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1.What is a lace front wig?
2.How do you wear a lace front wig?
3.Best Shopping lace front wigs tips online
4.Best tips to maintain your lace front wigs
5.What are benefits of wearing a lace front wig?
6.How long do front lace wigs last?
7.How can we store lace front wig while not using?
8.Can a lace front wig damage your hair?
9.What’s the difference between lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs?
10.what is different between a “glue-less lace front wig” and a ordinary lace front wig?
11.What is the average cost of lace front wig?

What is a lace front wig?

A lace front wig is made up of a thin almost invisible textured lace material. Individual strands of human hair are hand tied on to the lace for the best and most realistic finish. After this long process of hand tying strands of hair to the lace material your result will be a realistic hairline that gives off the perfect illusion that your lace front wig is growing from your scalp. Lace front wigs offer the highest quality and versatility when it comes hairstyles. These wigs give you the option to style your hair in multiple ways including, but not limited to; ponytails, updo’s, side parts, middle parts, half up half down styles, low buns, and so much more. Lace front wigs are growing in popularity each year, they have also proven to be an excellent alternative for women who struggle with certain hair losses, due to cancer, alopecia, or natural ageing.

(Details of a Lace Front Wig)

  • The lace on a lace front wig come in 2 options ranging from 13x4 and 13x6.

  • The popular hair density for lace frontal is 130% 150% 180% and 200%

  • Lace Front wigs are 100% Unprocessed, this means you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals coming into contact with the hair. This advantage means that lace front wigs will not shed excessively, tangle up, or come with any funny smells.

Lace front wigs are extremely popular and are more cost effective than buying a full lace unit. Since, lace front wigs come with a small amount of lace on the perimeter of the unit, it does not take a lot of time to make which decreases the amount it costs to purchase. Lace front wigs come in multiple textures including; water wave, body wave, straight, deep curly, and loose wave. Lace front wigs can also dye to a color of your choosing, but typical colors that lace front units come in are natural black, brown, and 613 blonde.

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 How do you wear a lace front wig?

There are multiple ways that you can wear your lace front wigs, one of the complaints you hear most when it comes down to applying the wig is “will people notice that I'm wearing a wig?” The answer is no is applied properly so let's go through a step by step on how to wear a lace front wig.

Step 1: Lay your hair flat to your head

You want to make sure that your hair is laying as flat as possible so that your wig will also lay flat and not slip or slide back on your head. If you are someone with medium length to long hair the most common method to laying your hair flat is cornrowing it down. If you have shorter hair laying it flat with a wig cap or gel is another great alternative. The goal when lying your hair flat is to avoid any lumps or bulges that will cause the wig to stick out

Step 2: Measure and fit your wig

One of the most common reasons wigs look unnatural is because they are not fitted properly to your head. To make sure that your wig is fitted to your head shape you are going to hold it by the front of the lace apply it to your forehead first and then pull the back of your wig down to cover the entirety of your head. You are now going to move the wig back and forth and side to side. If the wig is easy to move then you will have to adjust the straps tighter. If the wig has little to no give, then it is fitted perfect on to your head and you can proceed to step 3. Remember you do not want the lace front wig to become too tight on your head for this can lead to slippage and loss of edges.

Step 3: Applying the wig glue

Now, it is time for the most crucial part of the wig wearing process, and that is applying the wig glue or adhesive to your unit. You want to make sure that you clean your forehead off with rubbing alcohol to remove any excess dirt or oil, if you skip this step this can cause the wig to not adhere properly on to your forehead. Now, apply the glue along the hairline and make sure that it is not clumped up together. Wait about 3 to 5 minutes or until the glue becomes tacky.

Next, place the lace front wig on your head lining it up as best as you can on to your hairline. Then, use your fingers to apply pressure on the lace front to your forehead. Once you feel it is secured then you can proceed with styling the lace front wig.

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Best shopping lace front wigs tips online

When shopping for a lace front wig online there are a few things, you want to keep in mind. The first thing you want to do is make sure the wig cap is constructed to your liking. You want to make sure that the wig has enough adjustable straps, clips, or combs so it is as secure as possible on your head. Online vendors will put in the description all of the different features of the wig cap so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for those added features.

Another feature you want to look out for is the type of lace that is used on your lace front wig. You’ll see certain wig vendors and manufacturers say that their wigs are made up of Swiss lace, French lace, or a Transparent lace. Depending on your budget you will pick the option that best meets your needs. Out of all the options transparent lace requires less maintenance and will have the best realistic finish.

