What are the Best Ideas for Black and Blonde Hair? A complete guide.

Black and Blonde Hair

Hair color is all about fun and experimenting with different looks on your hair with time. Want to look different? Get another hair. Bring a change to your life with a new haircut followed by a trending shade. You can choose from black to blonde hair depending upon your style, personality, and facial features. Trends keep on changing with the new year, so it is an excellent approach to go for a new shade with the new year and feel fantastic once in a while.

Blonde honey is one of the trendy hair shades of this year. From Kylie to Hailey Bieber, most girls have opted for this perfect blonde shade for their hair because hair matters. While some have decided to hitch this golden hue, and some might be searching for the correct shade, remember that the switch from black to blond hair always brings a huge change, so it also takes more time and consideration for the black and brown folks.

Other than going all blond, there are also different styles of going blond. For instance, black hair with blonde highlights, dark roots with highlights, blonde hair with black highlights, and black and blonde streaks in hair also looks good on all women with different skin tones and hair lengths.

What is black and blonde hair?

First things first, what is the black and blonde hair trend? Black blonde hair color combines both the blonde and black hues. Typically, black hair supports the base with blonde highlights in this trendy hairstyle—great contrast of clashing brightness with the darker shade styles flexibly, so it doesn't look odd.

If you are thinking of switching from darker to blonde hair, proper consultation and research are necessary to carry on the process. Likewise, if you want to lighten your jet black tone, search for the right shade according to your skin tone, hair texture, and your personality. Perform enough research about the shades because they can damage your hair. Moreover, their upkeep also depends on how you play with hair colors. Highlights and Ombre require less maintenance than other black and blonde hairstyles.

What are the different shades of blonde?


There's a wide range of blonde highlights to form

  1.  Platinum
  2.  caramel
  3.  champagne
  4.  Dirty
  5.  honey
  6.  ash
  7.  Bl-orange
  8.  Strawberry
  9.  cream
  10.  ice
  11.  rose gold
  12.  Vanilla
  13.  bronde
  14.  bleached
  15.  Buttery
  16.  golden
  17.  sun-kissed and many more.

It is good to consult your colorist to check out what shade will go well according to your personality. 

The hair fashion industry is versatile. With new trends, the hair trends also keep on changing. But, the fact is that black and blonde hair belongs to the universal hairstyles category. The time doesn't stand still, and new ideas keep bombarding the minds of folks. Recent advancements include black and blonde short hair, blonde hues for medium hair, thin texture hair, and curly hair.

What steps should we do first to go from black to blonde?

While going from black to blond hair, there are a few steps that you must consider: 

1: Find the right colorist

The first step in coloring the hair is finding the best hairstylist or colorist who explicitly understands your hair needs. A hairstylist knows well how to play with the colors that look good with the hair length and skin tone without damaging the hair texture and volume. 

2: Find your shade


Although being blonde is all fun, it is essential to decide what you want. There is a vast range of shades and hair ideas for black and blonde hair. To choose the best shade of blonde, try out the shades card to find out what works for your skin tone. It is also essential to be mindful of hair maintenance. As with bleach and other harsh chemicals, more hair maintenance is required. Warmer tones of blond are easy to carry and require less upkeep while giving you trendy blonde hair. 

3: Be mindful of the texture

If going all blonde, keep in mind that it comes with severe damage to the hair. Everything is damaged, from the volume of the hair to the hair texture. With a brighter blonde tone, the damage is more significant. Keep the color to the warmer spectrum to avoid potential damage. A light color in access amount dries out the moisture and leaves your strands brittle. 

4: Prep and protect your hair

One of the most critical steps of hair transformation is to prep your hair for receiving the required color. Adding color to your hair causes severe damage, and it is essential to prep your hair before getting the treatment. A few treatments help keep the hair healthy and safe such as deep conditioners, bond-building therapies, and hair protein treatment. These prior hair color treatments help in bond-building and locking the moisture and also act as a primer for the services. 

Trendy Black and Blonde Hair Ideas

Black and blonde hair is the universal hair color that everyone likes. Honey blonde is a black and blonde hair 2021 trend that will be followed in 2022 for sure due to its much likeness and uniqueness. There are many hairstyles that you can use to carry your hair well.

1: Black and short blonde hair


The Black and blonde hair trend is the universal hair color that looks good on both short and long hair. The Black and blonde color looks so cool on the short length, and the only difference is the combo effect on the shorter hair.
Active and rebellious women will love this creative blonde hair with a short haircut. The benefit of this hair idea is that it is easy to manage—no heat is required for styling the hair. Moreover, less color on short hair and hence more hair damage.

2: Long black and blonde hair ombre


Ombre hair is the most remarkable trend that looks best on all hair lengths. There is a huge misconception that this hairstyle only looks good on short hair, but it is not valid. Find the right combination of hues and mesmerize your long hair with the hair gradient according to your taste.

