How Long Does a Sew In Last ?

how long does sew in last ?

How long does a sew in last ? we basically mean the idea of asking for longevity, durability, and comfort. With time, many women are wheeling towards sew-in to enhance their look and beauty by protecting the base of their natural mane. If you're pondering over getting a sew-in, we recommend reading this blog till the end to find out everything about sew-ins and how long they last, etc. 

What is a sew-in weave? 

 The hair extension method that involves using the cornrows to braid the natural hair and then sewing the hair strands onto those cornrows is called a sew-in weave. When you see women applying this method, just know they look for volume, length, and fullness.  

Sew-in weaves are made of human hair, making them the perfect choice for blending and evening out your natural base. If you wish to attach the hair extension without messing up, we suggest letting a professional stylist handle you who knows what they are doing. 

A stylist will easily place the cornrow on the scalp of your head and carefully sew it onto the braids. The type of hair extension you wish to achieve depends on your budget and requirements. Every Hair salon offers different grades of hair that range from good to best.   

sew in weave

How Long Does a Sew-In Last?

Depending on growth and homecare, the healthy cycle of any sew-in lasts typically from 6-8 weeks. For longevity, we recommend visiting the salon for maintenance appointments that offers shampoo every two weeks and the fourth week for shampoo and tightening. Furthermore, we also suggest getting the closure repositioned around the third week if you're into lace closure. 

Why Choose a Sew-In Weave?  

Choosing a sew-in weave can offer you countless benefits; however, we're going to list down some of the best reasons for you to get a sew-in weave extension. 

· Convenience

The most convenient way to change your appearance without doing so much with your hair is by applying sew-ins. Forget about waking up every day and styling your hair because sew-in saves you the styling time as they hold in the look much longer than an average human hair. 

· Durability & longevity 

Thanks to the durability and longevity factor, you can now swim, run, dance, and do anything you want without worrying about your extensions falling out. Also, if you're prone to partying and hanging out regularly, then sew-ins are your best friend. 

· Cost-Effective

If taken good care of, human hair extensions can last up to 1 year depending upon the service and grade of weave extensions you're getting. You can obtain quality bundles of sew-in extensions without having to put a load over your pockets. 

How long does a sew-in weave last? More about Hair extension

However, you need to look after them as if they were your own. The prime reason is that they're made from natural human hair, yet they're not receiving any form of nutrients from your scalp; therefore, here are a few tips we recommend following to make your sew last longer. 

Premium quality Hair Products 

Access to premium quality hair products will leave your hair looking and feeling soft and easy to manage. Remember always to use a sulfate-free shampoo and be very gentle when brushing up your hair. 

Wash Your Hair Regularly

The sew in your hair needs to get washed once every two weeks. Regular shampooing aids in maintaining the shine and texture of your extensions. Also, please pay attention to the ends as they're the driest part. Take a good amount of conditioner, gently detangle, rinse out, and allow your extensions and natural hair to dry out completely. If you don't let them dry, foul odor and mold could lead to it. So, the best way to ensure proper drying is to let a professional maintain you're sew-in extensions. 

Wrap your hair before going to bed 

Before going to bed, wrap your head with a satin bonnet, scarf, or hair wrap to prevent tangled ends. If not covering, we suggest getting a satin pillowcase or tying up your hair to avoid breakage and tangles. 

Use Heat Protecting Sprays 

Always use a heat-protecting spray to protect your strands from heat damage. Continuous use of heating products such as dryers straightening irons can cause damage to your sew-ins. 

All about how does a closure sew in last?

Normally. If you preserve the lace closure sew in carefully, you can last up to 8-12 months. Another thing to remember is if you have bleached or dyed hair, the closure will not last as long as the one on natural or less processed hair. However, the stability of this hair product is pretty good in the market. 

How long does a lace frontal sew in last?

With the help of lace tape and glue, many hairstylists install sew-in lace frontal wigs on your scalp. This sew-in can last up to 2-4 weeks without retouch. However, the longer you leave them in your hair, the more they'll irritate your skin. They can also damage or break off your edges and hairline completely. 

What to do before getting a Sew-In Weave? 

Before getting a sew-in extension, here are a few steps you need to should follow.

  •  Wash your hair and make sure they're clean and healthy 
  •  Protein treats your hair to withstand the manipulation coming it's way.
  • Trim your ends To prevent tangles and split ends. 
  • If you just got bleach or hair dye, then wait for two weeks to let the chemical process ease its way out of your hair before a weave installation. 

How Do You Know It's Time To Take Your Sew-In Out? 

Let's face it, even if you take care of your hair extensions by the book, There's always going to come a time when you have to take your sew-in out. Our natural hair is constantly growing thanks to our health and proper care. Hence, After two or three months, your natural hair will ultimately start pushing down the hair extensions; that's when you know it's time to visit the salon. 

Self Installing Sew In Weave 

Sew-In extensions are a tricky process. With all the braiding, cornrows, etc., it's hard to keep track of precision and carefulness when doing it on yourself. We don't recommend women install a sew-in themselves because there's a high chance of risk damaging both your hair and the extensions. Therefore, it's recommended to find a sew-in weave extension near me and let a professional hair look after you. 

What Is the Best Human Hair For Sew-In? 

The most popular hair grade with the best quality is virgin human hair. The main reason is that there is no chemical processing done on it, making these the perfect candidate for the job. Also, virgin human hair can be washed, styled, and changed just like natural human head hair. 

How long does a Sew-In last on Caucasian hair? 

By maintaining your hair and providing it with proper nourishment, sew-in hair extensions can last up to four weeks on caucasian hair. Regularly brushing and shampooing can add durability and longevity to your extensions. 

Can sew-in damage your hair?

Yes, If you don't take care of your sew-in, they'll damage your hair because of excessive oil and foul odor. 


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