Lace Closure Sew-in - What You Need to Know

Lace Closure Sew-in - What You Need to Know

Closure Sew-Ins are a staple in the hair weave community. Closure sew-ins were popular before closure wigs and lace fronts and this protective style is still popular! If you are weighing your options, a sew-in closure is the ideal protective hairstyle for anyone who’s transitioning their relaxed hair and going natural. Or women who have natural hair and are looking for everything to blend seamlessly without using heat. Closure sew-ins also offer versatility in styling options as well as last longer when properly taken care of among many other benefits. Do you still have questions? Well, we have the answer, keep reading to Learn Everything You Need To Know About A Closure Sew-In!

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How Long Does Sew-In With Closure Last?

The longevity of your sew-in and closure depends on how well everything is maintained and also the quality of the hair you purchased. A closure with exceptional quality, like the closures offered here at Ballice Hair, offers a long life span. When you purchase and receive your closure, be sure to follow all of the maintenance tips listed on the package.

Sew-ins on average last between six to twelve weeks. There are many factors that play a part in how long your sew-in will last. There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing your extensions.

Are they human, are they a mixed blend, or are they synthetic? Synthetic hair losing its quality to the fastest and human hair lasting the longest.

Secondly, your hairstylist skills, all hairstylists are not the same. You should also factor in how fast you experience hair growth. If your hair grows very fast, your sew-in will not last as long as someone who has slow hair growth. You should also think about your daily activities, do you work out a lot, how often are you in water, are you able to ensure your hair is tied up and brushed daily?

Remember choosing the best hair and taking care of your sew-in meticulously will lengthen the wear of your sew-in and get you closer to the twelve-week wear time.

What Is A Closure Sew-In?

Closure sew-ins are also known as a full sew-in where your hair is braided down into cornrows to create a foundation for your weave to sewn down. Your hair closure is then sewn down to create a part, rather it is the side or middle it is up to you! When choosing a full sew-in, you have versatility when it comes down to your hairstyle, texture, length, and color. One of the main benefits of a closure sew-in is that there is no blending needed with your hair.

A closure is a small hairpiece that is made from either silk or lace material, although lace is most commonly known. While your wefts are sewn down your closure provides the finishing touch while protecting your hair. The hairpiece is then attached to your cornrow foundation and sewn down to secure it around the perimeter of the closure for it to protect your hair while serving a finished, seamless look.

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What Hair Do You Need For A Closure Sew-In?

When choosing the best hair for your closure sew-n the options can seem never-ending. Hair often varies in length, color, and texture, so choosing is based on your preference. However, there are a few core things that the hair must have to ensure that the quality is good.

1. Is the hair human virgin hair? We know synthetic and blended hair is cheap, but you get what you pay for. Investing in virgin hair allows a longer lifespan with your hair and allows multiple installs. Also, the cuticles are aligned, meaning your bundles will flow and sway seamlessly.

2. What Hair Texture Truly Fits You? Mink Brazilian and Indian hair is known to be close to African American hair texture. Peruvian texture is full, smooth, and has a great sheen. Malaysian hair is the silkiest and smoothest hair texture.

3.What Length Is Best For Me? This is based on preference and daily life. Remember, when purchasing curly hair the length is when the hair is pulled down straight. For example, an 18’ curly hair bundle will look around ‘16 to 17’ once installed. You do not have to worry about this issue with straight or body wave.

4.What texture and color? This is purely up to preference!
All in all, choosing the best hair for your sew-in is purely based on your preference and desired look. Keep in mind the main factors and go from there.

Closure Sew-in weave vs glue in hair method, which can last longer?

If you are looking for a long-lasting style, a sew-in is hands down the best option for you. Sew-ins offer more versatile styling than glue-in hair weaves. Depending on how the sew-in is sewn down, and what type of closure is used you can change your part and wear your style in plenty of ways. The biggest difference between the two is the time and cost. Traditional sew-ins take longer than glue in hair weave. The price point of the style also is completely different due to the amount of time and products used. Since glue-in hair weaves don’t last long, the style is cheaper than a normal sew-in.

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What are tips to take care of your closure sew-in weave?

A closure sew-in can make your sew-in install appear very natural, but it is an investment. Remember, it will take time and maintenance to keep your closure sew-in looking effortless and luxurious. Here are a few tips for maintaining your closure sew-in!

