Deep Curly Hair: Complete Guide to Features, Maintenance, Pros, Cons and More

what is deep curly hair

Are you looking for a transformed hair look? Get yourself deep curly hair that you will love for sure. This is one of the hairstyles that is gaining popularity for its styling versatility. Many people transform their look by getting deep curls from hair professionals. Moreover, the same hairstyle is also available in hair extensions. You can hitch the look either way. 

This article will get you through the details of deep curly hair, getting a perfect style, and maintaining them. 

What is Deep Curly Hair?

Deep curly hair is one of the transformation looks that can be achieved easily. The curls are a bit tighter than general deep weaves. These waves give a beautiful, healthy look with a lot of sheens. 

The deep curly hair is created with an innovative texture and volume to mimic the African-American's natural hair. The texture of this hairstyle is fluffy and appears relatively thick compared to other types of curls. It is one of the best solutions to repair damaged hair without any chemicals. Moreover, it is an ideal hairstyle for people with thin hair or bald patches. The deep curly hair adds extra volume and length to the natural hair giving it a natural look. 

However, most people get confused about deep curls and deep weaves. To differentiate between them, here are both the hairstyles explained well. 

Features of Deep Curly Hair 

Deep curly hair has features that help distinguish them from other types. Here are some attributes of deep curls:

  •  Deep curly hair ensures strong curls that give a powerful appearance to all hair types. 
  •  The deep curls give thickness to your natural hair without damaging its condition.
  •  They add extra volume and length to your natural hair and easily blend with your personality. 
  •  There is no need for chemicals to use on the hair to keep them in shape. 
  •  The curly hairs are easy to maintain with a few tips. Moreover, you can extend their life with a few tips. 
  •  They give you a beautiful glamorous look and matchless energy and confidence. 

Deep Curly Hair VS  Deep Waves

deep wave vs deep curly

Both types of hair are perfect on their own. Here are a few differences between these two:

1: Curl pattern

Both the curly hair has curl patterns that are similar but different as well. Deep waves are loose curls that are wavy and give a bouncy look. On the other hand, the curl pattern of deep curly hair is a bit tighter than the other curl types. At first glance, for the newbies, both the curls look alike.

2: Hair maintenance 

Both curls need proper maintenance for an extended period. Curly hair gets tangled and gets tighter with time. Despite looking like the famous kinky and string curls, they require maintenance and special care. Any curls or protective hairstyle come with some side effects. One of the side effects of curls is dryness and hair frizziness. The curls get pretty fragile with time, so they need proper care to stay in their shape. 

3: Thickness

Both types of curls vary in their thickness, and it is one of the evident features that are useful in their distinction. Deep curly hair has tiny and tight curl patterns but appears thick and gives extra volume. On the other hand, the deep waves are less thick but have a beautiful texture that complements every hair type. 

How to Maintain Deep Curly Hair? 

The best way to keep them in the right form and shape for longer is by caring for your curls, just like your naturally straight hair. Here are a few things that you must consider while taking care of the deep curly hair:

1: No heat

Avoid heating your curls; otherwise, you will loosen the curl's real shape. In addition, you may destroy them if given extra heat than required. Hence, try to style your hair naturally without using any heating equipment and hair-setting products such as hair spray and hair gel.

2: Washing

Washing is a critical step of every protective hairstyle. Use a clarifying shampoo to clean the curls. Moreover, you must wash your hair with residue-free shampoo after swimming to remove any chemical residues. Do not keep the moisture for long as it can result in bacterial or fungal infection. 

3: Sleeping

Cover your head while sleeping. Use a silk headscarf or a satin cap to cover the curls. It will keep them in shape for a long period without damaging their quality. In addition, it will keep them safe from dust, lint, and other residues from the environment. 

4: Scrubbing

Scrubbing is a good idea to keep your curls healthy and fresh. It is a mandatory step to remove the dirt, oil, and residues. Use a mild scrub and massage on the head scalp for a long. Then, rinse the curls with enough water to remove the scrub particles from the head. 

5: Combing

Combing is a necessary step to keep your curls clean. Hence use a good brush or tail comb to comb your curls. Brush the hair gently to improve its length, volume and overall growth. A gentle comb will reduce the stress and detangle the hair easily.

Pros and Cons of Having Deep Curly Hair

Here are a few pros and cons of having deep curly hair as your iconic hairstyle:


1: Wash and go

The hairstyle is low maintenance as you will not need extra time to style them. You will wash your hair and be ready to go anywhere with your natural look—no need to style them using hair equipment and hair fixing solutions.

2: Several looks

One of the biggest advantages of having this style is its adaptability. Wearing your hair with a cute headband is enough to give your hair a new look. Likewise, they are easy to carry with minimal hair accessories. Furthermore, you can tie them and hitch several looks according to your costume demand.

3: Easy to notice

The curly hair gene is a recessive trait of the genes that don't appear in all individuals. Individuals who are fans of wavy hair can easily get deep curly hair and get attention wherever they want.


1: Humidity

The deep curly hair has a demerit that they don't look good in humid weather. Your hair will look sticky and flatten after excessive sweating, and hence, it is not a weather-friendly hairstyle. So, you will need some extra effort to make them look good in humid weather.

2: No straightening

The deep curls can't be undone as they are not easy to straighten. People with light wavy hair can get new hair by dead straightening.

3: Shrinkage

The curls have a disadvantage that they don't reveal the real length of the hair. If you have lengthy hair, it will still look medium length due to excessive shrinkage on this hairstyle.

To sum up, curly hair looks good, and they last more than 12 months if taken great care of. Complete your part of the research about deep curly hair and approach a perfectionist to get the desired look.




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