9 Reasons a Black Girl With Blonde Hair Will Never Go Out of Style


Okay, we get it! You want to turn on the style and show the whole world your signature look, but you also want to know it’s going to hit all the right notes. With fashions coming and going faster than many of us can keep up with, finding something that’s effortlessly glamorous is what it’s all about.

Not sure how to do it? Well, did you know that a black girl with blonde hair can create a dozen different looks, all of which are sure to catch the eye? Keep reading to find out why that is, how you can do the same, and get some exclusive hints and tips you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s dive right in…

The right shade of blonde takes years off your look

black girl with blonde hair

If you want to turn on the style and put the eyes of the whole room on you, there’s no better way to do it than by being the black girl with blonde hair who steals the show. You’ll look glamorous, elegant, and you’ll take years off your look all at the same time.

Why does that matter? Because when you look a few years younger you’ll feel a few years younger! It’s the perfect way to give yourself the energy and self-confidence to go out there and wow everyone you meet. One day it could be as the host of the party of the year, the next it could be giving a winning presentation that the whole company takes notice of. No matter what you have in mind, with the right shade of blonde to match your skin tone, there’ll be nothing you can’t do!

Dark skin and light hair is a match made in Heaven

black girl with blonde hair

Bringing out the depth and clarity of your skin tone is what being a black girl with blonde hair is all about, so why settle for anything less? We live in a world where you should be proud of who you are and ready to show the world what you have to offer. Your skin tone is a core part of your identity, which means you should be able to put it in the spotlight in your own personal way.

By choosing blonde hair over all the other colors out there, you’re deciding that you want to celebrate a stunning contrast. Dark skin, light hair, and an outfit to match are what you need here. Put them together in perfect harmony and you’ll be able to stand back and fall in love with the person you see in the mirror. You know you want to…

With the right lace, your hairline will look stunning

black girl with blonde hair -03
The key to being the black girl with blonde hair who has it all is to choose a premium wig that makes you feel at ease from the moment it arrives. There’s so many options out there, which means it’s so important to stay well away from budget options and low grade imitations.

You want your hairline to look truly stunning from every angle, which is where we come in handy! Our lace fronted wigs have an invisible style of fit that leaves you with a look that’s effortlessly natural. You’ll be picking a bright, bold, and vibrant color, which means getting it to blend effortlessly into your hairline is vital. Shop our range to get the right fit for you, and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try us sooner!

613 hair is perfect for making waves in more ways than one!


Want to be the black girl with blonde hair who turns on the style like no one else in the neighborhood? It’s not all about straight blonde hair right now you know. If you want to get noticed, why don’t you start making waves!

Wavy blonde hair is the style of the moment in 2021, and beyond, which means it’s ready and waiting for you to do your thing. If you’ve read this far then it’s safe to say that you know true style when you see it, and you definitely know why 613 hair is the right choice for you. Combine the light, vibrant look it has to offer with some free-flowing waves and there’ll be nothing stopping you.

When you pick the right wig cap, everything falls right into place


Staying in fashion as a black girl with blonde hair isn’t just about looking at what the crowd are doing, it’s also about get those all-important fine details exactly right. To make sure your stylish new addition works perfectly with the rest of your look, you’re going to want to add a wig cap, but not just any wig cap!

You need to make sure your choice of cap matches your wig’s lace as well as your scalp, otherwise it’s just not going to hit the mark. If in doubt, pop a message over to the experts and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Blonde hair is iconic, regardless of your skin color

You only have to go back through history to see all the beautiful women with blonde hair to know that this is a collection of shades everyone loves. Just because black girls with blonde hair don’t occur naturally doesn’t mean you should have to miss out.

For decades the fashion world thought that a black girl with blonde hair just wouldn’t pull it off, but do you know what, they were wrong! Your skin color is to be celebrated and your hair color can be whatever you want it to be. If you want to go blonde right now, you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons.

Care for your 613 hair the right way and it’ll last for years

Washing by hand, leaving to air dry, and choosing the right shampoo are going to make the world of difference when you want your look to stay fresh. A gentle circular motion that sponges a low pH shampoo into your wig once a week is all it takes. Follow this up with a thorough rinse and leave your hairpiece to air dry away from any heat sources for a look that never fades. Perfect when you want to make sure you’re the black girl with blonde hair who has it all, no matter how long you decide to keep your new favorite shade going.

It’s not just the celebrities who love this stunning look

Nicki Minaj might be the face that pops into your head when you try to picture a black girl with blonde hair, but she’s just the tip of the iceberg. Going blonde isn’t seen as a crazy, eccentric thing to do anymore for women of color — it’s a trend that’s accelerating all the time.

You don’t want to be someone who follows the crowd for the sake of it, but knowing that millions of other women love your look is enough to give you that extra burst of confidence. From there you can experiment and get creative with everything from waves to bobs, and create looks that just a few years ago would have been reserved for artists and creatives looking to be different.

You deserve the freedom to express your style, your way


As a black girl with blonde hair you’re exercising your right to create any type of look you want, and that’s something the whole world should celebrate. You now know how to find the right wig cap, how to take years off your look, why waves are so in fashion; plus a whole host of other things about the wonderful world of 613 hair.

You also know how confident you’ll feel, and how inspiring it’ll be, when you find the right shade of blonde to sit against your stunning skin. You can do this, and you’re never going out of style girl!

Final thoughts
Now you know that as a black girl with blonde hair you’re never going to go out of style, it’s over to you to create something truly stunning. Explore our range, work through our hints and tips, and then take your pick when you’re ready to wow the world. All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy the ride as you get ready to turn on the style like never before. Trust us, we know you’ve got this!

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