The 8 Best Blonde Hair Ideas On Dark Skin

blonde hair on dark skin

Who said blonde hair doesn’t look good on brown skin girls? Have you found yourself on the fence about going blonde but unsure which hue is for you? No worries, we got you! For too many years dark-skinned women and girls believed that they could not rock blonde hair. However, today blonde hair on dark skin women is a common thing and we are here for the look. The mixture of dark and light is always eye-catching and balances each other out.

If you are on the fence about which blonde you choose, we suggest that you try temporary styles like bundles, wigs, or braids. By doing so you can see how the color looks against your complexion. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about blonde hair on dark skin.

How Do I Choose the Best Blonde Shade on My Dark Skin

While you can choose any shade of blonde for your skin tone, some hues are better than others. If you aren’t looking for anything drastic, follow these tips below to find your perfect hue of blonde for your skin tone.

* Platinum Blonde Color – This color is perfect for darker skin tones with a golden tint. Platinum blonde hair is also suitable for very dark skin tones.
* Ash Blonde Color – Great contrast, for medium to darker skin tones.
* Natural Blonde Color – Looks great on pretty much every dark complexion.
* Beige Blond Color – This is a good color when opting for highlights or strips of color. It gives great depth and dimension to dark skin.
* Honey Blonde Color – A very common color for dark skin tones. Honey blonde is perfect for women with medium to dark skin tones.

Figure Out Your Undertone


Another way to figure out with the hue of blonde is perfect for your skin tone is by figuring out what your undertone is. Not every shade of blonde will look good on you due to the shade of the blonde. As dark skin people, there are so many shades and you will need a way to figure out the best blonde color for you. For example, warm undertones are complimentary to warm blonde hair hues.
Here is an easy effective way to figure out your undertone. These three simple questions will help you figure it out.

1.Are you a fan of gold jewelry? If so, you most likely have warm undertones
2.Are you a fan of silver jewelry? If so, you most likely have cool undertones
3.Do you like silver and gold jewelry? If so, you most likely have a neutral undertone

How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair

When purchasing your blonde hair bundles, we understand the last thing you would want to deal with is dry, tangled, matted hair. Blonde hair is known for drying out when not moisturized properly. So, you will need to make sure your bundles are moisturized as often as possible. The best way to make sure your bundles are moisturized is by using a color-safe, sulfate-free hair conditioner. Here are a few more tips to maintain your blonde hair.

1. Your extension requires a hair mask once a month.
2. Your extensions require oil, but not too much oil.
3. Use heat protectants on your hair extensions when using hot tools.
4. Try to avoid chlorine on your hair extensions, chlorine is known to dry out and sometimes discolor blonde colors.
5. Start slowly, maybe try highlights or an ombre effect instead of all-over hair color.

Ideas Blonde Styles for Dark Skin

Platinum Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin

Platinum blonde hair on dark skin is one thousand percent true perfection. Platinum blonde hair looks gorgeous on dark skin due to its icy white tint in contrast to dark skin pigment. If you have a warm undertone, try a platinum color with a yellow tint.

blonde hair on dark skin


Golden Auburn Hair Color on Dark Skin


Golden auburn hues are a perfect amount of blonde and brown mixture without going overboard. If you aren’t the type of person to choose anything drastic but you want a noticeable blonde, this color is a perfect option.

Golden Auburn Hair Color

Long Creamy Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin


Creamy blonde is a very natural-looking blonde on dark skin. This color looks good when styled either colored or straight on dark skin tones.

Creamy blonde hair

Dark Roots, Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin


dark root blonde hair

Dark roots with blonde hair are such a natural-looking option. The contrast between both cascading down is perfect. Once you try it, you will never go back. Women with dark skin, dark roots, and blonde bundles are winning.

Ash Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin

 Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash-blonde hair is best known for its gray-like tint. In addition to the popularity of gray hair color, this color looks great on nearly all skin tones.

Golden or Honey Hair Color on Dark Skin


Golden or Honey Hair Color

This color is a got to color for people with warmer skin tones. Although usually seen on warmer skin tones, this color is beautiful on dark skin tones as well. Additionally, this color looks great all over, Ombre, or even as all-over highlights.


Beach Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin

 Beach Blonde Hair Color

The best thing about beach blonde hair is the ability to adjust it to something warmer, cooler, darker, or lighter, totally up to your preference.


Natural Blonde Hair Color on Dark Skin

Natural Blonde Hair Color 

This hair color is just as it says it is, a natural blonde. This color hair has no extra dimensions or brass. This color is for someone who is looking to jump into the world of blonde hair without anything extra.


Blondes Just Want to Have Fun


No matter the color hue you choose, blonde hair looks impeccable on dark skin! Remember your hair is a reflection of who you are. If you’re looking for a variety of blonde hair colors, be sure to check our collection of blonde wigs and bundles. Have you found the perfect hue of blonde for your skin tone? What color is it and how did you find it?

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