Everything You Need To Know About Mink Brazilian Hair

everything about mink Brazilian hair

What is mink hair?

Mink hair is one of the most sought after texture nationally and internationally. Mink hair is diverse due to its durability, density, and softness offering luxurious body and a natural shine unlike many other textures. All cuticles flow in a consistent direction and has a tapered end allowing it to look natural. It offers medium to low luster and resistant to frizz because of its density.

Everyone seems to be a little obsessed with the new craze of mink hair, and we do not blame them. Think about it this way, imagine a lovely mink coat, but for your head. Full, frizz and tangle free, extremely thick, yeah we know, hair goals!

Mink hair is top rated for one of the best for African American Women.

Why choose mink Brazilian hair?

10a mink Brazilian hair


This is by far one of the top reasons you should choose Mink Braizilian Hair. Mink hair is extremely strong.

Luster and shine

Mink hair mimics the natural shine of real hair, making it ideal for every woman!


Mink hair is known to be the highest-quality of virgin human hair. Mink hair is extremely thick, full, and longer than your virgin hair options. Like all virgin hair, mink hair also has all the follicles flowing in the same direction. When combined with the softness, it’s clear why mink hair is tangle resistant, which makes it easier to comb and wash your hair extensions.


Quality mink hair extensions may last up to three years if taken care of properly. In addition to the lustrous deep color, mink accepts coloring phenomenally if you choose to color your extensions. So if you are shopping for high-quality hair extensions that last years and can be treated as if it were your own hair, mink brazilian hair is the obvious choice for you.

Where does mink Brazilian hair come from?

A lot of customers ask where mink brazilian hair comes from, each unit is taken from only one donor, by doing so we are sure that all the cuticles are intact. Many

How to properly care for mink hair?

Washing your mink Brazilian hair extensions

wash mink Brazilian hair

Be sure to wash your hair once a week. Make sure you wash it after exercising, swimming, or when you are dealing with dirt circulating in the air, due to the dust and sweat making the hair tangle.

Comb hair with a wide tooth comb or finger tips to detangle the hair.

Dip into warm water

Apply a small amount of shampoo into your hand and from end working up.

Wash hair gently, and rinse thoroughly until all of your shampoo is removed, now squeeze out excess water.

Apply conditioner from end to root, allowing it to sit for five minutes.

Detangle any knots

Rinse out conditioner, making sure it is removed.

Squeeze out excess water, blot with your towel, and dry hair.

Be gentle with your extensions

When caring, brushing, and styling your hair extensions prevents your hair from shedding and eventually falling out. Use a soft-bristled brush, and brush from end to root slowly as you work your way up. We always say, “ treat your extensions like its your own hair”.

Wash with hair care products made for hair weave

Wash your extensions according to your daily routine and activities, although we do not suggest that you wash them more than three times a week. Because extensions do not receive the natural oils from your scalp as your natural hair would, moisturizing hair products will replenish the moisture shampooing will take away.

Always use heat protectant

Always use a heat protectant on your hair extensions to avoid the risk of heat damage you may cause when using hot tools to style your hair.

Deep conditioning

Try to make a routine of deep conditioning your extensions once a week. Carefully place your extensions in lukewarm water and apply conditioner. Leave on for about twenty minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Keep your ends trimmed

Yes, extensions get split ends too! To avoid the split ends moving up the hair shaft, trim the ends every six to ten weeks. You can opt to do them yourself or bring them to a professional.

Is there a difference between mink hair and Brazilian hair?

mink hair

Mink Brazilian hair and Brazilian hair are very similar, there is little to no difference. They are both from a single hair donor, although Brazilian hair is a tad bit stronger than the Brazilian Mink Hair. They both carry the same heaviness and density. Mink Brazilian hair is known to be softer, silkier, and more luxurious when compared.

Is mink hair the same as raw hair?

No, they are different. They are both human hair, however mink hair goes through a process of being washed, conditioned, and steamed to make the hair soft and bouncy.

What are the mink hair texture?

Mink hair comes in a variety of textures including: jerry curl, body wave, loose waves, deep wave, and silky straight.

Who are the best Brazilian mink hair vendors?

If you are looking for the best vendors, you have to the right place, Ballice Virgin Hair offers many options! We specialize in offering mink extensions of the highest quality.

Pros of mink Brazilian hair

Tangle free

Shed free

Gathered from one manufacturer


Low to medium lustre

Frizz resistant due to its thickness

Hold curls for a long time

Enhances women beauty

Thicker than 8A grade brazilian hair extension

Luxurious and soft with a natural looking sheem

Healthy virgin hair that is unprocessed

Last for up to three years

Where can I find mink hair reviews?

mink hair weave

There is no special forum for mink reviews. Mink hair reviews look like everyday hair reviews. The only distinction is id the merchant sells mink hair. Try finding someone reputable offering great customer service and products.


When choosing Mink Brazilian hair extension you're purchasing the best quality hair weave! Offering fuller, thicker, softer hair that you’ve always dreamed of, who doesn’t want that?

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