Why Are Blonde Lace Front Wigs Popular Amongst Black Women?

blonde lace front wigs

It’s been a long time coming, but we are so happy to see an increase when it comes to blonde hair and black girl magic. For many years it was frowned upon for African American women to wear any color in their hair that wasn’t black. But now we are happy to see our young and older Queens rocking beautiful and voluminous golden locks. So why is it that more and more Black Women are falling in love with blonde lace front wigs? Well, many factors including the versatile look and low maintenance is a major plus. Maybe even the fact that major celebrities have been transitioning their hair to platinum has given us some newfound confidence. But there are so many other reasons why this trend is skyrocketing, and we wanted to take the time to share it all with you guys. So, if you’re thinking about taking the deep dive and purchasing a blonde lace front wig, we will have convinced by the end of this blog post. Without further ado let’s get into the nitty gritty on why blonde lace front wigs are so popular amongst black girls.

What is a blonde lace front wig?

613 wig straight hair

A blonde lace front wig is like any other lace wig, meaning it has the same construction. In the simplest context manufacturers hand tie human hair on to a sheer lace the resembles our natural scalp. This technique gives anyone the illusion that the hair is growing from our actual scalp. Now blonde hair typically comes in the color 613 which happens to be the most popular natural color of weave on the market. What makes this weave so popular is that you’re able to dye it to any color you like without causing out right damage. But in this case we are loving the way the color 613 looks on African American women. Since it’s somewhat of a rarity to see black women with blonde hair manufacturers make it a little easier by constructing lace front wigs in that shade.

Blonde lace frontal wig features

613 wig

So, although blonde lace frontals can appear the same as many others they do have some interesting features that I think would be awesome to mention. Number one, the hairline is impeccable, all lace frontals come with a very realistic hairline that you can pluck to become your own. Also adding in a few baby hairs will add to the authenticity, and great news is that tons of weave companies are creating wigs with baby hairs already created. Another important feature is that the lace will go from ear to ear. The best and most important part of your Frontal is making sure the lace covers the entire top section of your head. Lastly the greatest feature to have when it comes down to purchasing your blonde lace Frontal is making sure that it’s is made with 100% Remy hair. You will see a lot of replicas out there that use synthetic hair or mix blend to create units, but they won’t last long or look half as good. If you ensure that your blonde lace front wig has these features, you are sure to rock and blonde wig you come across.

Blonde Bobs are the most popular style.

613 bob wig

Now, when it comes down to styles blonde lace front wigs come in, we have a variety of versatile options to choose from. The most popular style that black women are loving, seem to be the blonde bob cut wigs. This hairstyle is perfect for accentuating your facial features, as well as creating an edgy but classic look. For anyone who is on the verge of making the decision of wearing blonde hair we suggest you try the blunt cut option. Bobs are perfect everyday hairstyle and go to look that matches any makeup style you throw it’s way. We can’t forget to mention that it lasts longer than any other hairstyle. Curly hair tends to tangle very easily, and straight long hair has a tennis to shed more than others. Having a short blonde cut spices up your look and gives you easy maintenance so the choice is simple.

You can dye blonde lace frontal wigs!

dye 613 wig

As we mentioned before blonde weave is the kind you can dye the most. You must strip darker hair of its natural color by bleaching it, and then you add the color you want. Bleaching hair causes damage, split ends, and excessive shedding. So, since 613 Hair is already blonde you get the chance to skip the intense bleaching part of the process and go straight to the coloring. The same goes for blond lace front wigs. We would just say be careful when dying the top of the hair because sometimes it can seem into the lace causing it to be the same color as the dye. The best tip when it comes down to coloring your blonde lace frontal wig is to separate the hair into sections and the tracks as you get closer to the top to avoid having the dye bleed through the Frontal. So, we completely understand if you try blonde hair and end up not loving it, but on a positive note you can dye it any other color you like with ease.

Black celebrity influence with blonde hair.

There is no introduction needed for this celebrity, but I don’t want to sound bias when I say Beyoncé is a symbol when it comes down to blonde lace front wigs in the black community. Yeah other celebrities have tested the color out and look just as amazing, but we give thanks to Beyoncé for having the confidence to do it all these years. This singer let all black girls know at a very young age that hair color is not defined by the color of your skin but more so about what you like. And now influencers and actors such as Zendaya, Keke Palmer, or Zoe Kravitz can wear the hairstyles they like without being reprimanded by the critics in the world. We must admit that a lot of the reason blonde lace front wigs are popular among black women, is due to the fact that our idols, or celebrity favorites rock this style with grace and ease.

Tips while wearing blonde lace frontal wigs.

Now before we let you go there are a few tips we want to let you in on so that you can look amazing in your blonde lace frontal wig.

First thing we should all know is that black women come in all different colors. So, first try and find out which shade would work best on your skin. When you feel confident in blonde hair that’s the number one way to look amazing and rock the style.

Second, you must get a wig cap that matches the color of your wigs lace and your scalp. Your best option is to opt for a medium brown/blonde wig cap. The wig cap will help secure your wig and ensure that your natural hair lies down flat.

Third, make sure your get the right measurements of your wig or that it’s adjusted correctly on your head. There is nothing worst than having your wig slipping back or even causing you a headache since it is not adjusted to your head size.

There are also subtle things you can do like laying down your edges, customizing the wig to your style and liking, or even using the right kind of hair care products for your wig. For more in depth tips on how to wear your blonde wig check out one of our latest blog posts “15 TIPS TO WEARING BLONDE HAIR WIGS FOR BLACK WOMEN”

Blonde hair plus black women equals PERFECTION!

As you can see black women are killing it out here when it comes to the many hairstyles and trend that are taking over. And time and time again I will never stop mentioning on how happy I am to see African American women taking the leap into rocking Goldie locks just as well as any other ethnicity can. We love this hair trend so much that we want to hear your thoughts about it as well. Tell us some of your favorite blonde hair moments from celebrities or friends that you admire the most. Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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