9 Things You Definitely Should Know While Choosing A Human Hair Wig

human hair wig

Whether you're purchasing your wig for a short-term protective style or everyday wear, a human hair wig is a perfect item to complete your look. However, you have to start somewhere, and we know there's a first time for everything. Purchasing a wig for the first time may be overwhelming, and you can easily be unsure of what to look for due to so many options.

Before you start your journey of shopping and purchasing your human hair wig, it is vital that you know exactly what you are looking for so you will be able to communicate your needs properly and wants to your salesperson. Here are nine things you know while choosing a human hair wig.

What kind of human hair was used when making the wig?

It is crucial that you ask correctly what kind of hair was used to make the wig in question. Human hair wigs are generally made from Cambodian, Indonesian, Indian, Brazilian, and Chinese hair.

While shopping for a wig, you will notice that there are many textures of hair, including straight, curly, and wavy. If you do not plan on wearing a full wig, a lace front, or anything covering your entire head, make sure the human hair wig you are choosing matches the texture of your hair.

Each texture is slightly different, and the processing of each hair can create various densities and curl patterns.

Construction of the wig cap

An ill-fitted and an adequately made wig cap can make the difference between a comfortable, seamless looking wig and having a headache due to an improper fit. The higher quality of the wig will, of course, mean a higher quality wig cap, that's stronger and lighter versus the cheaper wig caps.

Lace frontal wig caps

lace frontal wig

This wig cap is the "natural hairline" it offers. Lace front caps are made to look exactly as if your natural hair is growing out of the head. These caps can extend from either ear to ear or temple to temple!

Monofilament wig caps

Also known as "Mono Top," these wig caps come pre-installed with the option to part them any way you'd like. These caps also offer the illusion of hair growth from your scalp.

Full lace wig caps

full lace wig

Wig caps are made when using an elasticized mesh base and are generally hand tied. They are typically denser and perfect for individuals who have little to no hair of their own. The front of the cap around the hairline tends to be made with material that resembles the individual's scalp and hides the base of the wig, ultimately allowing a natural looking hairline.

How was the wig constructed

Your wig can be constructed in many ways, but ultimately you'd need to know whether it was done by hand or by machine. Hand made wigs tend to look a bit more natural, especially the monofilament wig as mentioned above.

Lace front wigs are also a popular option because it allows for a seamless, realistic looking hairline. If you opt for a lace front, make sure you talk to your salesperson about matching the lace to your skin tone, especially you have a darker complexion.

Will my face shape look good with this wig

One thing I've learned in the hair industry is, a wig or hairstyle may look amazing on your favorite celebrity or even the mannequin but does not look as great as expected once on. This is due to different head sizes, and various face shapes, which ultimately dictates what wig style compliments you!

There are four basic face shapes: square, heart, oval, and round. Oval faces tend to look best with any styles; it's pretty universal. On the other hand, the other three require specific styles that complement the face shapes.

Square face shapes

Square-shaped faces are best paired with wigs that offer some height, like wavy or curly texture, to offset the straight lines of a square face.

Round face shapes and oval faces

Round faces look best with straight, linear hairstyles that offset the roundness of the face. Bangs are also a great option or styled with hair close to your forehead.

Ask your salesperson to look at your face to assist you in figuring out your face shape if you are unsure.

What is your budget

Going in knowing how much you are willing to spend on a wig will give you some boundaries on which wigs to look at and which ones to avoid! Do not try to go low cost, although you will save some money at the moment, in the long run, you will lose out because there won't be much longevity or wear of the wig.

What length are you going for

Your length dictates pricing as well; more inches ultimately means more money!

Choose your density

The density of your wig is shown in different percentage. There is low, medium, high, and extra high. To have some nice volume, we'd suggest 150% wig density. This is medium thickness and is similar to average hair density.

Are they a trusted seller

Finding a trusted seller is just as important as finding the perfect wig. With all good things, also comes some bad. Many stores can be misleading with their information and intentionally try getting over on the potential customers. Something to be sure of is that they are not misusing the "Remy Hair" label while using mixed hair ( synthetic and human hair blend). Make sure your potential store has hair reviews, presents their product authentically, and offers superb customer service, after all, you are spending your hard earned money!

Shipping and returns

Ask about the shipping cost, do they offer free shipping after a certain amount spent? What about returns are they free or do you pay those cost? Shipping can be quite expensive, so its ideas to find someone offering a free option.

May the slayage commence

human hair lace wigs

Just know if you do decide to spend your time and money on shopping for a wig, you should take the proper steps by informing yourself to make sure you are comfortable with make your purchase and feeling informed!

Wigs are a considerable investment and spending that much cash on a wig with poor hair and even worse poor quality due to lack of knowledge is a massive waste of money. Don't be afraid whatever questions you may need to ask, ask Ballice Virgin Hair, until you are pleased with your purchase.

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