Why Brazilian Body Wave Hair Is The Go-To Style For Versatility

Brazilian hair body wave

Is body wave hair really that great?

If you find yourself on the market looking for some bomb, versatile hair, Brazilian Body Wave is the way to go. Brazilian Hair Extensions blend well African American hair phonomanly due to the hairs “in-between” texture. It's not to thin and not to thick, while it is not on the coarser side but it's not soft and offers some texture and grip. Body Wave offers the perfect amount of luster, sheen and shiny look that synthetic hair offers. This texture offers wavy hair, volumized body wave, curls that look naturally real, or straight hair.

Coming from the pacific of Brazil, ranging in various natural hair colors and numerous lengths Brazilian Body Wave Weave will be sure to satisfy your hair goal needs. Want to know if Body Wave Hair is really that great, keep reading!

Characteristics of Brazilian body wave hair

Brazilian weave are versatile, including full body, various texture, and luxurious bounce.

The various textures are sought after throughout the world, including wavy, curly, and straight although brazilian hair is not “bone straight”, is always has light curves and or waves throughout them.

The hair also holds and maintains curls well while being soft and smooth with minimum frizz.

Brazilian Body Wave Hair also has a natural “beach wave” to it that is a hugely popular trend this year.

This hair is thick, allowing women with thinner hair to achieve fuller looks, by adding texture, waves, and volume to your hair.

Body wave

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Body wave hair weave is always the most popular hairstyle for women around the world. Body wave hair has the desired “S” shaped curl pattern, resulting in loose curls that create the desired wave pattern. Body Wave Hair can be worn in various ways including naturally curl, bone straight, or curled to your desire and preference. It can also be colored or bleached to any color with proper care. It also blends well with any type of texture, this is the reason why body wave hair is popular amongst African American women.

The curls of body wave hair is relaxed. It is the common medium between straight and curly.

Loose wave

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Loose wave hair is curlier and wavyer. When compared to body wave hair, the curl pattern of loose wave is tighter and smaller. Loose wave looks natural and fluffy, this is why women love the curl pattern. Loose wave extensions curl pattern is curlier than body wave hair extensions and do not flow in the same direction adding some messiness to the curls. Loose wave hair is extremely luxurious due to its shine. Its luster known to be medium to high prior to washing the extensions. After washing the hair, it tends to lose some sheen and returns to a more natural look.

Pros of wearing wavy hair

As you can probably already noticed, there are many pros to having wavy hair installed.

Wavy hair offers the natural beachy wave everyone is dying for this year!

Wavy hair tends to take years of with its youthfulness. There’s just something about wavy hair that looks effortless, youthful, and has a carefree vibe. The mixture of deep tones, great volume, and thick texture, with a hint of wildness creates a look that works for any face shape or age group.

It's really easy to style! Wavy hair flows effortlessly and stays there with the right products.

Versatile looks you can achieve with Brazilian body wave

Wet and wavy

Who doesn’t love the wet and wavy look? With quality brazilian hair, achieving this look is easier than you think. Using a water bottle, lightly spray your bundles with water.

Afterward, use a gel-based curl definer and apply it throughout your hair bringing it down to the ends. Finger comb and tousle your bundles until you achieve the amount of waves you desire.

Defined waves

These type of waves are mostly worn for the more glamorous occasions. Offering a soft, sleek, and elegant look Brazilian Body Waves are an obvious choice for this look because it does not require much effort to achieve or maintain this look.

Due to its luster, manageability, and sheen, Braizilian Body Wave is a favorite among women.

Sleek straight hair

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What woman doesn’t like to switch it up every once in a while? With wavy hair you have the opportunity to do so with no problems. Brazilian hair offers an uncompared durability allows the use of hot iron hair tools to straighten the hair as if it were your own,

Also, when you decide you want to go back to your wavy style, shampoo the hair gently shampoo the hair, condition, and allow it to air dry.

How to maintain those waves

Treat them as if they were your own hair, doing so will allow longevity and remove any opportunity of your bungles getting tangled or matted.

Always finger comb the hair to allow less friction and snagging, Use a wide tooth comb, smooth down with your paddle brush, and style your hair.

Use gentle shampoos and products on your bundles. When washing your bundles, wash from root to end, and avoid rubbing the hair, rinse thoroughly.

After washing thoroughly and the water is clear, apply a decent amount of hair conditioner, this is dependent upon the length and fullness. Use a wide tooth comb to evenly disperse the conditioner. Let is sit for fifteen minutes.

Use heat protectors when you use heat tools.

Do not sleep with wet hair, air dry your hair.

Use curlers, a wand, or flexi rods.

Use a carrier oil when curling your hair wet or damp.


If you’re looking for something versatile offering bouncy, luxurious, thick hair you came to the right place! We offer the top of the line Brazilian Body Wave hair bundles. Our bundles blend well with most hair types, and is offered in various textures including: wavy, curly, and straight. When investing in quality hair bundles, remember you are paying for quality and these bundles are oftentimes reusable. To find your perfect match, compare the hair texture and colors. You can count on us for the top of the line Brazilian Hair Bundles allowing you to achieve the look you desire!

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