Why People Choose Curly Human Hair Wigs?

curly human hair wig

For as long as I can remember curly hair has been a virtue, especially among women in the African American community. With the rise of hair weave and hair extension sales we must make sure we are staying up to date on the latest trends and what our consumers want the most. We are steadily noticing that the top texture that our ladies love to choose is curly human hair. Not only are they opting for the beautiful curls but also for the option of having them made into wigs. Now, you’re probably wondering what makes curly human hair wigs so great, and all we have to say is, EVERYTHING. You have the option of wetting and styling your tresses, trying multiple hairstyles, and having to deal with less maintenance. We figured why not inform you all in an amazing blog post. Whether you’re thinking of buying a closure, Frontal, or bundles, we are going to tell you the top reasons women love choosing curly human hair wigs.

Easy maintenance

That has everyone running to buy curly hair extensions is the easy maintenance. Whether it’s your natural hair or human extensions all curly ends require one important product and that is conditioner. Curly hair can be a little drier than most textures which means we will need to lock the moisture in ten times as fast and make it last. Leave in conditioner will literally be your best friend. you don’t need a lot to keep your curls looking tight, try to squeeze a dime size into your palm and spread thoroughly on and into the wig. Now, with curly human hair wigs they do tend to get a bit frizzy, but the great thing is it’s hard to notice, if anything it looks more natural the less neat or perfect that it is. Another positive is that curly hair is less likely to shed compared to straight or wavy human extensions. Usually when weave sheds you constantly must trim or cut the ends, and this causes you the life expectancy of the weave to decrease. You can pretty much guarantee that with curly human hair wigs you can throw it on and go about your day with no extra hassle.

Simple to style & easily versatile

curly hair lace wig

Styling your curly human hair wig could not get any easier. Some important hair tools you will need include a wide tooth comb and your fingertips. That’s right you don’t want to get caught up using brushes when dealing with your curly human hair this is recipe for disaster. You want to avoid breakage at all costs, if you brush the hair to vigorously this can cause strands to shed faster than intended. You don’t want to brush your precious curls away, so running through the wig with your fingertips or a wide tooth comb will protect the hair. If you feel like the curls are getting out of control and it is beginning to tangle or knot up too easily, your best bet is to detangle the hair when it is wet. This method will minimize shedding and excessive hair loss. After the detangling process you can choose to air dry the curls or use a blow dryer and diffuser. The diffuser will help dry the hair gently and at a slow rate without causing heat damage. Using a diffuser also decreases the chances for frizz to occur. And remember you don’t have to over dry, once you get most of the water out of the hair let the rest air dry, this will help your curls appear more natural.

Go-To trendy hairstyle

You can almost guarantee that when you purchase any type of curly human hair you will be staying on top of the latest hair trends. Curly hair is a go-to style and since it requires little to no styling you can plop it on top of your head and leave the house with ease. Celebrities from Beyoncé, SZA, Rihanna and many more have been seen wearing luxurious curls so what more motivation do we really need? The number one reason women love curly hair is due to how natural it looks. Sometimes we want to protect our own curls so what better way to do that, then buy rocking some curly extensions. No one wants to sit around straightening their hair alway. Imagine how simple it would be to spray your hair with leave in conditioner or oil and calling it a day. If you’re someone who fears stepping out of their comfort zone and want to wear a consistent look that is still in style you can in no way go wrong with a curly human hair wig.

Curly hair is less expensive than straight

curly hair weave

Finally, our go-to reason for choosing curly wigs are the price point. Surprisingly curly human hair wigs are less expensive than straight ones. A lot of the time extra chemical processing is used to make straight hair attain its form. Since curly hair is natural it doesn’t undergo any extra chemical treatment which makes the process easy, thus making the price more costly. Another reason is due to lace, for the most part curly wigs won’t need a lace hair line because the curls will cover your head anyways. Lace frontals make the cost of wigs go up tremendously, and now you won’t have to worry about it too much since curly wigs look natural all on its own. Now depending on the type of hair (Malaysian, Peruvian, Brazilian, etc) the price will steadily increase no matter if there are curls in it or not. But since curly hair is easier to come by us are showing a constant price point for this texture. Since we all love saving money here and there, we encourage you to test these wig units out and purchase one for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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