Lace Front Wig VS Full Lace Wig

lace frontal wig VS full lace wig

Battle of the laces!

Wigs are becoming more and more popular. With all the new and improved units, it makes it hard to figure out which wig will work best for you? People who finally take the first step in buying a unit will often be confused on whether to buy a full lace wig or a lace frontal wig. You will hear common questions such as What is the difference? What are the Similarities? or Which one is better? thankfully we have done the research and can help with some of the daunting questions. It’s time to settle the debate once and for all. So, read ahead to see our battle between Lace Front Wigs vs Full Lace Wigs. Which one do you think will come out on top?

What is a lace frontal wig?

lace frontal wig

Human Hair lace frontal wigs will have a small section of sheer lace along the front hairline. Sometimes the lace can have a width as long as ear to ear and a depth of around 6 inches. Just like the similarities of the full lace wig all the hair strands are hand sewn into the holes of the lace. Wearing lace front wigs is very convenient because they are stretchy and cover the entire front of your head with a natural appearance of a scalp.

Pros of getting lace frontal wig

Affordable price, natural looking, & easy to take On/Off

The great thing about lace frontal wigs is that they are a much cheaper price than the full lace wig. The reason for that is due to time spent making the wig. Since anything with lace usually has the hair hand sewn in, a frontal takes less time to create than a full lace coverage unit.

The second advantage to having a human hair lace frontal wig is that it will give a natural look due to the lace hairline. Every woman dreams of having a weave so natural that people believe that it is her own. Now, thanks to lace frontals we have that option.

Lastly, we love lace frontal units because they are so quick and easy to take on and off. No tape or adhesive is needed when you put on this stylish wig. Due to its adjustable straps, your wig will secure and ready to snatch on or off with ease.

Cons of getting a lace frontal wig

Limited Versatility, Causes Damage to Scalp/Hairline, & Not as Secure.

The versatility of this unit is okay but very limited compared to a full lace unit. For the most part, you will only have two or three sectioning options which will either be a straight part down the middle or to the side. On the plus side with human hair wigs, you can forever change up your hair color without causing serious damage to your natural tresses.

Another thing to look out for is the damage lace frontals can cause on your hair. Since most of these units look best and most natural when you apply them with a glue or tape adhesive, you will run into an issue of damaging your tresses. Make sure that whenever you take your wig off that you are careful with your natural edges and baby hairs.

Lastly, beware of your human hair lace frontal having slippage. What we mean by that is sometimes the wig cannot be as secure as we would like it to be. We mentioned earlier that you can use glue to secure it down but at the same time you may be damaging your hair. Although these cons can be preventable, it’s what has you on a thin line of making the decision between a lace frontal and a full lace wig.

What is a full lace wig?

full lace wig

A full lace wig just like what its name says is a cap made from a lace that covers the whole head. The main point to remember is that 100% of the human hair is knotted into this lace cap by hand. A great advantage that comes with a typical human hair lace front wig is a strip of stretch lace over the top of the crown. This added feature allows for movement and most importantly hair growth underneath the cap. They also come in many different adjustable sizes that can fit different head shapes. Many people have the option of making their own full lace wig and that can be a cheaper route. Keep in mind ordering a full lace wig can get very costly but saves you time in the end.

Pros of getting a full lace human hair wig

Versatility & A Natural Finish

Full lace frontal wigs give you the option of the ultimate versatile looks. You can part the wig anywhere and style it in many ways which are better than the typical one-part parting option you have on a lace front closure.

A full lace wig will have lace surrounded around the whole perimeter of your head. This is great because now it gives you the option of wearing a high ponytail, pineapple bun, or half up hairstyles without worrying about tracks or imperfections showing. We all love a natural look and that’s exactly what a full lace wig provides us with.

Cons of getting a full lace human hair wig

Costly Price & Flimsy Lace

Like all things in this world the good also comes with the bad, so let's discuss the few cons having a full lace Human Hair Wig. First thing first is the price. Full lace human hair wigs are typically going to cost an arm and a leg. Can we really blame the price though? The unit lasts well over a year when taken care of properly and you can try a myriad of different hairstyles in the process. One major disadvantage of this type of unit is that it can be very fragile. Since the entire cap is made from lace it can tear, burn, or rip very easily if you don't treat it with ease. On the other hand, lace frontals are made up of majority a sold fabric cap and lace only in the front making it more durable. There are countless times where I find myself plucking a part in my full lace wig and end up creating a small hole by accident. These cons are not deal breakers but just something to think about the next time you want to purchase or create a human hair full lace wig.

The main similarity between lace frontal and full lace wigs

Natural Look

Both options no matter which you choose will give you a natural look. A full lace wig has an entire base that is lace which will reflect the appearance of a natural scalp.

With a lace front unit, it will appear more natural towards the front because the lace is basically invisible. You can part the style on the sides or down the middle which is how we would normally wear our hair. So, when comparing the two the natural aspect will always be neck and neck since both units have lace in them.

The main differences between lace frontal and full lace wigs

Durability & Styling Options

When it comes down to the styling options it’s clear that a full lace wig unit has more versatility. With a full lace wig, you can put your hair into ponytails, create multiple parts, braids, and other styling options. We like to call this a natural flexibility. But as for lace frontal, the most you can do is part your hair down the middle or on the sides.

The second main difference between the two is the durability. Lace frontal or a little bit more durable since the whole unit is not fully covered in lace. you have the option of plucking the parting space, adding extreme heat or colorful dye without damaging the entire unit. Vice versa when you dye a full lace unit it is possible that in the process you will color the knots and base which will give off a very unnatural appearance.

Lace front wig vs full lace wig, which one is better?

So, as you can see lace front wigs and full lace wigs both have their pros and cons. It's honestly hard to choose which one comes out on top. If we had to choose it would all be based on your personal preference and which fits best with your daily routine. If you're someone who enjoys unlimited versatility and don't mind the extra cost then full lace wigs would be best for you. On the other hand, if you like a set hairstyle and love consistency then purchasing a lace frontal would fit best with your lifestyle. Either way, we are happy we were able to inform you of the key points on what makes these two units similar and yet so different? Which human hair lace wig do you think comes out on top? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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