How To Avoid Embarrassing Lace Front Mishaps

avoid lace front mishaps

Lace front wigs are not only popular among people who have no hair, other people like them too. There are thousands of people who use these functional hair accessories to enhance their looks. That is why we see so many celebrities like Beyonce and Tyra Banks wear lace front wigs to make their normal hair look sensational.

But even celebrities fall victim to embarrassing lace front mishaps. We frequently witness celebrities being caught in the spotlight with unpleasant glue marks and hairlines hovering above their eyebrows, which gives a completely unnatural appearance to their hair.

Only a properly installed weave can make you avoid embarrassing mishaps and help you look gorgeous. As soon as any one of your sewn-in tracks makes an appearance, your entire look is ruined.

This usually happens if the weave is installed too close to the ‘leave out’, which is the real hair left out deliberately to cover the installation. The best way to fix it is to head to the salon so your stylist can take it out and re-attach it.

Here are a few tips:

Prep your hair before application

If you don’t prepare your hair before the installation process, you may end up looking as if you’re wearing a helmet on your head. Make sure you put on a wig cap or cornrow your natural hair.

Match the weave to your actual hairline

Creating an unnatural hairline with the lace fronts is one of the biggest problems women face today. Some of us are guilty of this mistake because we have forehead insecurities. Maybe you’re trying out something new. But taping or gluing the lace front to the middle of your forehead is a big no-no.

Always align the outline of the lace front with your natural hairline, but not directly on it so you don’t have any crooked lines.

Never make your tape/glue visible

There is nothing more embarrassing than the sight of white residue, making your lace front look ugly and unnatural. You can avoid this mishap by using appropriate glue so you can achieve a smooth and clean line.

Keep the strips as close as possible when using double-sided tape. Also, attach the tape to the lace’s edges. You can also use some makeup to disguise the wig’s outline.

Try lace fronts with comb grips

You can take care of all your messy glue problems by using this method. The combs grip to your hairline and give out a more natural look. The process is also less time consuming.

Pay attention to your natural hair

It is ok to skip shampooing and conditioning your hair until you wear your wig. Most women remove their lace front wigs after wearing them for a week. However, if you are wearing your weave for a longer time, you must also take care of your original hair or they will become dry and brittle.

Cleanse your scalp and hair regularly and dry your tresses. Never leave your scalp moist underneath the wig.

Bottom Line

But most mishaps happen out of plain ignorance. Apart from good application, it is important to master the art of wearing a front lace wig so you can avoid unfortunate mishaps.

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