How To Dye Blonde Hair To Black Hair?

Dye Blonde Hair To Black Hair

Dyeing your hair can be a statement piece and especially dyeing from a bright color to a dark color. Coloring your hair from a lighter color to a darker color is always the easiest part of the dyeing process. Here are the steps to dyeing your hair from blonde to black.

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Step 1. Pick the kind of black you want your hair to look like.

 There are many shades of black to choose from. There is jet black, soft black, brown black, and many more. For a more natural look, soft black is the best black. Soft black will give your hair a brown black color than a black color. Starting with soft black is the safest black to start with because if you want your hair color darker you can always dye it darker later. A darker black like jet is the darkest black. Jet black looks a little less natural and may have tints of different colors like blue or even purple.

Step 2. Dye and developer.

If you are dyeing your hair from a box kit, it will already have everything you need inside. If you are not using a box kit, you will need to buy the dye, volume 10 developer, gloves, tinting brush, a dye mixing bowl, protein filler (for bleached hair), shower cap, and color-treating conditioner. If your hair is long, I would advise to get more than one dye and developer or box kit.

Step 3. Preparing the dye if you are using a kit.

Dye kits will come with instructions, but if you cannot find your instructions or lost them no need to stress i am here to help. Pour the dye into the bottle containing the developer (which is usually the larger bottle). Close the bottle, and shake the bottle very well until the dye is mixed. The bottle will have a plug which you will have to either break or cut off. If you have more than one box kit because your hair is long, prepare that box kit as well.

Step 4. Preparing the dye, if you are not using a kit.

Pour a good amount of 10 volume developer into the dye mixing bowl. Use about 2 ounce of developer, but if you have long hair you might need to use 4 ounces instead. Add the equal amount of dye as developer, mix the dye and developer with the tinting brush. If you do not have a tinting brush or non-metal mixing bowl, please make sure you use a non-metal mixing bowl because metal can react with the dye or even change the color. Keep mixing the two until the color is fully mixed into the developer and you do not see any more strikes.

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Step 5. For bleached hair.

If you have bleached hair, you would need to apply a protein filler. If you do not apply the protein filler, your hair will come out patchy or even a greenish color.

Step 6. Apply dye to hair

When applying dye it is important to protect your skin and clothes. Use an old towel and t-shirt while dyeing your hair. Apply petroleum jelly on the skin around your hairline and ears. Wear gloves and place the old towel on the counter that you will be using to rest your mixing bowl and tinting brush.

Part your hair into four sections and put up 3 sessions into a twisted bun. That way it is out of the way when you are doing each section of hair.

Start from the bottom section when applying the dye to your hair. Take about 1-2 inches of hair from the bottom. Dip the tinting brush into the mixed dye, then brush the dye on the hair starting from the roots. When dyeing make sure to dye down towards the end of the hair. Make sure each strand has enough dye on it.

Repeat these steps until you apply the dye on your whole head.

Step 7. Cover hair

Cover hair with a shower cap. Make sure all of your hair is inside the cap and if your hair is long put it into a bun so it all can fit in the cap. Hair dye box kit will tell you how long to leave it is which would range for about 20 to 45 minutes.

Dtep 8. Rinsing the dye out

Rinse the dye out with cool water. Make sure you rinse all the dye out. Keep rinsing your hair until the water becomes clear. Do not use any shampoo for this step.

Step 9.Condition hair

Apply conditioner to hair, make sure the conditioner is for color-treated hair or you can use sulfate-free conditioner as well. If you use a dye box kit, they usually come with conditioner inside for you to use. Allow the conditioner to be in your hair for about 2-3 minutes. Then rinse the conditioner out with cool water once the 2-3 minutes is up. It is important to condition your hair because after the dyeing process your hair will be a little harsh and the conditioner makes it nice and soft.

Step10. Drying

Allow your hair to air dry because it just went through a harsh process, it is very important to be kind and gentle to your hair. But if you cannot let it air dry, make sure you have a heat protectant product and apply it to your hair before blow drying it and dry it on low heat.

Do not wash your hair again for another 72 hours. Washing it before would not allow enough time for your hair cuticles to close and the dye to set. And when you are washing it after 72 hours make sure it is with a color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Dye Blonde Hair To Black Hair

Expert tips to maintain the color:

●  limit to washing your hair 2 to 3 times per week
●  Use cool water when washing hair
●  Use color-treated shampoo and conditioner or sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner
●  Deep condition hair every 2 weeks
●  Limit the amount of heat you put on your hair and make sure you are using heat protectant
●  Retouch the roots about every 3 to 4 weeks

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