How to find a wholesale hair vendor to start hair business?

How to find hair vendors-Ballice Virgin Hair

What Are The Best Wholesale Hair Vendors?

Ballice Virgin Hair is one of the best wholesale hair vendors when it comes to starting your own hair business. They have a fully stocked factory with endless options. Their hair rates among the best due to its durability and texture. The versatility when it comes to styling is endless and this is why customers are raving and leaving excellent reviews. What makes Ballice Virgin Hair one of the best wholesale hair vendors is that they do not require a minimum purchase. Most vendors require you to buy in bulk but Ballice gives you the option to purchase a few test bundles before you buy in bulk. Lastly, shipping is set at one of the fastest rates among other vendors. You can expect to receive your wholesale orders in a reasonable enough time to have the best launch of your hair business.
Other wholesale hair vendors that have said to be good are; UNice Hair, Nadula Hair, & Julia Hair. All of these hair vendors listed have options for flex payments. So, if you’re someone who wants to save money or make a smart investment, we suggest checking out any one of these wholesale hair vendors.

Why do we need a good wholesale hair vendor?

There are so many reasons why you need a good wholesale hair vendor. One of the main reasons is because you want to maintain a reputable reputation. If you buy from a bad quality wholesale hair vendor and sell those bundles to your customers, you can expect to receive bad reviews and no returning customers. It’s vital that you know the exact quality and texture of the hair you purchase from vendors or your business will pay the price negatively.
Also having a good wholesale hair vendor that you can trust is amazing due to the fact that there are many frauds and scam artists out there. We often hear of women going into hair business, purchasing from a vendor, and never getting their products sent to them. These negative experiences is why we suggest you shopping with a notable and trustworthy hair vendor brand. Once you build up a great relationship with your vendor you can expect to receive amazing discounts and first looks on new inventory that comes to them. Most wholesale hair vendors will allow you the option to purchase samples before making a large investment. Be sure to keep an eye out for the signs of potential hair vendor scammer

How can I find a reliable wholesale hair vendor


Do Your Own Hair Vendor Research!

The number one thing you have to do to make sure you find a reliable hair vendor is research. We cannot stress this factor enough. Most often you hear of people purchasing bundles of hair from AliExpress due to the low up-front cost. But the sad fact of the matter is tons of vendors on AliExpress send out low quality hair that sheds quickly after install. Also, many vendors from these unreliable websites end up never giving you your products or not accepting refunds. Typically, a good quality and trustworthy wholesale hair vendor will have reviews from plenty of customers who have already purchased their products.

google research

Get to know more about the vendor you selected.

After you look up reviews another way to find a trust worthy or reliable hair vendor is to view the information on their website. If you see key things missing such as a contact number, address, reviews, details on the hair bundles we would say run for the hills and check out another wholesaler. If you’re ever feeling weary of a wholesale hair vendor, always try shooting them an email or setting up a phone call. If you come in contact with a business is slow to respond or does not accept any emails or phone calls more than likely the company is not reliable and you should move on to other options.

Prepare more questions for the hair vendor

Once you have received an email or phone number from your potential wholesale vendor you need to prepare your questions to ask them. We found a couple of viable questions that you can start off with such as “What are your top seller hair bundles” “What prices do you offer for bulk purchases” “How long does the hair last?” Simple questions such as what are your return policies and terms and conditions of your purchase are very important. Remember your main focus should be obtaining high quality hair for a reasonable price. In this case of finding an excellent hair vendor cheaper isn’t always better, you don’t want to take a gamble on your hair business in the beginning so write a list of questions before you hop on any call with a potential hair business.

Sample hair test buy

The best thing that you can do for your hair business is buy a test sample of the bundles you will have on your website. If this is not an option from your wholesale hair vendor, we do not suggest you purchase from them. You can ask any seller if they would like to send samples of their top rated curly or straight hair. This is extremely helpful for you, so that you can sew the hair in yourself and actually see how they perform on a day-to-day basis. This also gives a you the chance to dye the hair, style it up and see if any excess shedding occurs before taking a dive and making a bulk purchase. Feeling comfortable is the number one thing you want when it comes down purchasing wholesale orders from a new hair vendor.

Get to know the payment methods the hair vendor offered


When you finally take the next step and want to make a purchase, be sure to familiarize yourself with the wholesale hair vendor payment process. We’ve been seeing more and more hair vendors are offering buy now pay later options on their websites. This option is perfect for many users who want to invest a little up front and can pay the rest with order money from future sales. If by any chance your hair vendor does not offer a buy now pay later as an option see if you can set up a down payment before you buy the hair bundles in bulk.

Hair Business plan

business plan

Creating a business plan is so important if you want to make sure that your inventory to customer ratio is proportionate. If you are someone who intend on selling to high paying glamorous customers, we suggest you choosing a vendor that is trust worthy enough to bring you high quality items. On the other hand, if you are starting off on a customer-to-customer basis you should make sure you have enough options for your customers to choose from. If you plan on your hair business being at a location with foot traffic you need to make sure your vendor can keep up with variety and amount of hair that you will need. So, take some time to plan out every aspect of your business to ensure a smooth and lucrative launch.

Where To Find The Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors?

You can find some of the best wholesale hair vendors online. With technology increasing so much these days everything you need is literally one click away. If you’re looking for quality and pricing the best wholesale hair vendors are located in China. These vendors have access to high quality hair all around the globe and they are a lot more cost effective than purchasing from a wholesale vendor in the United States. Something to keep note of is the number of years a wholesale vendor has been in business for, anywhere between 5 to 8 years is a great sign. Newly opened wholesale hair vendors can still be a great option but only if you do your research on them first.

What questions should I ask a virgin hair vendor?

ask question

✔️ What is your wholesale price list?
✔️ What are your top selling hair bundles?
✔️ How long is shipping?
✔️ Do you offer sample orders?
✔️ Do you have pictures of your products?
✔️ Do you offer Closures and Frontal?
✔️ Is your hair 100% human hair?
✔️ How is the hair sourced?
✔️ What is the typical life expectancy of your hair?
✔️ What is your customer and return policy?
✔️ Do you offer multiple payment methods?

✔️ Do you offer the wholesale hair business start kit

Honest Tips Before Using a New Hair Vendor

Before using a new hair vendor make sure to reach out to them and ask them as many questions as possible. Sometimes business have to find new hair vendors that can keep up with the high demand of their customers. We find it helpful to ask them to send pictures and a detailed time line of how long it takes for orders to typically ship out. Typically, if you are ordering from a new hair vendor, we would ask that you request a test sample of the hair before you commit to buying. Also be sure to ask how much the hair weighs so that you can estimate how much shipping will be for your order. Communication is key when trying anything new, so do not be afraid to ask as my questions you need until you feel comfortable.

Ways to make your hair business succeed

Like we mentioned before create a business plan and follow it to a tee. Get advice from other people who have started successful hair business. Sometimes there are things you learn from experience and to cut time ask someone who is familiar with the business. Also create a budget, you don’t want to bite off more than you can chew but investing so much money into the business and getting nothing out. Create a budget and inventory list of how many items you want and the price you will sell them all for. Lastly make sure you stay positive. Running a business is hard work and takes consistency and patience. Don’t give up if you do not make instant sales, keep promoting your hair business and we promise you will see positive results.

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