When shopping for lace front wigs online you want to make sure that you do your research. They say choosing a wig that fits your face shape is the best option in making sure that you are happy with your purchase. We highly suggest meeting with a stylist who can give you further direction on which wig style will best suit your needs.

The last important tip is checking the density of your lace front wig online. Many women say they were disappointed when shopping online for a wig to only find out that it was thin and did not give a natural appearance of a full set of hair. Double checking the sizing, density, and quality of your lace front is vital in making sure that it lasts for a very long time.

Best tips to maintain your lace front wigs

There are plenty of tips that you can use when it comes to maintaining your lace front wig.

Treating the wig delicately

You have to be delicate and gentle when it comes down to treating your lace front wigs. You want to refrain from excessive tugging, pulling, and tangling of the unit. The biggest complaint we hear is that a woman will accidentally tear the lace or unfortunately poke holes in it from handling it too roughly. And since every strand of hair is individually knotted onto the lace it gives you a more natural look, but it comes with the cost of being more delicate with the frontal.

Don’t overly use products.

Yes, some hair products are perfect for treating frizz or dry hair on your lace front unit. But, overly saturating your hair with heavy products can cause it to tangle easily and produce a lifeless or unrealistic look. Establish a routine on when you will wash the wig and when you will use certain creams to style it up. Apply products only when needed to maintain a light and easy to manage lace front unit.

Wrap The Hair at Night.

I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that establishing a night time routine for your lace front wig is very important. At night while we’re sleeping, we tend to toss and turn which ends up causing our wigs to dry out and tangle very easily. You have two options that you can try before going to bed, the first option is to wrap your hair at night. People tend to use bobby pins and moves to lay the hair down evenly before going to bed. Your second option, if you’re someone who likes to take your wig on and off is to place it in a cool non damp area at night before going to sleep. Most women invest in mannequin heads or wig stands to ensure the unit will not excessively tangle up.

Keep Your Wig Away from Heat Damage

If your lace front wig is exposed to heat for too long it will cause the strands to dry out and shed very easily. Doing hairstyles that require hot combs, curling irons, or flat irons without the use of a heat resistant product will result in your lace front unit not lasting the test of time. Most women don’t know this, but even having your wig exposed to heat from the sun can cause damage just as quickly as from using a hair dryer. The goal is to keep and lock in the moisture on your lace front unit as long as possible for more uses and longevity of the wig.

What are benefits of wearing a lace front wig?

Covering up hair loss

Lace front wigs are perfect for women who struggle from hair loss due to age or certain hair diseases. There are thousands of testimonies from women who suffer from alopecia or chemo therapy that say lace front wigs have been a life saver for them.

Protect your natural hair

Another great thing lace front wigs are used for is protecting your natural hair. Many women who struggle to take care of their natural hair due to maintenance tend to wear wigs as a protective hairstyle. With your hair being covered by the wig it is now protected from the harmful rays of the sun as well as heat from your hot irons.



One of the best reasons why women are purchasing lace front wigs is that they now have the option to try more versatile hairstyles. If you’re someone who wants to achieve a short look but don’t necessarily want to cut your hair you can achieve that with a lace front wig. Some women even want to experiment with different colors but don’t want to go through the process of damaging their natural strands by adding bleach or dye. Lace front wigs provide that perfect alternative for any women who want to try different hairstyles with a low risk of effecting their own hair.

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How long do front lace wigs last?

One of the best reasons why women are purchasing lace front wigs is that they now have the option to try more versatile hairstyles. If you’re someone who wants to achieve a short look but don’t necessarily want to cut your hair you can achieve that with a lace front wig. Some women even want to experiment with different colors but don’t want to go through the process of damaging their natural strands by adding bleach or dye. Lace front wigs provide that perfect alternative for any women who want to try different hairstyles with a low risk of effecting their own hair.

A common question that people want to know is how long do lace front wigs last? Typically, the time period will vary based on how well you take care of your wig. Maintenance is a very important factor when it comes down to the longevity of, you’re a lace front unit. If the lace front wig you purchase is 100% human hair it will typically last you between 2 to 3 years. Also, the type of lace you buy is a huge factor in how long your frontal wig will last you. HD lace wigs are perfect for a more realistic look but, due to the fact that the lace is very flimsy they tend to deteriorate sooner than that of a regular transparent lace wig.

