Mink Brazilian Hair VS Indian Hair

mink Brazilian hair VS Indian hair

There are numerous textures and types of hairs in the world. And all of them require their unique add-on. You may wonder that depending on the texture which one will suit you the best depending on their distinct textures. There are numerous types of hairs available in the market. Some of them are:

1) Brazilian Hair

2) Indian Hair

3) Peruvian Hair

4) Malaysian Hair

5) Cambodian Hair

6) Mongolian Hair

7) Eurasian Hair

8) Burmese Hair

9) Filipino Hair

As you can see there are a ton of options available in the market but before making your choice to get them you need to be little educated. There are many companies in the market which tells its users that from where their hair is from.

Mink Brazilian Hair and Indian Hair

Mink Brazilian hair is soft, thick, dense, very durable and more humidity resistant than Indian hair. This is the main reason for its durability. It is most counterfeited hair in the market. Though these have limitations in terms of movement and styling you can suit this to any style like straight, wavy and curly. This hair holds tighter curls which make them stiff and very tough to flat iron. Apart from this Indian hairs are most versatile and easily available in the market. These are dense, naturally airy, tangle-resistant, light, bouncy and naturally of dark brown shades. These are at the top in quality in the market. These properties make these hairs to be easily curled and styled. These also blend with most hair textures and can be maintained with least efforts and minimal products. Indian hairs are legitimately gathered from ethical sources.

There is a common claim in a market that mink Brazilian hair is superior to Indian hair as they are less prone to frizz. But it is wrong, all hairs can be prone to frizz. Healthy hair has shingle-like layers that keep it tightly together, it keeps it hydrated and out of moisture. If these layers are damaged it will allow too much moisture which will turn into giving you a frizzy bad hair day. All kinds of hair need essential care like moisturizing. This care helps them to stay strong and healthy. Though Brazilian hair can hold tight curls making it less bouncy, we prefer 100% Virgin Indian Remy Hair. These are naturally bouncy, airy and light. Effortless movement with dreamy curls, waves, and natural waves can also be given using a chemical-free Steam Perming process.

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