Advantages: One of the best advantages of opting for this hair tone is that it aids extra-ordinary hair volume. Hair looks healthy than usual. Moreover, the chemicals used on the hair don't reach the scalp, so less damage is done to the virgin hair. Ombre hairstyle also has comprehensive options to choose from.

According to your hair texture and length, go for long wavy hair or loose Ombre curls with warm highlights. Spice up your hair with blonde streaks that look amazing, giving the balanced brightening effect with a dark skin tone.

3: Black hair with blonde highlights


One of the favorite hairstyles for black and blonde hair is bright blonde highlights. If you are not a fan of colorful highlights, go light with subtler highlights and warm undertones. 

Many women love playing with the colors of highlights, so it is best to get the gradient with warmer tones. You can choose the right color for your hair according to your personality, style, and comfort level. 

4: Black roots and blonde hair


There are different ideas to go blonde with your virgin hair, keep the roots black, and dye the hair with the warm shade of blonde. In the past, brown seeds were considered poor tone selection, but with the time being, deep brown tones are now a part of the balayage and highlights. 

Light waves also look tremendous, but blonde hair with black roots looks utterly modern and stylish. The more visible is the contrast between the two colors, the better is the overall outlook of the hair. 

5: Black and blonde hair braids


If you are a fan of long hair, black and blond braids are your go-to style. Try some fresh trends of box braids while keeping the damage low. The braids look stylish and trendy, but with the right color gradient of blonde, the braids get enhanced and give the perfect warm tone.

There is no need to stress over the hairstyle before leaving for work, as colored raids require no touch-ups. Black to blonde hair transformation has a wide range of ideas.

Other than these five ideas, there are many different ideas, such as

  •  platinum blonde on short hair,
  •  multi-tonal dark to blonde ombre,
  •  icy blonde highlights, and many more.

One thing about this hair color that makes everyone fall in love with it is the spectacular contrast when warm and cool tones are blended perfectly. Vivid highlights always look stunning on straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Myths about black and blonde hair

When opting for black and blonde hair, many myths distract people's minds. But consider that choosing the best thing is to go with the trends. Here are a few myths that are useless and baseless. 

1.Everyone looks good in black hair

This myth is that black goes well with every hair length, texture, and skin tone, and it is not right. Women think that dark skin tones can get away with the blackest shades as t look amazing, but the fact is that blonde hair and dark skin tone make a great comb.

You cannot opt for what is best for your personality until you experiment with that hairstyle or hair color. To bring a change to your thought, change the virgin hair with a new haircut ad a good gradient of blonde hair of warm tones.

2.There is no come back once you go all black

Going blonde is a hair treatment that involves a few steps using chemicals. Black hair is also a commitment. It is a challenging process to lighten the black hair. Likewise, it is harder to transform lack to blonde hair.

Cut down is performed to remove the already applied color. Then, the required color is used for getting the required shade. All the chemicals damage the hair very badly. So, it is necessary to consider various factors while going blonde from all black. 

3.Black hair needs more hair maintenance

Being blonde is no joke. Haircare and maintenance are essential. Root touch-up, trim, and tone are required to maintain an excellent blonde shade.

Depositing either color to the hair results in potential damage, whether it is a dark shade like dark brown or a lighter tone. Many people think that darker hair provides more damage, so it also requires more attention to keep the hair healthy.

The fact is that hair health is the number one affair that must be considered. You can reduce the damage and get healthy hair with the correct route.
 Black and blonde hair extensions are also available in the market that looks perfect. If you don't want to damage your natural hair, get hands-on with the extensions in your favorite hair dye. 


1: Can you have black and blonde hair?

Black and blonde hair are the trendy hair that everyone loves. If you have virgin hair, it is easier to go blonde. No cut down as working with dyed black hair is challenging because it requires cutting down the previous shade.

2: Can you go black to blonde without using bleach?

It's never too late to transform your hair blonde from a dark dye. If your hair already has a lighter tone, turn your hair blonde with permanent dye. 

3: Is black or blonde hair dye more attractive?

Black and blonde hair look perfect as these are trending. Light brown and blonde hair are attractive enough, but the new trend is cool as t is also getting popular. Moreover, more golden hair improves men's perception of attractiveness. 

4: Will the black and blonde color cover my grey hair?

Yes, this dye also covers grey hair. It depends on what formula and color brand you use. If you have more than 50% of grey hairs, then permanent is the best possible solution. 

5: How many sessions does it take from black to blonde hair?

An additional session is required to remove the black dye for black dyed hair. For that purpose, bleach is used because without bleach, and it is not possible to get the blonde shade evenly in the first place. 


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