On the other end of the spectrum some women do like the idea of purchasing a synthetic lace front unit. Synthetic lace frontal typically last for about six months to 1 year, all depending on how you care for the unit.

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How can we store lace front wig while not using

There are a couple steps that you want to carry through with when it comes down to storing your lace front wigs the proper way.

Remove excess dirt from wig

The first thing you want do is make sure that your wig is clean before storing it, a lot of the time dirt and oil will build up on your wig and once stored it’ll be very hard to clean afterwards. We suggest using as little product as possible to not weigh down on the natural fibers of your lace front wig.

Store wig in a cool area

Do you want to avoid storing your wig in direct sunlight? This tip also means avoiding areas with excess heat. Sometimes dry or excessively hot areas will cause your lace front wig to dry out and become more prone to tangling. When the hairs on your lace front wig become, dry this can also lead to split ends and breakage and we want to ensure that our lace front wigs last for a very long time. So, always remember to store your wig in a dry cool area in your home.

Place a Hair Net Over the Wig.

Most of the time your lace front wig will come with a protective hairnet over the unit, this ensures that the hair is tangle free and protected from any outside harmful chemicals.

If for any reason your lace front wig did not come with a hairnet luckily, they sell plenty of them at your local beauty supply stores. Adding the hairnet over the hair before storing it will act as an extra layer of protection over the lace front wig.

Can a lace front wig damage your hair?

Yes, lace front wigs can damage your hair if not applied onto your forehead properly. Often people forget that the methods that we choose when it comes to applying our frontal have a Lot to do with how it will affect our natural hair. You’ll hear stories of women often saying that they have allergic reactions to wig glue and certain adhesives. Wearing lace front wigs can cause a lot of tension on your hairline which can result in thin edges or hair loss.

Some tips that hairstylists have been telling customers is to first take a skin test, this will allow you to know if you have sensitive allergies or reactions to certain materials and adhesives. Next if you notice your hairline is thinning try applying your lace front wig behind your hairline or using elastic straps or wig caps. Using these methods will help relieve a lot of the tension placed on your hair. Lastly, what can help your natural hair the most is not excessively using your lace front wig, not only will this help your unit last longer but it will help put less stress on your natural edges.

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What’s the difference between lace front wigs and 360 lace wigs?

Lace front wigs are wing units that have the lake specifically only placed in the front. Sometimes the lease will go from ear to ear or just from the middle of your forehead. These wigs will provide the illusion of a natural hairline and are a lot less expensive than that of a 360-lace wig.

Now, with a 360-lace wig it has lace that goes around the whole perimeter of the wig cap. These wigs give you multiple options such as being able to place it in a ponytail or do middle parts all throughout the wig. Since 360 lace wigs use a little bit more material the price is more expensive than a regular lace front unit. You have the option to place your 360-lace wig into a low ponytail, high ponytail, or side braids.

When it comes down to applying these two separate wigs to your hair, we can say that lace front wigs are a lot more beginner friendly. If you were someone who is familiar with applying wigs 360 lace units would be better for you.

what is different between a “glue-less lace front wig” and a ordinary lace front wig?

A Glue-less lace front wig can be applied to your hair without the use of any extra glue or adhesives. Typically, the way you create these units is by individually hand knotting every strand of hair all over the wig. An ordinary lace front wig is a unit that wall need extra help when applying to your head. ordinary lace front wigs are the most common in women typically use gorilla glue or wig tape to secure it properly onto their head. Of course, plenty of women love the hassle-free process of a glue less lace front wig, but sometimes they are hard to come by and will definitely cost more in price. You’ll see that more older women tend to buy glue less lace front wigs due to how easy they are to apply, and more younger women will purchase ordinary lace front wigs that way they can do their own customization.

What is the average cost of lace front wig

The average lace front wig costs around $350 but that price can increase all the way to $2000 depending on quality and hair texture. The type of hair that you choose will definitely play a huge part on the price. Synthetic lace front wigs typically average between $50 and $150, but when it comes down to human hair wigs the price will always be a bit higher due to how long they last. We always suggest that you pay higher prices for higher quality because at the end of the day you get out what you put in to your wig.
Another huge factor that comes into play is how much lace is in your unit. Lace frontal will be a lot cheaper than 360 lace wigs. But full lace wigs are the most expensive because they give you the option to style your hair in any which way. When picking the right lace wig for you think about two things, versatility and hair quality once you figure out which one is right for you, you’ll have no problem spending the necessary money for your lace front wig.

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