glue. Form a U-shape with your weft. Afterward, cut it to the length of the of the rectangle shape you created earlier. It’s now time to apply the binding glue which you can soften using a hairdryer.

  4. Applying the Weft. When you’re applying the weft, make sure the glue faces towards your natural hair. Equally important: Do not apply the weft directly to the scalp.

  5. After the glue has dried, tug the hair to make sure it’s attached to your natural hair.

  6. Comb your hair so that the weft blends with your natural hair.

Advantage of a Quick Weave

  1. Low Maintenance

    If you don’t have time to style your hair every morning, a quick weave is the perfect, low-maintenance hairstyle for your needs. What’s more, wefts are also easy to care for!

  2. No Commitment

    Both sew-in weaves and quick weaves are designed to be worn for only a short amount of time. Unlike a haircut which may not be pleased but cannot opposite it, a weave is something you can remove at any time. It’s perfect for women who like to style their hair differently every few weeks!

  3. Allow for Experimentation

    If you’re not sure how a certain color or cut will look on you and you’re afraid of damaging your natural hair, you can always experiment with your hair weaves first!

  4. Less Damage to Your Natural Hair

    Since you won’t be styling your own hair with styling products containing harsh chemicals, you won’t be damaging your natural hair. And the same goes for thermal tools such as flat irons which can have devastating effects on natural hair if used too often. Fortunately, you can experiment all you want on your hair wefts without having to worry about all that!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that takes just a few minutes to create and little effort, a quick weave is the perfect solution. We hope our guide has helped you with everything you need to know about quick weaves and their installation. Be sure to let us know how your hairstyle turned out!

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