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lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are extremely popular among our many consumers around the world. Lace front wigs got their name from the fact that the sheer lace that is located in the front part of the wig, which lies on the forehead. They are also popular due to the fact that the hairline appears natural in front, unlike non-lace front wigs. Have questions and need some answers, no worries you in the right place, keep reading.

What is a lace front wig?

lace frontal wig

When many people think of “lace” front wigs, they think of the lace material from clothing. However, the lace from lace frontals are a sheer mesh that hairs are tied individually to. A lace front wig has a sheer piece of mesh located in the front of the wig, hence the name “lace front”.

Lace front wigs can be pulled back or tucked behind your ears without the cap being detected.

Do lace front wigs damage your hair?

Wigs and lace fronts do not cause damage along the hairline. Thinning hair or patches occur with improper application, the removal of lace front, and poor edge maintenance when wearing extensions and wigs. Your hair contains hairs that are not as flexible as the rest of your hairs. This, leaving your edges vulnerable and weaken when adhesives are applied incorrectly or failing to use adhesive removal.

Why people choose a lace front wig?

Everyone is not blessed with great ealthy hair. For women, hair is extremely important and adds to their beauty and makes them feel prettier. Lace front wigs have been in the hair industry for a very long time. However, unlike today in earlier times people wore wigs only to hide their skin conditions and baldness. Today many people wear wigs as a fashion accessory.

What is useful for the lace on a lace front wig?

When lace front wigs have excess lace that is still attatched. In order for for your lace on your lace front wig to look natural you will have to remove all the lace with sharp scissors right on the hairline.

Different types of lace wigs

Lace front

Lace front wigs are constructed with lace in the front and wefts in the back of the wig hence lace front wig.

360 lace wig

This wig has lace all around and usually meets people's need for a deep part. They are most convenient when you are looking to do a high ponytail or bun on the wig.

Full lace wig or clueless full lace wig

This wig is completely hand tied, with no weft on the cap construction.

However, there are some features in common for all three of these wigs. They usually comb with little combs, elastic and adjustable strap, making it easier for people to wear without applying glue.

How to install your lace front wig?

install lace front wig

Items needed:

Got2B gel, freeze hairspray, glue or tape

Stocking cap similar to your hair color

Rat tail hair comb


Blow dryer



Step One: Braid hair in desired braid pattern

Step Two: Place stocking cap low, covering all your hair and ears. Doing so is to protect your hair, edged, and skin from the glue or other products you are using.

Step Three: Apply gel around your hairline. Make sure the gel is applied to your sideburns to avoid lifting.

Step Four: Place your stocking cap back done over your ears, and use your rat tail comb or finger to adhere the gel unto your hairline.

Step Five: Spray your hairspray on top of your cap where your wig will be placed. Make your hairspray tacky with a blow-dryer and speed the process up.

Step Six: Cut the stocking cap along the hairline slowly. Apply a little more gel so your cap won’t roll, tack it down using your rat tail comb and blows dry it until it’s completely dry.

Step Seven: Apply your foundation all of the edge. This is to make your hairline seamless as possible.

Step Eight: Apply your wig, adjusting the wig until it’s placed where you want it.

Step Nine: Cut your lace to match your natural hairline. Do not cut in a straight line, cut in a staggered line to create a more natural cut and hairline.

Step Ten: Cut your lace and apply the gel using your fingers or rat tail while blow drying it.

What is a lifespan as a lace front wig?

Although we do not recommend this time spend, you can wear lace front wigs for up to six weeks with a long term adhesive. The length of time a lace front can be left on is dependent on what methods is used, daily activities, and products used to apply the wig, as well as your skin.

Benefits of wearing a lace front wig

Lace front wigs are more natural looking on the market today

The lace front is dyed to match your skin tone, giving the base of the wig the same color as your scalp.

The lace material easily blends with your skin and is hardly visible or noticeable

Help cover baldness due to certain health conditions and aging

Covers grey hair

Help boost confidence for people with hairless

Provides length, density, and lustier

Who can wear a lace front wig?

human hair lace front wig

Lace fronts are easy and convenient. If you are in need of a new hairstyle while trying to protect your own hair from damage that may occur a lace front wig is ideal for you.

Flaunt those locks

Everyone has the desire to flaunt beautiful locks everyone does not get to enjoy. The dream to flaunt beautiful, gorgeous locks is not something everyone can enjoy naturally. Try a lace front wig, while protecting your hair from the damage of changing hairstyles.

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