1.Gentle Is Important - We understand that your closure may mimic your scalp but it is not. Hard brushing, scratching, tugging, and detangling can damage your closure and lead to bald spots. Hair loss is extremely common due to the way closures are wefted. Each hair is tied individually and secured to the base on the closure with adhesive. Remember to always handle your closure with care.

2.Brush Properly - Brushing properly can go a long way when trying to maintain your hair. Make sure you brush from bottom to top when detangling your hair and hold down the base of the closure while brushing to prevent excessive tugging and shedding.

3.Use The Correct Hair Products - The products you choose to use on your hair play a huge factor in maintaining your extensions. Avoid hair care products that have excessive amounts of alcohol or parables. Also, opt for small amounts of oily and greasy products that will weigh the hair down.

4.Tie Your Hair Down For Bed - Your closure will thank you! Your hair will get tangled and matted when sleeping due to the friction of tossing and turning constantly throughout the night. Make sure to brush and detangle any snags before tying your hair down. Lastly, do not go to bed with your hair wet, be sure that your hair is dry to avoid your hair becoming tangled and matted with the must wig smell.

How Many Hair Bundles Will I Need For My Lace Closure Sew In?

The amount of bundles needed is dictated by the length of hair you plan on purchasing, below is a list of suggested bundles based on the length of hair you choose to purchase. If you require bundles, check out our store at Ballice Hair!

1.8’-14’ inches will need two bundles with a lace closure.

2.16’-22’ inches will need three bundles with a lace closure.

3. Anything longer than 22’ will need four or more bundles depending on the fullness you prefer.

4.Short hairstyles generally only need two bundles with 4x4 closure.
Remember the longer the hair the thinner it will be towards the end, you will need to double up on your longest pieces so the hair appears fuller.

How to Sew In Lace Frontal Closure?

Contrary to popular belief lace front sew-ins are not complicated, below we have a simple step-by-step guide!
Lace frontal closure sew-ins are not as complex as everyone makes it seem; here is a simple step-by-step instruction on how to properly install a lace frontal closure.

1. Measure your lace front from one ear to the other and the parting to ensure it is the proper size.

2. Wash and condition your hair to ensure your scalp and hair is clean and moisturized.

3.Prep your needs and thread. Also prep your hair by washing it, allowing it to air-dry, bleach any knots (if applicable), and pluck your hairline to your liking (if applicable).

4. Part and braid your hair down into small cornrows from front to back. Make sure they are small enough for a flat foundation. If you have a long braid towards the end, sew it into your braids foundation.

5. (Optional) use a liquid hair protector and place it around the perimeter of your edges to protect your hair from the lace glue while making your edges lie down flat.

6.Place your wig cap on, make sure you have a wig cap that matches your skin tone, if not use makeup to blend it.

7. Sew each track onto your braids going from one side back to the other until you get to the section for your frontal closure.

8. Line up your frontal at your desired place and use hairpins to pin it down into place.

9. Begin sewing your frontal ensuring that you go underneath your braids to ensure your lace lays flat.

10.After you are done, double tie your thread and cut it.

11. Cut your lace and apply your adhesive to ensure it stays in place.

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Are Wigs Better Than Sew-Ins?

The largest debate is deciding if sew-ins or wigs are better. It is easy to notice the pros and cons of both. Here are the pros of each, so you can decide!

Advantages Of A Sew-In

Stability - With sew-ins you do not have to worry about slipping or falling off when too rough. For instance, if you were to go on a vacation, a sew-in would be ideal. Sew-ins are sewn down to your natural hair and there is no need to worry about anything slipping. You can dip in the ocean or pool without worrying about a wig floating away.
Sew-ins are convenient - When you have a sew-in, you have the convenience of waking up and going. You don’t have to bother with gelling down your edges or finding your wig. Just get up, take your scarf off, brush and go.
Money-Saving - When purchasing bundles, opt for good quality hair that can last up to two years! Re-use your bundles on as many installs as humanly possible.

Advantage Of A Wig

The styles are limitless - With wigs, you can easily change your hair at a moment's notice without commitment.
Convenience - Just like sew-ins, wigs are extremely convenient. With wigs you don't have to spend time on flat-ironing, treating, and maintaining your wig as much as you would have to do with a sew-in.
Protects Your Hair - Wearing a wig allows your hair to rest from the daily styling, products, and environment.


 So which one do you like a closure sew in or wig? leave a message on commment section !


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