Tips For Matching Mink Brazilian Hair Weave With Your Hair Color

mink Brazilian hair weave

Many customers inquire about how to choose the color of mink Brazilian hair so as to match their own natural hair color. I’d like to say, that’s the point! It’s a delicate and careful task anyway. As you know, hair companies usually offer various hair shades to pick from, which still doesn’t make a point in leading a clear way for buyers to get appropriate colors to obtain a natural look. Here are several tips to help you out!

Choose a Color Either Slightly Lighter Or Darker

When choosing the color to match, do never intend to find the exact same match color which is impossible at any point. Hair bulks in virgin Hair Company often come from literally millions of different heads from all over the world, which determines the hair color can’t mingle with each other perfectly. So remember, don’t count on finding a color matching your own hair strand by strand. The best option is to choose a color either slightly lighter or darker than your own hair.

What’s Your Hair Color?

Before choosing a hair weave with proper color to match, you must first know what your hair color is. Find a place with abundant light or daylight preferably, then take a closer look at the bottom ends of several strands from your topmost hair layers (lighter than strands nearer to hair roots), what’s the color? Then choose the similar hair color. Your add-on tresses will lie under those hair layers, thus developing a better suited look.

A Color Chart is A Great Help

A color chart is a small piece of hair color sample with specified varying colors for customers to choose from quickly and precisely, which offers a great help in determining your hair color.

How Thick Is Your Hair

Your hair thickness is a point you shouldn’t underestimate which can add points to your final overall Brazilian wavy hair look. Then how thick is your hair? First, pull all your hair into a ponytail, then wrap the hair tie, if your hair requires more than three wraps, your hair may be a little thin, which needs to add more hair volume to match your hair shade.

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