What Questions To Ask Your Hair Supplier?

questions to ask hair supplier

In regards to the bundle deals and business packages, how long are the current prices good through? Are there frequent changes in the pricing?

We do not change the price frequently. We love our customers. We deeply know that It is not good to change the price. We can make sure that the price will be stable in next one year.

Do you all have enough inventory to keep your current distributors, vendor, and client’s needs met?

It is a good question. We have enough inventories to keep our customer” met. In our factory, we have over 200 workers; over 20,000 hair bundles can be produced. So please no worries for our inventory, your order will be shipped out less than 24 hours in the business day.

Have you had any issues with lice?

We do not have issues with lice. Because all Ballice hair products are under the steam processing in 12 hours. So there is no possible with lice issue.

What kind of relationships do you have with your current clients?

I think we have good relation with our current clients. We cannot make the all the customers are happy with our product. So we have wonderful return and refund policies to make the customer are satisfied. No reason returned and refund is our promise to our client.

Will you send me videos and pictures prior to my purchase that are in photo shopped?

We can send pictures to you if needed. We take pictures while shipping and keep it.

Will the hair return to natural pattern after washing and straightening?

The hair will return to natural pattern after washing. Ii you straightening the hair with flat iron, the natural pattern will lose.

Does the bundle come from one donor?

Sure, all our hair bundles come from single donor to make sure our hair is health and durable.

Is your hair from the donor directly, or from another supplier?

We have set the hair material purchase team in Indian and Burma to make sure our hair is form the donor directly.

How would you rate the consistency of hair texture?

We have technician in our factory to work on this part.

Is your hair measures stretched or is it true to length?

You have to stretch the hair while measure. And our hair is true to length. For example, we mark the hair length is 20 inch, the measurement will show 21 inch.

What is the best way to maintain and store the hair?

That is a great question. We do suggest that shampoo and condition the hair; hair can be store after the air dry.

For hair maintain, Please click following link.


Can the hair be colored, dyed, or bleached?

Since our hair is from single donor. So our hair healthy, it is free to color, dye and bleach.

Do you have personal relationships with customers? Do you have a high rate of clients who reorder frequently?

Yes we do have some personal relationships from our customer. We used to travel to US to meet our customer every year. We have met some customer in Atlanta, Huston and Dallas.. We have some high rate clients, who reorder frequently, please kindly be noticed that our mink Brazilian hair are very welcomed in US hair market. Honestly speaking, we got a lot customer because of mink Brazilian straight hair and Body wave. They are best seller in our store.

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